Lloyd Alter

Lloyd Alter

Writer / Toronto, Canada

Lloyd Alter is design editor of TreeHugger. He has been an architect, developer, inventor and prefab promoter.
He contributes to MNN.com, The Guardian, Azure and Corporate Knights magazines, and is Adjunct Professor teaching sustainable design at Ryerson University School of Interior Design. Lloyd is a Past President of the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario.

In the course of his work developing small residential units and prefabs, Lloyd became convinced that we just use too much of everything- too much space, too much land, too much food, too much fuel, too much money, and that the key to sustainability is to simply use less. And, the key to happily using less is to design things better.

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    Rainwater Harvesting: Upcoming Workshop in Toronto

    May 13, 8:36 AM by Lloyd Alter in Culture

    "Why are we using expensive, treated drinking water to flush toilets and irrigate lawns, when rainwater is a resource we can tap into for this water supply?"

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    Turns out that hippie diet really was good for you...

    May 13, 8:08 AM by Lloyd Alter in Green Food

    All of that brown rice you ate back on the commune was not only good for you because of its fibre, but also because of the rice bran oil in the husks. A recent study showed that a form of Vitamin E, tocotrienols(TRF) extracted from rice bran oil,

  • LCP collector_small.jpg

    More on Light Pipes: Aussie Grad Student Develops New Collector

    May 12, 7:00 AM by Lloyd Alter in Solar Technology

    "Most systems use complicated and expensive

  • wam_portrait5b.jpg

    Designing the Future

    May 11, 6:58 AM by Lloyd Alter in Corporate Responsibility

    We talk about William McDonough a lot at Treehugger- his architectural firm practices ecologically, socially, and economically intelligent architecture and planning in the U.S. and abroad. He is also co-author of the extremely important "Cradle to

  • bending2.jpg

    Bendable Concrete

    May 10, 6:48 AM by Lloyd Alter in Green Architecture

    Concrete is not the most environmentally correct building material. For every ton produced, a ton of greenhouse gas is emitted, either through the decomposition of limestone, the plant supplying the electricity, the redymix trucks idling and turning

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    Materials Monthly

    May 9, 6:21 AM by Lloyd Alter in Green Architecture

    With great excitement and anticipation, we just received our first copy of Materials Monthly from Princeton Architectural Press. This "subscription-based publication providing hands-on access to state of the art materials" is the ultimate answer to the

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    Urban Tree Harvest

    April 28, 6:46 AM by Lloyd Alter in Green Architecture

    Toronto has a lot of trees, and up to 9,000 of them die every year from disease, insect infestation, development and safety concerns. Urban Tree Harvest was formed to salvage, mill and resell it, keeping it out of the dumps where it rots. Some of these

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    Clean-Mate Sensor Operating Trash Bin

    April 27, 5:44 AM by Lloyd Alter in Culture

    We know, you are going to say: who needs a battery powered, automatically opening trash bin with smart chip, infra-red detection, and electrical drive system? Well, you don't have a composting toilet, and you are not trying to keep toilet paper out of

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    Monsanto House of the Future

    April 27, 5:36 AM by Lloyd Alter in Modular Design

    When this treehugger was just a sprout, he received a Life Science Library book on plastics that featured the Monsanto House of the Future, and was entranced and inspired. The House of the Future was one a number of fairground houses of the future that

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    Name That House!

    April 26, 6:29 AM by Lloyd Alter in Sustainable Product Design

    We were reminded of this while watching

  • eplaid.jpg

    Cooper Hewitt Extreme Textiles

    April 25, 6:40 AM by Lloyd Alter in Green Architecture

    Its a material world, and the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum is covering it with its new exhibition, Extreme Textiles. "They are the result of an extraordinary collaboration between (sic) science, industry and design". Categories are Olympian-

  • monterey book photo

    TreeHugger Welcomes Writer Lloyd Alter from Toronto

    March 24, 8:46 PM by Lloyd Alter in About TreeHugger

    Lloyd Alter has been an architect, developer, inventor, and builder of prefab housing. He now writes for TreeHugger, is an Associate Professor at Ryerson University teaching sustainable design, and has written for Azure and Ontario Nature magazines. In


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