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    Oh The iPhone, Oh The Abuse

    July 6, 7:46 AM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    Leaders do things that are new - they explore the unknown, turn the world on its head, break up old patterns and ways of doing things. For these reasons, leaders are going to catch shrapnel from all angles. In fact, if you want to locate the leader,

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    Secret, Efficient Power Supplies From Google

    July 3, 4:48 PM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    Google, google, google, google - what don't they have a green pinky in these days? The coolio-video above 'strates how they design the custom, super efficient power supplies for their server farms. Google builds its own machines (and has for some time)

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    Cell Phones Outpace Humans in 'Births' by 5 to 1

    June 28, 7:05 PM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    A recent TH article suggested that flesh and blood planet dwellers (humans) may soon be competing for resources with electronic machines (computers). A recent report from CNN just drives it home; global mobile phone use will top 3.25 billion users in

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    The Cheaper PC, the Smaller PC, and the Greener PC

    June 26, 12:33 PM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    The computer industry is constantly producing smaller and cheaper machines. On the face of it that seems great, but is it really? What are the benefits or smaller/cheaper PCs? Furthermore, are they eco?

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    Scoring the Green Electronics Scorecarders

    June 21, 4:19 PM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    Rating electronic vendors on how well they are doing environmentally, their green-wise-ness as it were, is a popular phenom these days. Currently there have been three attempts of note; the EPA took a crack at it with the EPEAT standard, Greenpeace

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    Printers Guzzle Ink, Tell Lies

    June 19, 4:15 PM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    It's no secret that ink printer manufacturers try and make most of their money off the consumables associated with printing. Unlike laser printers, they essentially give away the printer, but then charge a lot of money for the the inkjet cartridges

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    Add Thomas & Friends to the List of Toxic Chinese Products

    June 14, 4:43 PM by Mark Ontkush in Culture

    RC2 Corp., which sells Thomas the Tank Engine toys, is recalling over 1.5 million Thomas & Friends wooden railway vehicles and accessories because their surface paint contains lead. This is a massive recall; it's about 4 percent of all the trains RC2

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    Clamping Down on Website Traffic

    June 12, 5:05 PM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    Unless you work in information technology, you probably don't think about how much money a web site costs to operate, but it can be expensive. First, you have to hire developers to set up and design the site. Then you need a few servers to host your

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    HP First to Hit Gold Computing Standard

    June 7, 7:52 AM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    HP just released the first PC on the market to achieve EPEAT (Electronic Products Environmental Assessment Tool) gold status. EPEAT-registered products are designated as "bronze," "silver," or "gold," depending on the number of environmental features

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    A Phone In The Hand Beats Two In The Head

    June 5, 1:10 PM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    This just in from SimplySwitch; a recent study found that a little over a quarter of the 18 million cell phones purchased in the UK end up being lost or damaged every year. Topping the list is dropping the chatter into the crapper; that's right, a

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    The Fix Is In

    June 1, 3:23 PM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    When does your electronic gear die? Usually when it's too expensive to fix, or is superseded by better, more efficient technology. Fact is, we probably throw electronics out too soon, especially when you have dudes like Lance Ulanoff giving tips on

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    EIA Hatches Framework for eWaste Legislation

    May 30, 2:28 PM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    The Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) has released a document that may pave the way for federal legislation on recycling television- and computer-related eWaste. In an effort to prevent 'scrambling' the two business models, the plan (pdf here)

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    Virtualize With Xen, Now

    May 24, 10:11 AM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    Virtualization software allows you to run many different servers on a single piece of hardware; it's all the rage with IT departments because it drastically reduces the number of servers you need. This translates into reduced energy consumption (fewer

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    Free Software From Microsoft To Track Carbon Emissions

    May 22, 9:31 AM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    When you are a big, you are a big target. So it has been with Microsoft and the green computing movement, with critics swiftly pointing out the error of their ways. Like the fact that Windows XP wasted maybe $25 billion in energy. Or the fact that

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    Solar Wifi Comes to St. Louis Park, Could Turn Ugly

    May 17, 10:48 AM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    The residents of St. Louis Park, Minnesota may be the first in the US (Green Wifi has been at this a while in the developing world) to receive solar-powered, wireless Internet service. The service, run by the city, will require about 400 poles with solar

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    Boxmaker Dell Stops Making Boxes

    May 9, 9:05 AM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    A few weeks ago we posted an ecoGeek interview detailing Dell's environmental program. At that time, it seemed like Dell was in a holding pattern and there was little more to write until something new happened. Well, now there's a little more to

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    The Parable of the Donkey and the Japanese eWaste

    May 8, 12:30 PM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    There's is a funny Mexican proverb that goes like this; if one person calls you an ass, take no notice. If two do, be worried. And if three, buy a saddle.

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    Plethora of Options for Green Web Hosting

    May 7, 10:22 AM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    The number of green web hosting options has expanded quite a bit in recent months. Which one should you choose? Well, right now it appears that the primary discriminator is the method by which they power their operation. One group buys Renewable


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