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    When is a Green Prom not Green?

    June 18, 11:43 AM by Matthew Sparkes in Corporate Responsibility

    When the press coverage is completely off the mark. There's an article in the Pittsburgh-based Post-Gazette about an attempt to organise a green prom at the City Charter High School. At first glance it appears that all the students took the bus to the

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    Pink Dolphins at Risk

    June 18, 11:20 AM by Matthew Sparkes in Natural Sciences

    The Yangtze river dolphin has been declared ‘functionally extinct’, which means that although there may be some of them left, there aren’t enough to breed and procreate; not enough to repopulate the species. The reason behind this tragedy is a

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    Guerrilla Bike Activists

    June 18, 11:13 AM by Matthew Sparkes in Bikes

    In 2001 Toronto began a $73 million plan to create bike lanes, but the plan has gone awry. Two years behind schedule, the project has only used 50% of the budget it was promised. The cities cyclists are angry, and some have decided to do something about

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    Carbon Cowboys

    June 18, 10:29 AM by Matthew Sparkes in Corporate Responsibility

    Jonathan Shopley, Chief Executive of CarbonNuetral, has warned that the already controversial carbon offset industry is at risk of being discredited by 'cowboy' operators. He went on to say that standards need to be drawn up, so that customers can

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    Taking a SolarTaxi Around the World!

    June 17, 5:28 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Cars

    Louis Palmer wants to be the first man to drive around the world in a solar-powered car. He has started a project, SolarTaxi, which aims to circumvent the globe in the green car, meeting politicians and policy makers as they go. "With the power of the

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    Not For Vertigo Sufferers...

    June 16, 6:37 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Renewable Energy

    The easy listening soundtrack to this video will do nothing to calm those of you with vertigo. Wind farms are tall, really tall.

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    Tall Cities = Green Cities?

    June 15, 5:59 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Sustainable Product Design

    Richard Fuller is a post-doc researcher at the University of Sheffield, working in the ecological sustainability of cities. He has written an interesting comment piece for the BBC where he talks about the implications of what the UK Government see as

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    Let's Make Oil From Corpses!

    June 15, 1:52 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Culture

    The Gas and Oil Exposition in Calgary was gate-crashed by the Yes Men, the combination theatre group and political activists. They pulled off an impressive con, pretending to be representatives from the NPC and Exxon. Andy Bichlbaum gave a talk, posing

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    Lightning Looking to Zap Tesla

    June 15, 9:30 AM by Matthew Sparkes in Cars

    The Tesla Roadster is impressive; it's one of the first electric cars to be desirable to TreeHuggers and petrol-heads alike. However, a bit of

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    The Green Bishop?

    June 14, 9:28 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Corporate Responsibility

    Richard Chartres, the 132nd Bishop of London, is one of the Church of England’s most outspoken members on climate change issues. We recently featured news of his personal attempts to cut his own carbon emissions, but how is his fast progressing? The

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    Europe's Largest Solar Powered Building

    June 14, 5:11 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Sustainable Product Design

    The construction will contain 16,000 solar panels, running

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    0.9% GM, Still Organic

    June 13, 11:25 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Green Food

    We’re not really anti-GM here at TreeHugger; we realise that the science could equally provide solutions or problems. Genetic mutations occur naturally every day, and the vast majority of them are less capable of survival than existing strains, so die

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    Google, Dell, Intel Want Greener PCs

    June 13, 10:45 AM by Matthew Sparkes in Gadgets

    About 50% of the power that a computer draws from the wall is wasted, turned to heat and sound. When you take into account that computers often sit idle or on standby, then the situation appears even worse. Servers are rather better, but still not ideal,

  • lsgw_0001_0001_0_img0031.jpg

    Panel Votes To Ban Bottom Trawling in Northern Bering Sea

    June 12, 12:30 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Natural Sciences

    An advisory panel has voted to ban bottom trawling in 180,000 square miles of the North Bering Sea. Bottom trawling can have a terrible impact on sea life, as we have covered before on TreeHugger, "Bottom trawling involves dragging huge nets along

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    China Moves to Ban Food Crops in Ethanol Production

    June 12, 10:02 AM by Matthew Sparkes in Renewable Energy

    China is slowly moving to stop production of ethanol from food source crops. The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) has said that no new projects using food crops to create ethanol would be approved from now on. In China, all new

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    Is Nano-Generation the Solution We Need?

    June 11, 6:24 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Renewable Energy

    Clemes Betzel, president of G24 Innovations, has written an interesting comment piece for the BBC on the importance of nano-generation. This is the practice of creating devices that come equipped with the means to power themselves. Wind-up radios or

  • ken_livingstone-jj-001.jpg

    London Mayor Supports New Flight Tax

    June 11, 2:15 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Aviation

    London mayor Ken Livingstone has criticised the currnent UK Government’s "negligible" record on tackling climate change and come out in support of the Tories proposed flight tax plan. "We are not being honest with people about aviation - the rate of


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