Mairi Beautyman

Mairi Beautyman

Senior Editor / Berlin, Germany

Mairi Beautyman is senior editor at TreeHugger and heads up the Living category, in addition to tackling feature projects for the site.

With a background in literature, art, design, and architecture, Mairi had sustainability hammered in at a young age during a childhood in rural Western Massachusetts. Her dog ate what was in the organic lunch box -- until she embraced her calling. Now she likes thinking about materials that don't stick around, and believes the best green design is also nice to look at. She tends to wander off...Morocco...Indonesia...Nicaragua...for extended surf trips, but usually calls Berlin home.

Mairi is also a regular contributor to Interior Design magazine, and has written for publications including The Huffington Post, A Hedonist's Guide to Marrakech, Wired, Art News, Architectural Record, Slow Travel Berlin, Time Out Berlin, Azure Magazine, and The Robb Report.

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  • friends_map.jpg

    Phnom Penh Restaurant Salvation for Street Kids

    March 7, 5:56 AM by Mairi Beautyman in Travel

    You can't help but notice the street kids in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Some of them, darting through the heavy traffic of tuk-tuks and motos on their hunt for crisp dollar bills, are so young they have yet to learn to talk. Other than scooping them off

  • warhol.jpg

    The Andy Warhol Museum Presents Global Warming Exhibit

    February 27, 9:37 AM by Mairi Beautyman in Culture

    How do you express concern for global warming? From textiles, videos, paintings, drawings, and photography, to music and inflatables, artists around the world have, for decades, used diverse mediums to share one common message. From March 11 — June

  • swag-herman-miller.jpg

    Herman Miller Classic Gets Green Revamp

    February 20, 9:15 AM by Mairi Beautyman in Eco-Friendly Furniture

    Lately, a lot of design classics are getting green makeovers. Take for example the Swag Leg chair, designed by the legendary George Nelson and released in 1958. As a part of its company-wide environmental commitment, furniture manufacturer Herman Miller

  • top_green_jobs_career_build.jpg

    Top 25 Ways to Bring Home a Green Paycheck

    February 13, 7:01 AM by Mairi Beautyman in Corporate Responsibility

    So you are rearing to get yourself a green job, what's out there? CareerBuilder , says Hugg, has a list of the top 25 green jobs and how much each pays. For the big bucks: Suit yourself up as a Toxicologist (6), Economist (12), or Landscape Architect

  • greenbuild_trycycle.jpg

    Greenbuild Film Features Industry Experts

    February 6, 9:05 AM by Mairi Beautyman in Sustainable Product Design

    Why is the U.S. Green Building Council's conference and expo Greenbuild growing every year—when attendance at many other trade shows is dropping? Adam and Marty Butler tackle this question at Greenbuild 2006, held in Denver, Colorado, with a

  • electrical_jewelry.jpg

    Mod Necklaces Made From Electrical Parts

    January 9, 9:55 AM by Mairi Beautyman in Culture

    Best holiday gift this year? These funky necklaces by my Aunt. Nearly done with a massive home renovation project, she had a basement full of spare electrical parts—not just wire, but switchplates, ring, bullet, and closed end wire connectors, if we are

  • wal_mart.jpg

    Wal-Mart's Fluorescent Bulb Commitment On Track

    January 2, 2:12 PM by Mairi Beautyman in Interior Design

    In October, we filled you in on Wal-Mart’s push for compact fluorescent bulbs: The retail giant has the ambitious plan to slip them into at least 100 million homes, a plan now starting to look realistic. In today’s issue of The New York Times, we hear

  • Durante_furniture.jpg

    Sustainable Wood Furnishings from Canada

    December 26, 12:48 PM by Mairi Beautyman in Interior Design

    We are always on the prowl for sturdy sustainable wood pieces, and the Neva chest and the Fusion coffee table are just that. Part of the new "Luxury Green" program launched by Vancouver-based Durante Furniture, both are available in wood certified

  • simcity1.jpg

    Middle School Students Help us With Fuel Cells

    December 19, 6:53 AM by Mairi Beautyman in Corporate Responsibility

    For a fresh batch of ideas, who better to ask then 12-year olds? And dangle a trip to Space Camp (the grand prize) in front of them and who knows what they will come up with. This year, the annual National Engineers Week Future City Competition asks

  • farm_bavaria.jpg

    German Farmers Turn to Energy Crops

    December 12, 1:23 AM by Mairi Beautyman in Corporate Responsibility

    Bavarian Farmer Heiner Gärtner hit TreeHugger last summer. With solar panels and pigs, this savvy entrepreneur has transformed his Bavarian farm into a million dollar power station. Employing 10,000 panels over seven hectares of land, he has one of the

  • cribs.jpg

    Handmade Adaptable Baby Furniture

    December 5, 3:26 PM by Mairi Beautyman in Culture

    If you ever hit the Tag Sale circuit, you are sure to come across piles and piles of discarded baby furniture. So we were pleased to come across Nurseryworks, which creates handcrafted nursery furniture "that can evolve from the nursery to other areas

  • AFH.jpg

    Design New Logo for Architecture for Humanity

    November 28, 10:03 AM by Mairi Beautyman in Corporate Responsibility

    Calling all design-savvy Treehuggers. Architecture for Humanity, one of our favorite nonprofits, has launched a logo design competition. "The truth is that we came up with the logo 20 minutes before we launched the organization," says Cameron

  • BMW.jpg

    More on Hydrogen 7 by BMW

    November 21, 7:23 AM by Mairi Beautyman in Corporate Responsibility

    Remember BMW's Hydrogen 7? The luxury sedan, which will be limitedly released next year, discharges mainly water vapor from its combustion engine. The hydrogen verses electric debate is still on—but If you are interested in how this machine eats up

  • Miami_tower.jpg

    Green Tower Approved for Miami

    November 14, 11:50 AM by Mairi Beautyman in Corporate Responsibility

    Seems green towers are sprouting up everywhere—from New York to Guangdong, China. Now the Gold Coast gets its due. A new sustainable mixed-use building has been approved, appropriately, for Miami's Design District. Dubbed COR, the 400-foot-tall

  • Leaf_burner.jpg

    Hand-Held Leaf Burners: A New Trend?

    November 7, 1:14 PM by Mairi Beautyman in Clean Technology

    On a trip to Cologne, Germany, this man was seen incinerating leaves with a hand-held burner in front of a posh hotel. The device is most likely composed of a propane fuel tank, a fuel hose, a metal wand with a burner head, and a control valve for

  • DIY wallpaper paste

    DIY Your Own Eco Wallpaper Paste

    October 31, 2:14 PM by Mairi Beautyman in Green Home

    Nowadays, wall paper paste comes with a slew of toxic ingredients. Not only does it smell terrible while you are applying it, chances are it will emit harmful VOCs (volatile organic compound) for years to come.

  • sven.jpg

    Energy-Efficient Lamp by Lucesco

    October 26, 5:53 PM by Mairi Beautyman in Interior Design

    This lamp is retro—yet still energy efficient. Designed by Sven Adolph for Lucesco Lighting, the spun aluminum Sven illuminates with 40 energy-efficient warm white LEDs, and employs only 22 watts of power. That’s about one-third of the power used by the

  • roofing_membranes.jpg

    Solar "Membranes" Cover NJ Shop

    October 19, 8:00 AM by Mairi Beautyman in Renewable Energy

    In Elmwood Park, New Jersey, the KTS Machine Shop is reportedly producing 100 percent of its electrical energy with building-integrated photovoltaic "membranes." The shop is the guinea pig for renewable energy firm Open Energy Corporation's first


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