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    The Twin Peaks of PC Design

    September 13, 11:00 AM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    TH appreciates good design using quality materials that get the job done. Apple, for example, was applauded mightily when their iPhone was released, suggesting it may be the last phone you will ever buy.

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    Power Pigs Will Pay

    September 9, 2:07 PM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    Commercial buildings are responsible for about 20 percent of the United States's greenhouse gas emissions; encouraging landlords and tenants to cut power is a great way to fight global warming. Problem is, many states have regulations which allow only

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    Nuclear, Tech and Solar Duke It Out for Rare Metals

    September 5, 11:28 AM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    Metal scarcity is pushing some of the world's biggest industries into a regular Battle Royale, as they struggle to obtain enough raw materials to continue operations. Metals are chemical elements, and prized for their unique properties; usually no

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    Eco-Groups and FSF Meld - Freedom and Greenery for All

    August 31, 11:34 AM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    Tree hit free this week; several environmental groups (the Green Party, New Internationalist, Friends of the Earth International, and People and Planet) signed a statement with the Free Software Foundation (FSF) to promote their common interests. You

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    One Watt Wonder - The New CPU From VIA

    August 24, 1:50 PM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    VIA seems to be the rear to watch as they continue to lead the pack in cranking out energy-efficient computing parts. We reviewed this tiny motherboard a while ago and came out grinning. They also have a decent clean computing initiative which has

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    Profitable Precycling of 12V Batteries

    August 20, 4:40 PM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    We've noted there's been quite a rash of ripping off the public infrastructure and selling it to scrap metal dealers to make a few bucks. Sadly, even some of the most promising new technologies, such as windfarms, have been hit by the vandals. There's

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    Africa, the World Leader in Sustainable Tech

    August 19, 9:05 AM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    From the eco-tech perspective, the most interesting continent is Africa. Ill-equipped for the profligate consumption of nearly every resource, Africa is a study in efficiency, where leadership and ingenuity seem to naturally spring forth; witness,

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    New Wind Engines Beat the Heat

    August 15, 3:45 PM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    As computers grow increasingly powerful, computer chips are becoming more and more densely packed with transistors, the basic building blocks of microprocessors. As a result, a knotty problem is that these faster chips produce more heat. So, unless

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    Five Myths and Mysteries About Black Web Surfing

    August 12, 8:57 AM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    You might have been following the recent debate about surfing a black web, even received a viral email or two on the topic. We have discussed some facts and figures around using a black Google, and other alternatives sites such as Blackle. In spite of

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    Hackable Products Better For Planet

    August 8, 11:44 AM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    Several years ago, this TH bought a front loading washer; it was expensive, but the sales rep convinced me that it would save water and soap over the long run. What he didn't tell me is that there was a circuit board that controlled how the washer

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    Lose the TV/Land Line, Save the Cell/Computer

    August 5, 1:39 PM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics has developed this perky graphic to help American chart that on which their tech dollars are blown. Wired noticed that although high tech gear gets cheaper every year, the proportion of the typical US household budget

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    Extreme Telecommuting - It's Not What Dad Did

    August 1, 6:47 AM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    Interesting one here about a chap named Anthony Page who classifies himself as an extreme telecommuter. Page travels the world and works remotely via laptop. Amazingly, he finds an Internet connection almost everywhere, even in the poorest

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    PowerTOP For Linux Adds Hours to Battery Life

    July 27, 3:25 PM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    Power usage is a hot topic for computer users everywhere. For some, it's a matter of how long a laptop lasts without being plugged in. For others, it's controlling the temperature of hundreds of systems within a datacenter. For all of us, it's about

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    San Fran Goes Dark, Cripples IT

    July 25, 8:41 AM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    Probably know that San Fran went dark yesterday for two hours, affecting 30 to 50 thousand customers. Granted, lack of a live wire is bad for people, but it's also bad for data; the blackout took many big internet sites offline, including 365 Main,

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    Economics of Virtualization May Be "Off Planet"

    July 20, 10:30 AM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    With the promise of reduced costs and increased efficiency, the virtualization rage continues in the techno-sphere. The basic premise of virtualization is to make one server do the work of many; this increases utilization, and hence requires less

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    A Horde of Hosts : the TH Interview with John Engates, Rackspace

    July 18, 8:58 AM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    With over 30,000 servers and 12,000 customers, Rackspace is one of the biggest hosting providers in the world. Big companies can be slower to take environmental initiatives - they are aren't running all these boxes off of solar, for example - yet when

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    Verizon Gets Out of The Copper Business

    July 12, 5:50 PM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    Copper hit $3.66 a pound today on the COMEX exchange - that's a lot. Copper is denser than iron, and the weight really adds up quickly. For example, it only takes 146 pre-1982 pennies to make a pound. Yes, that means you can make $2.20/lb. by

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    Mike Dell Drives a Hummer - Boo Hoo or Yee Haw?

    July 10, 9:25 PM by Mark Ontkush in Gadgets

    Last month AutoMotoPortal filled us in on the cars that famous geeks drive. It's interesting, if not surprising, reading. Turns out that Mike Dell drives a Hummer a good deal of the time; let's look at the environmental repercussions of that bit of


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