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    Elettrica EV makes London-to-Brighton Drive

    July 30, 5:13 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Cars

    The London to Brighton run is a classic motoring journey, and a common escape for Londoners with a craving for sea air. That's why it's exciting that last week an electric vehicle made the journey with 'battery capacity to spare' - it proves that the

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    Seeking Oil, Russia Claims North Pole

    July 28, 4:22 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Corporate Responsibility

    Russian geologists claim that they have found a link between Russia and the North pole in the form of the Lomonosov Ridge, a geological feature on the sea floor. Because of this, they claim 460,000 square miles of ocean as Russian territory. However,

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    Manchester Council Votes for Congestion Charge

    July 27, 11:30 AM by Matthew Sparkes in Corporate Responsibility

    Manchester is one step closer to creating a London-style congestion charge, as council bosses voted in favour of the plan. Rather than London's £8 ($16) daily charge, they plan to have a lower £5 fee, which would be spent on extending the tram system

  • ZAPINO-Electric-Scooter4-300.jpg

    Zapino Electric Scooter From Zap!

    July 26, 11:05 AM by Matthew Sparkes in Cars

    Electric vehicle maker, Zap, have released a new model called the Zapino. The rear-wheel hub motor will drive it up to 30mph, and the 60v batteries will last for 30 miles. There is an optional upgrade, with Lithium batteries, that will boost the range up

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    560 Tesla Roadster Orders Placed

    July 25, 1:30 AM by Matthew Sparkes in Cars

    560 orders have been placed for Tesla Roadsters, which is a large chunk of the 800 that the company claim they can make in a year. So, if you want one then you had better get in quick, the first cars off the line will be delivered in the

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    How to Home-Brew Ethanol (But Don't Do It!)

    July 25, 1:19 AM by Matthew Sparkes in Clean Technology

    Ethanol, the fuel, is similar to ethanol, the social lubricant. It just has some gasoline added for extra kick. Don't ever get them mixed up - it's not good for you, or your car. Ethanol is a contraversial fuel - at the moment it's a very intensive

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    More Details on Carbon Neutral PC

    July 24, 11:15 AM by Matthew Sparkes in Gadgets

    In February, PC World announced that they were working on a carbon neutral PC. Since then, there has been little news. Last week when the Independant ran a story on it with some new information, which CNet has summarized nicely. The case will be made of

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    Ethical Shopping Shows How Rich You Are

    July 24, 10:14 AM by Matthew Sparkes in Style

    "Green consumerism is becoming a pox on the planet." That's the controversial opinion from George Monbiot in the Guardian today. His argument is that ethical consumerism is actually encouraging us to purchase more, rather than consume less. While it

  • toyota_logo-739721.jpg

    Toyota: Greening or Green-washing?

    July 23, 7:11 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Cars

    Relatively speaking, as far as car companies go, Toyota is pretty green. Admittedly it does still make some big, gas-guzzling cars, but the Prius pushed hybrid technology into mass production, and the technology is slowly spreading through to their other

  • chainsawrope.jpg

    Hand Powered Chainsaw

    July 23, 1:11 AM by Matthew Sparkes in Natural Sciences

    We've written before about electric chainsaws, but this is even greener. The hand-powered chainsaw doesn't use any fuel, will never run out of batteries, and is easy to carry. Of course, it's not going to be suitable for clear-cutting hundreds of acres

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    Prius Most Popular Car in Silicon Valley

    July 22, 4:19 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Cars

    Silicon Valley has more than it's fair share of brains, which is probably why the Prius is now the best selling car in the area. 1,627 were bought and registered in May alone. Rod Diridon, executive director of the Mineta Transportation Institute at San

  • 22288110.jpg

    UK Desalination Plans Attacked

    July 21, 11:49 AM by Matthew Sparkes in Clean Water

    The UK government has approved a new scheme for desalination of water from the Thames, for use in London. The £200 million plant will be built in Beckton, east London. It's not a popular plan, though, among environmental campaigners. We've written before

  • monterey book photo

    Latitude, the Environmentally Aware Festival

    July 21, 11:11 AM by Matthew Sparkes in Culture

    Music festivals will always have a huge impact on the environment, it's inevitable. Tens of thousands of people all traveling from all over the country is bad news for a start, before you even take into account the huge energy requirements and massive

  • brown-gordon-cp-2961417.jpg

    'Great Plane Robber' Adverts Pulled

    July 20, 4:21 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Aviation

    The new UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, was depicted as the 'Great Plane Robber' in a series of Ryanair adverts which have been pulled out of circulation. Brown increased air passenger duty, apparently to reduce the impact of aviation on the

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    Tesla to Feature in Project Gotham Racing 4

    July 20, 2:41 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Cars

    The Tesla is one hell of a sports car. We're obviously biased, but we honestly think that it's going to sell really well if enough people become aware of it. The video above is good news in this respect - it shows some shots taken for a commercial for

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    Could London Become Plastic Free?

    July 18, 2:37 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Corporate Responsibility

    Plastic bags have been disappearing from towns and cities all over the world. San Fransisco, Modbury and Fitzroy Falls, as well as shops like Ikea. Many European countries have long charged for plastic bags, which has created a culture where people

  • PH2007071701882.jpg

    'Environmentalists' Destroy Hummer

    July 18, 12:58 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Cars

    Gareth Grove bought an enormous Hummer. So big, in fact, that it wouldn't fit in his garage, and he had to leave it on the street in the leafy suburb where he lives. But that's OK, because Hummers are built to last, and the leaves wouldn't hurt it at

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    62 Uses for Vinegar

    July 18, 8:52 AM by Matthew Sparkes in Organic Beauty

    Vinegar is a pretty versatile substance. Basically just acetic acid, it can be used to replace many commercial cleaning products which can be harmful to the environment. Our guide to greening your cleaning says, "most of the conventional cleaning


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