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  • McLaren_F1_LM_wallpaper.jpg

    From £1 Million Racers to £5,000 Commuters

    July 6, 9:21 AM by Matthew Sparkes in Cars

    That orange beast above is the hugely desirable, but not very green, Mclaren F1, created by Gordon Murray. Interestingly, Murray is now turning his attention to green transportation and designing a green car. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens

  • energy_adaptor5.jpg

    Adapter Concept Saves Power, Looks Awesome

    July 5, 1:21 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Gadgets

    This power adapter automatically shuts down gadgets left on standy. It lets you plug all your gadgets in to one outlet, but monitors power usage and displays it using a pattern of LEDs. When something is on standby, these lights come on to let you know

  • DarthVaderbeckoningtoyou.jpg

    The Ampere Strikes Back

    July 5, 1:07 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Gadgets

    The demand for high tech gadgets is cancelling out attempts to lower carbon emissions, according to a fantastically named report - The Ampere Strikes Back, by the Energy Saving Trust.

  • 2007-06-02T204943Z_01_NOOTR_RTRIDSP_2_OUKOE-UK-SMOKING-SPERM.jpg

    Patio Heaters Warming Up Smokers, Climate

    July 4, 1:46 AM by Matthew Sparkes in Green Food

    The long awaited UK anti-smoking laws have taken effect, and it's now illegal to smoke in any public enclosed space, including bars. The law is intended to keep the air clear for those that don't want to breathe second hand smoke, but may actually

  • r155058_558826.jpg

    Innovative Wind Turbine From Australia

    July 4, 1:40 AM by Matthew Sparkes in Renewable Energy

    An Australian invention could make cheap micro-generation via wind power far easier. Graeme Attey has designed a modular wind turbine small enough for the roof of house, and with fully enclosed blades. It seems that without large blades, more of these

  • ksr.gif

    Sixty Days and Counting

    July 3, 12:02 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Culture

    Kim Stanley Robinson is a science fiction author, whose trilogy on the danger of climate change was completed in April with the release of Sixty Days and Counting. It, and previous installments; Forty Days Signs of Rain and Fifty Degrees Below, feature a

  • _1322493_car_ap_300.jpg

    Flood Water Falls, as Budgets Rise

    July 3, 10:25 AM by Matthew Sparkes in Corporate Responsibility

    The Met Office has dropped the severe weather warning in the UK, and so it looks as though the torrential rain that has been causing havoc is over. However, the effects of that rain aren't. There are still severe flood warnings from the Environment

  • Riley_Gov_Bob_Official_Photo-150.jpg

    Pray for Rain

    July 3, 7:17 AM by Matthew Sparkes in Corporate Responsibility

    He has encouraged people to pray for the following week, in attempt to bring rainfall. "Throughout our history,

  • monterey book photo

    Solar Taxi Sets Off Today

    July 3, 1:34 AM by Matthew Sparkes in Cars

    We mentioned Louis Palmer a couple of weeks ago. He's the Swiss teacher who aims to drive around the world in a solar taxi he has built himself. Today he's setting off on his epic journey, which will take him 50,000 km through 50 countries.

  • gm_general_motors_logo.jpg

    GM Produce Videos of Green Projects

    July 2, 1:41 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Cars

    GM has created four short movies to highlight what they are doing to green their operations. They’re on various topics, and some are more interesting than others, but it’s nice to see them making an effort. Perhaps they should stick to making cars, and

  • 341215962_b8b650cc1b_m.jpg

    Confiscated Booze Turned Into Fuel

    July 2, 11:49 AM by Matthew Sparkes in Renewable Energy

    185,000 gallons of alcohol were confiscated at the Swedish border last year, and authorities have an interesting use for it. They turned most of it into fuel for the public transport network. This may sound very clever, until you hear what they used to

  • monterey book photo

    Be a Cycle Hero, Win £1500 Bike

    July 2, 11:20 AM by Matthew Sparkes in Bikes

    The CTC, the UK's national cyclists' organisation, has made the above short film to promote cycling. Watch an attractive siren slip into some lycra and lure a group of Londoners up a mountain in the middle of nowhere. It's an odd pied piper type

  • monterey book photo

    Silent Future of Motorsport

    July 2, 10:39 AM by Matthew Sparkes in Cars

    Usually an ear-splitting noise anounces the movement of any cars at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. In this video though, the Tesla Roadster shows the only downside to driving an electric car; you may get instant pick-up and bags of torque, but people

  • carpool.jpg

    Carpool with Facebook

    July 2, 10:29 AM by Matthew Sparkes in Cars

    The new Facebook applications feature allows people to add all sorts of functions to the website. One interesting one that we've seen is the Carpooling add-on. Users can post their journeys, where they become searchable. People can then get in contact

  • china-flag.jpg

    Living Without 'Made in China'

    June 29, 2:37 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Corporate Responsibility

    Sara Bongiorni and her family attempted to live without goods made in China for a year, and found that it was no simple task. She has documented the project in a book called, A Year Without 'Made in China.

  • Prius2-front.jpg

    A Lexus Prius?

    June 29, 2:29 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Cars

    If you trace the ownership of car manufacturers you will find an incestuous spider web. These manufacturers share parts and even chassis between different models. You will often find that even some prestige brands contain many parts from cheaper

  • monterey book photo

    Man Caught Stealing Bike Wheels, Set to Music

    June 28, 7:16 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Bikes

    Cycling is great; good for the environment, good for you and fun. The problem is that unless you live in the kind of gated community then at some point someone is going to steal your bike, or part of it. I've personally had a couple stolen outright,

  • _42428126_4by4_pa220.jpg

    Heavy Rain Kills in UK, Pakistan and Bangladesh

    June 28, 7:07 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Clean Water

    The UK has seen an incredible amount of rain, in a very short time. One sixth of the average annual rainfall in 24 hours - the tragic results are obvious; massive flooding, huge property damage and several deaths. In other parts of the world there is


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