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    LIME: "Walking, Talking Toxic Waste Dumps"

    May 29, 12:30 PM by Lime Planet in Clean Technology

    The news is in for 10 residents of Washington state, who volunteered themselves last year as guinea pigs in a toxic chemical study. They gave samples of hair, blood, and urine, which were examined by the Washington Toxics Coalition. And, according to an

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    LIME: The Green Room

    May 14, 12:31 PM by Lime Planet in Culture

    Looks like Leonardo DiCaprio’s mother is going to be a little bit lonely today. DiCaprio, perhaps Mother Earth’s favorite son, intends to spend the day planting trees with the Los Angeles based group TreePeople. "We’re helping reforest the decimated

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    LIME: A Book for Those Who Will Live It

    May 10, 12:21 PM by Lime Planet in Culture

    Though global warming's impacts are already beginning to be visible in many places, the real impacts will likely come decades from now. Which is one reason why New York Times science writer Andrew Revkin decided to pen a book for the audience who will be

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    LIME: Ford Wants to Help You Buy a Hybrid

    April 13, 2:19 PM by Lime Planet in Cars

    While the 36-mpg-averaging Escape Hybrid is

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    Lime: From One Mustang to Another

    April 7, 3:40 PM by Lime Planet in Culture

    Ford, longtime maker of Mustang sports cars, has taken an interest in another kind of mustang: the wild ones. The company raised more than $200,000 to help save wild horses from the slaughterhouse, where many of them could end up as a result of federal

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    LIME: Meet Rick Cook, Beau Ideal of Green Architects

    March 24, 3:35 PM by Lime Planet in Sustainable Product Design

    Of the many rising stars in the field of green architecture, Richard Cook is arguably the brightest. He has a theoretical rigor and passion for sustainability on par with William McDonough. He has the design ingenuity of Frank Gehry. So it's not

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    LIME: Troubled Waters

    March 21, 11:43 AM by Lime Planet in Corporate Responsibility

    Byproducts of two antibiotics and a substance used in medical imaging have turned up in wastewater treatement plants in Buffalo, heightening concern over how the products we use and consume are affecting the health and safety of our watersheds. The

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    LIME: Powering Seattle with Leftovers

    March 1, 10:23 AM by Lime Planet in Green Food

    Alternative energy is on the radar today in the Pacific Northwest, as well as in Nevada. A new study found that half of Washington's energy supply could be provided by converting the state's organic waste into energy. The study, reported in The

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    LIME: Special Delivery

    February 21, 10:30 AM by Lime Planet in Cars

    Don’t be surprised if your standard-issue brown UPS delivery truck takes on a greenish hue. The company announced it will add 4,100 low-emission vehicles and 50 hybrids this year. The move is a cost-cutting strategy, and one that shows the company’s

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    LIME: Aspen Living Comes with a Price

    February 17, 12:45 PM by Lime Planet in Travel

    Aspen has a reputation for being green. The tony ski town has its own global warming project manager, and has instituted innovative programs like using tax dollars from mansion owners to help buy solar power for the less well off. But a new report

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    LIME: Cleaner Ferries, Ahoy!

    February 9, 4:50 PM by Lime Planet in Cars

    It’s not like they’re getting hybrid engines or anything, but New York’s Staten Island Ferries are going greener: One by one, the boats are being retrofitted to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides and particulate matter from diesel fuel. According to

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    LIME: Planting Clean Water

    February 1, 7:47 PM by Lime Planet in Lawn & Garden

    Planting gardens could help keep chemicals out of your city's water. A new study found that building "rain gardens," shallow pools in the ground, planted with deep-rooted native plants, can significantly reduce the amount of toxins entering

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    LIME: Timberland's Green Boxes

    January 29, 9:45 PM by Lime Planet in Sustainable Fashion

    Timberland, maker of those ubiquitous nubuck boots and other outdoorsy footwear, announced it plans to use only recycled packaging beginning this fall. Reuters reports that the company will wrap its shoes in 100 percent recycled fiber boxes, printed

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    LIME: Superbowl Kicks Off Green Ads

    January 19, 7:56 PM by Lime Planet in Culture

    Toyota will drop an estimated $2.5 million to air an ad promoting its swanky new hybrid Camry. What sets it apart from the Prius ad it ran on last year's superbowl is the target audience: The company wants to convince to Hispanic consumers to go green.

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    LIME: Monkey See, Monkey Do

    January 16, 7:55 PM by Lime Planet in Culture

    Inspired by the plight of his film’s über-gorilla, King Kong director Peter Jackson is backing efforts by the International Gorilla Conservation Programme to save Kong’s smaller, less fictional friends. The Independent reports that Jackson’s efforts

  • lester brown.jpg

    LIME: Where the West Goes, the East Can't Afford to Follow

    January 15, 3:46 PM by Lime Planet in Culture

    Founder of the Earth Policy Institute, Lester Brown, has been saying for years that the global economy is being hobbled by man-made environmental trends: "shrinking forests, expanding deserts, falling water tables, eroding soils, collapsing fisheries,

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    LIME: Hybrid Drivers: Smart and Safe

    January 10, 1:55 PM by Lime Planet in Cars

    Owners of hybrid cars already get to feel deep personal satisfaction every time they watch other people fill up their gas guzzling SUVs. Starting next month, hybrid drivers will have yet another reason to pat themselves on the back (besides, you know,


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