Leonora Oppenheim

Leonora Oppenheim

London, England

Leonora Oppenheim is a design storyteller. Which is a neat way of saying she uses word, image and form to portray local cultural, environmental and community stories to wider audiences. In short, she's passionate about provoking discussion and debate through creativity.

From working on plans for a chocolate factory with cacao farmers in the Ecuadorian Amazon, to reporting on biogas toilets from the mountains of northern Ethiopia, to teasing out themes from the Do Lectures in West Wales, Leonora has many a tale to tell of her adventurous and inspiring encounters with creative minds around the world.

Leonora regularly puts finger to key to tell epic tales of design derring and sustainability do for online and print publications, and as director of design practice Elio Studio, she crafts her narratives in collaboration with architects, designers, curators and scientists.

Currently Leonora is focusing her energies on Creative Data, an initiative to design a series of conversations about future landscapes. Working in collaboration with climate and social scientists these interactive installations act as creative spaces for people to discuss local environmental issues in their own communities.

Leonora has lived and worked variously in Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Barcelona, New York and Quito. These days she's based in London, but continues to explore both locally and globally.

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