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    Time to Vacuum Up the Nickels

    March 12, 9:35 AM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    I was reading about prioritizing green projects today, and was struck by how many of them don't get off the ground because "they save no money". For example, a bank might save millions implementing a energy efficiency program but, compared to the

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    Built on Guilt - Carbon Offsets

    March 9, 8:50 AM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    Carbon offsets are making the rounds. The idea is to balance out the carbon generated by an electronic device by paying for an effort to reduce that carbon; the most common offset method is to plant trees, although you can buy credits through the

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    My Coffee Maker is Demanding a Vacation

    March 8, 10:36 AM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    Here's a juicy one. Apparently the Government of South Korea is developing a Robot Ethics Charter which will lay out the roles and responsibilities of our new friends. It's not too crazy, as South Korea expects that every Korean household will have a

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    UN StEPs Up, Japan Down

    March 7, 9:40 AM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    The UN is moving forward on developing worldwide eScrap standards. The program, called Solving the Ewaste Problem (the StEP initiative) has its own site and an impressive list of charter members - Microsoft, Ericson, Dell, blah, blah, blah. And with

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    The View From the Bottom

    March 6, 9:35 AM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    Several organizations are working to produce efficient technology at fairly basic levels - the part, the chip, the protocol. Some of the work, such as IBM's constructural theory or reversible computing in general, is still highly theoretical. Others

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    Sharing - It's The Party Line

    March 5, 8:00 AM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    Sharing is defined as non-exclusive access to a resource. As expected, sharing pops up pretty much everywhere - Chimps share meat, teenagers share music, toddlers teach themselves to share as they move out of parallel play. My grandma had a shared party

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    The Giant Resource Grab

    March 2, 10:45 AM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    Remember that scene in Titanic where Cal tries to bribe Murdoch to get a seat on one of the lifeboats? Murdoch throws the cash back at him, telling Cal that "it can't save you, anymore than it can save me." The scene is indicative of market dynamics

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    eWaste - Curse, Commodity

    March 1, 8:20 AM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    There's been a slew of recent ideas on how to address the global eWaste problem. Mike Thompson (D-Calif) has proposed a national 'e-Fee' on electronic devices. This model is called the Advance Recovery Fee (ARF), and it will cost consumers about $10

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    Now's Your Chance to Install Linux

    February 28, 9:27 AM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    No surprises here, Microsoft's Vista is taking a beating. Brits think it's too expensive. Greenpeace says it's going to generate mountains of eWaste by trashing at least 10 million PCs with its heavy hardware requirements. It's tough to virtualize.

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    Please, No More IT Charity

    February 27, 9:30 AM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    There seems to be this unshakeable belief in Western culture that Africa and ilk are simply dying to get a hold of our used electronic gear. With a few exceptions, nothing could be further from the truth; everyone who wants a cell phone in Africa

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    Computer Addiction Not Rational, Sustainable

    February 26, 7:26 AM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    The last thing on the mind of any addict is the external costs of their actions. Internet addiction has been with us for years but it has yet to make it into the DSM-V. Email addicts are abundant; theres even a 12-step program specifically designed

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    EnergyStar vs. EnergyBlackHole

    February 23, 7:00 AM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    What happens when an impossibly bright light enters an impossibly dark place? We are about to find out when the EPA releases version 4 of their EnergyStar standard in a few short months. It's the first time the standard has been updated in 15 years;

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    Black Google Would Save 750 Megawatt-Hours a Year

    February 22, 10:20 AM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    From the lights out department - did you know that a cathode ray tube (CRT) monitor uses about 74 watts to display an all white web page, but only uses 59 watts to display an all black page? Yes, there all still plenty of these still in use,

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    TreeHugger Welcomes Writer Mark Ontkush

    February 5, 1:08 PM by Mark Ontkush in About TreeHugger

    Mark has been in IT for over a decade, working for leading universities and in the environmental consulting space. He is convinced that the only viable future - financially, socially, environmentally - for every business is one that is bright green.


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