Lloyd Alter

Lloyd Alter

Writer / Toronto, Canada

Lloyd Alter is design editor of TreeHugger. He has been an architect, developer, inventor and prefab promoter.
He contributes to MNN.com, The Guardian, Azure and Corporate Knights magazines, and is Adjunct Professor teaching sustainable design at Ryerson University School of Interior Design. Lloyd is a Past President of the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario.

In the course of his work developing small residential units and prefabs, Lloyd became convinced that we just use too much of everything- too much space, too much land, too much food, too much fuel, too much money, and that the key to sustainability is to simply use less. And, the key to happily using less is to design things better.

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  • big.sur1583.jpg

    Yurts on the Big Sur: This is Not a Flashback

    February 24, 3:34 PM by Lloyd Alter in Travel

    We usually avoid posts about yurts, domes and the like, reminding us as they do of our days at the commune. This is different: an off-grid 16 yurt resort in, as Henry Miller

  • castor6.jpg

    at the Interior Design Show: Castor Canadensis

    February 24, 12:27 PM by Lloyd Alter in Sustainable Product Design

    Yesterday we alluded to our awful photography skills; we even borrowed a better camera and the results were worse, which is a shame because there was lots to see at the Interior Design Show in Toronto. For us the hit of the show was actually seeing the

  • mau.jpg

    Join Bruce Mau. Be Part of the World House Project.

    February 24, 6:57 AM by Lloyd Alter in Corporate Responsibility

    Bruce Mau thinks big. Bursting forth from the restraints of his graphic design background, he founded the Institute Without Boundaries and mounted Massive Change. Phase II : to design a sustaining, universal and healthy human dwelling. The program, in

  • kolbert.jpg

    Watermark: Louisiana Sinking

    February 24, 6:29 AM by Lloyd Alter in Corporate Responsibility

    As the land continues to shrink, groves of dead cypress trees, known as ghost forests, mark the advance of the encroaching salt water. An area the size of a football field succumbs every thirty-eight minutes. Read Elizabeth Kolbert's article in the Feb

  • rashidcombo.jpg

    Kit 24 House by Karim Rashid

    February 23, 7:26 AM by Lloyd Alter in Modular Design

    We're off to the Interior Design Show this evening to see the launch of the Kit 24 House designed by the multitalented Karim Rashid. "This project gave me the opportunity to develop a kit house — a house that can be produced with simple minimal

  • earthshop brighton.jpg

    Fleet of Earthships Lands in Brighton

    February 23, 6:56 AM by Lloyd Alter in Sustainable Product Design

    Earthships started in Taos, New Mexico-"self contained dwellings that will sail on the seas of tomorrow". Built from indigenous materials and problematic items like old tires and bottles, they are so energy efficient that they have no utility bills. Now

  • squidoo.gif

    Squidoo Lenses Focusing on Treehugger

    February 23, 6:46 AM by Lloyd Alter in Culture

    Squidoo is a fascinating concept where people with an interest or expertise set up web pages, sort of like blog software but more flexible."We have built an online platform that makes it easy for anyone to build lenses on topics they are passionate

  • meat.jpg

    Another Great Reason to Go Veg- They are Gassing the Meat

    February 22, 7:10 AM by Lloyd Alter in Green Food

    How do you tell if meat is fresh? Smell? Colour? Date stamp? You just lost one test- The Food and Drug Admin in the US allows supermarkets to pack red meat in carbon monoxide gas- just as your lips get a lovely shade of red when you leave the car running

  • rewarding.jpg

    Here is an incentive to recycle: Money

    February 22, 6:14 AM by Lloyd Alter in Sustainable Product Design

    Picture by Sabina Louise Pierce for The New York Times We are reading Freakonomics right now and are at an early chapter about incentives- what makes people do things? Guilt? Fear? Image among our peers? Patrck Fitzgerald and Ron Gonen think the best

  • fgilbert1.jpg

    A Univerisity without WifI

    February 21, 7:19 AM by Lloyd Alter in Corporate Responsibility

    As we write this sitting three feet from a wireless router, we wonder about Fred Gilbert, who will not allow wireless internet into Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario, out of concerns about health consequences of EMF's (electric and magnetic

  • fleet.jpg

    Follow the Fleet: Scaling Up Going Green

    February 20, 7:01 AM by Lloyd Alter in Renewable Energy

    It's much more interesting to talk about BioWillie and Prius owners, but so much of the traffic on our roads belongs to fleets- "commercial on-road fleets, including inter-city freight carriers, urban delivery vans, buses, public and private mixed

  • invwater.jpg

    Dean Kamen Segues into Water and Electricity

    February 18, 6:52 AM by Lloyd Alter in Corporate Responsibility

    Forget the side trip on the Segway, which did not revolutionize transportation and change the world. Others of Dean Kamen's inventions have, and continue to do so. In 1993 a product of the year was his water purifier; his latest idea for the third world

  • color_fusion.jpg

    Yet Another Gratuitous LED Post

    February 18, 6:25 AM by Lloyd Alter in Gadgets

    What is cool (or hot) about this one is that not only does the colour of the water change with the temperature (useful to prevent burning and very cute) but it generates the power to run the LED's somehow by the flow of the water. We are not certain if

  • boase.jpg

    Prefabs in the Trees

    February 17, 11:17 AM by Lloyd Alter in Modular Design

    Every Friday we race to Inhabitat to see what fabulous new prefab Sarah and Jill have found, and today they present a Treehugger prize- the Boase concept from Denmark, bringing bioremediation, compact living and prefab together in one treehugging prefab

  • worldchanging.gif

    Support Worldchanging

    February 17, 6:12 AM by Lloyd Alter in Corporate Responsibility

    We like Worldchanging a lot; they are really smart and get to the core of a wide range of environmental issues. They are a non-profit and are running a new fundraising campaign, where photographer Ed Burtynsky and a foundation have donated up to $

  • dasani.jpg

    Must be Something in the Water

    February 16, 6:29 AM by Lloyd Alter in Clean Water

    March 22 is World Water Day, and given how many Treehugger writers are all wet about the stuff, we thought we would make it a focus in the weeks leading up to it. The New York Times did a big article today on bottled water so it might be a good place to

  • zerologo.jpg

    zerofootprint, Eight Months Later

    February 16, 6:23 AM by Lloyd Alter in Corporate Responsibility

    Eight months ago we looked at zerofootprint.net and were less than charitable to this startup. (We also interviewed its founder here) We looked at it again today and have to say that things have certainly changed. First of all, you can pronounce its

  • recycle_loading_1.jpg

    Merlin Matthews on Re-Cycle

    February 15, 7:06 AM by Lloyd Alter in Cars

    Warren posted about Re-Cycle.org, a British organization that collects old bicycles and ships them to Africa. The Guardian interviews founder Merlin Matthews, in another of its wonderful features, Good Lives- People making a Difference. "A Haitian woman


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