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    Local Burger: Kansas's Fast Food

    September 6, 8:43 AM by Kyeann Sayer in Green Food

    Ok, so, "We're Not in Kansas Anymore" is way overused. However, it can seem appropriate when discussing innovations like Sellers Markets Sustainable Fast Food. If you thought such a concept would work few places besides NoCal in the foreseeable future,

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    Eco Tip: Route Leftover Food to Hungry Bellies

    September 6, 6:37 AM by Kyeann Sayer in Culture

    Almost all of us see situations at work where food goes to waste. When I was event planning in Santa Monica, coworkers and I randomly found ourselves giving away yummy leftover sandwiches to the ample local homeless population. However, there were

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    Chocolate Lead Contamination Update

    August 30, 6:37 AM by Kyeann Sayer in Green Food

    Ever savor a sweet ending to a customer service adventure? See how this strikes you. We TreeHuggers have been big fans of Dagoba. We aren't the only ones: beloved chocolate expert David Lebovitz today features a fun interview with founder Frederick

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    Sellers Markets: Sustainable Fast Food Works

    August 29, 8:55 AM by Kyeann Sayer in Green Food

    It's a rare day that we're excited about fast food trends.

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    Lowbagger: What's That?

    August 24, 6:31 PM by Kyeann Sayer in Corporate Responsibility

    While TreeHugger prides itself on its appeal to "lazy, shallow, but environmentally responsible brethren," chronicles the doings of regular folks who stick their necks out, generally around local enviro issues. Ever have the FBI

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    Hollywood Bike Patrol: Studs in Spandex, Tim Robbins to the Rescue

    August 24, 5:51 PM by Kyeann Sayer in Culture

    Last week's bike patrol generated much discussion about helmet use. Perhaps this week we'll parse the relative merits of biking shorts? In this edition: Travis Barker, Matthew McCanaughey, Jake Gyllenhaal, Lance Armstrong, Isabella Rosellini, Tim

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    Umbrella Inside Out Judges Announced!

    August 21, 8:22 AM by Kyeann Sayer in Culture

    The Sustainable Style Foundation (SSF), I.D. Magazine, and TreeHugger are pleased as can be with our Umbrella Inside Out panel of judges. William McDonough, co-author of Cradle to Cradle, will weigh in on the C2C umbrella aspect of the competitions!

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    Helmets for Cyclists vs. Full Body Armor for Drivers

    August 18, 5:19 PM by Kyeann Sayer in Bikes

    A couple of recent posts on biking and Hollywood have generated a few streams of comment: people don't look cool on bikes because helmets are goofy, helmets aren't necessary, and helmets are mandatory. We've previously weighed in on the relative

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    Stewart+Brown Fall Collection at pangaya

    August 18, 4:22 PM by Kyeann Sayer in Style

    Fall fashion is everywhere of course, but it's still hard to believe that soon we'll want to spend every possible moment in Stewart+Brown's organic cotton, hand crafted cashmere and wool. Once you take a gander, you'll start wishing for fallen leaves

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    Hollywood Bike Patrol: Naomi Watts, Keifer Sutherland, The Governator, and More!

    August 17, 4:07 PM by Kyeann Sayer in Culture

    We asked and you delivered. Observant readers have inundated us with celebrity pedal pushers. This week: Daryl Hannah, Naomi Watts, Hilary Duff, Elle Macpherson, Chloe Sevigny, Lindsay Lohan, George Clooney, Keifer Sutherland, Estella Warren, Scout

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    Chicago: Future Eco-Fashion Mecca?

    August 16, 7:28 AM by Kyeann Sayer in Style

    Chicago is trying to make itself a fashion hub, and has even hired a "fashion czarina," Melissa Turner, to make it happen. Though the city churns out design graduates, they quickly flee to the action on the coasts. One of Turner's projects: creating an

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    Hollywood Bike Patrol Wants YOU

    August 15, 4:44 PM by Kyeann Sayer in Bikes

    A couple of weeks ago, many of you shared your insights about the possibility of Hollywood giving us cyclists who don't look like lame-asses. After witnessing yet another display of dorky pedaling during Ricky Bobby's nadir in Talledega Nights this

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    ReadyMade August/September Issue

    August 14, 8:56 PM by Kyeann Sayer in Culture

    Someday you'll become DIY-proficient, right? If your weekends have not yet been filled with projects like Tiffany Tomato's umbrella skirt, or (for those of you pining for the cold) that fully biodegradable pine cone ornament, take vicarious initiative

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    Dolan Geiman: Chicago's Reused Threads

    August 14, 6:49 AM by Kyeann Sayer in Style

    Synchrinicity is fun. The Umbrella Inside Out competitions mean constant recycling of the idea of fashion re-use in my noggin. Accordingly, last week I asked Lindsey Boland, proprietress of Wicker Park's Habit for leads on Chicago-area re-fabulists. She

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    Summer Rayne Oakes: Up-To-The-Minute Eco Style

    August 11, 6:42 PM by Kyeann Sayer in Style

    Summer Rayne isn't the easiest girl to keep up with. After all, there's only one of her, and a whole world waiting to be turned on to sexy, sustainable style. If you want a regular window into the unique eco-fashion/social entrepreneurship niche our

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    This Old Thing? Reused Men's and Womenswear Hits Boston This Weekend

    August 10, 7:21 PM by Kyeann Sayer in Style

    As we wait to see what sorts of re-used umbrella couture our Umbrella Inside Out entrants come up with, we like filling readers in on favorite old-to-new designers. Lucky Bostonians get to see the goods in person in a big way this weekend when

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    Design Competition: Umbrella Inside Out Deadline September 1!

    August 8, 10:48 AM by Kyeann Sayer in Culture

    That's right! Only a little over three weeks for designers to enter the Umbrella Inside Out competitions, brought to you by TreeHugger, I.D. Magazine, and the Sustainable Style Foundation! Designers, give us your umrbella couture, or shelter us with a

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    Baptismal Water Car Wash

    August 5, 7:32 PM by Kyeann Sayer in Culture

    More late summer car wash news. Here's a free anecdote for whatever type of Sunday gathering you do (or don't do):In an attempt to be environmentally friendly and serve the community, Members of Levenshulme Baptist Church in Manchester will use the water


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