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    Solar Powered Blogging on a Bike Trip

    August 30, 2:39 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Clean Technology

    Steve Paine is an Englishman in Germany who has undertaken a pleasant journey by bike, and is blogging the whole trip by solar-powered PC. He is travelling down to Southern Germany, along the Rhein, which should take around 7 days.

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    Audi Looking to the Future at TechDay

    August 30, 1:52 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Cars

    At an event called Audi TechDay, the German car maker outlined some plans they have for conserving fuel in future models. They include a satellite navigation system that takes economy into account, as well as time and distance, and a training system

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    Volvo Lasts 2.5 Million Miles

    August 28, 8:53 AM by Matthew Sparkes in Cars

    Yesterday we reported that a VW had lasted 562,000 miles. We were impressed at the cars durability, and how small the production footprint of the car was in relation to the number of miles it had driven. We didn't realise though, that half a million

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    Top 10 Sexiest Green Cars

    August 27, 1:59 AM by Matthew Sparkes in Cars

    Green cars are officially sexy. No longer are they small, ugly, plodding electric commuters - they're speedy, exciting, desirable sports cars. Inhabitat has compliled a list of the 5 sexiest models, which makes for an interesting read. Unfortunately

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    Smart Car Inventor Dreams up Fuel Cell Car

    August 27, 1:53 AM by Matthew Sparkes in Cars

    Nicholas Hayek is the CEO of Swatch, the company behind hundreds of funky and unique watch designs. He is also one of the brains behind the Smart car, which ended up being produced in cooperation by DaimlerBenz and Swatch. He has also recently announecd

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    Sinking Ship Could Hold Dangerous Cargo

    August 27, 1:49 AM by Matthew Sparkes in Clean Water

    A ship called the New Flame is stranded off Gibraltar after an accident, and is soon going to be deliberately sunk. Efforts to remove all existing fuel from the ship have thankfully succeeded, but the ship's cargo is the next biggest worry. It is

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    Hummer Commercial Mileage Claims Untrue?

    August 27, 1:49 AM by Matthew Sparkes in Cars

    Who says that blogs don't break news? Auto Blog Green are claiming that the latest Hummer adverts are claiming mileage figures that just aren't true. Not in the sense that they're innacurate, as all mileage claims now are, but that they're using

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    Wind Turbine Toy Comes With Electric Car

    August 27, 1:42 AM by Matthew Sparkes in Renewable Energy

    Who would have thought that a wind turbine could be so much fun? This kit from Tamiya and Loopwing lets you charge up a capacitor and power an electric toy car. It comes in kit form, and once you've assemble it you can put the turbine outside to start

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    VW Diesel Lasts 562,000 Miles, Still Going

    August 27, 1:38 AM by Matthew Sparkes in Cars

    Syl Schmid has been driving his VW Jetta for 21 years, and has managed to put 562,000 miles on the clock. That's a rather high average of 26,762 miles a year, but Schmid says he reguarly got over 50 mpg. Keeping a car in good condition like this, and

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    Prius Security System Cracked

    August 26, 4:36 AM by Matthew Sparkes in Cars

    A talk given at the computer security conference, CRYPTO 2007, explained how the key-fob system installed on the Toyota Prius has been cracked. The KeeLoq auto anti-theft cipher is used in common devices made by Microchip Technology Inc, which are also

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    Volvo Improve Mileage with Common Sense

    August 24, 3:29 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Cars

    We often feature advances in motoring technology here on Treehugger - electric, solar, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, hydrogen and all sorts of things designed to improve mileage. However, cars still aren't as efficient as they should be. We've talked about

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    Hybrid Test Drive - 2007 Nissan Altima Hybrid

    August 24, 2:04 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Cars

    Canadian Driver has posted a review of Nissan's first hybrid, the 2007 Altima. Nissan have previously claimed that they can sell 50,000 of this model a year. It's a full hybrid, so can run on 100% electric power at times, and uses technology licensed

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    5 Green Laptops from Toshiba

    August 24, 1:41 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Gadgets

    Toshiba now have more Gold rated notebooks than any other manufacturer, according to the Green Electronics Council's Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool. EPEAT is a benchmark for green electronic devices, and gold status requires meeting

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    Brake Lights and Indicators for Cyclists - Reactiv Jacket

    August 23, 2:14 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Cars

    Biking in cities can be dangerous, especially if people don't see you. This can be solved by using lots of lights, but it's still hard to tell what a cyclist is planning on doing - unlike a car which has brake lights and indicators. The Reactiv cycling

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    Bamboo Crash Helmet from Roof

    August 23, 1:51 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Cars

    We've featured a few different bamboo bikes here on TreeHugger before, and even bamboo clothing, but this combines both. The Roof R06 Bamboo is a motorcycle helmet made from bamboo slivers, that passes all the European E22/05 safety requirements for

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    Woz Caught Doing 104mph in Prius

    August 23, 1:09 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Cars

    First Al Gore III was caught doing over 100mph in his Prius, and now Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, has too. The hybrid fan, who has owned eight Prii since their launch, was pulled over for doing 104mph on the I-5 in California. I certainly wouldn’t

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    Will Ferrell gets first BMW Hydrogen 7

    August 19, 4:39 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Cars

    BMW has built the first of their Hydrogen 7 cars for public use, and handed the first set of keys over to US funny-man, Will Ferrell. 25 of the first 100 cars will be handed out to celebrities in order to promote their hydrogen cars in a predictable PR


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