Kelly Rossiter

Kelly Rossiter

Writer, Food / Toronto, Canada

Kelly Rossiter has written over 1200 recipe posts for Discovery sites TreeHugger, Planet Green, and Parentables since 2005.

She lives in Toronto, Canada and is the mother of two adult children. Kelly's other "job" is studying classical piano. When not working or cooking, she can be found with her head in a book.

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  • oystersauce.jpg

    Recipe of the Week: Stir-Fried Wild Mushrooms with Snap Peas in Oyster Sauce

    February 24, 1:04 PM by Kelly Rossiter in Green Food

    For many people February is a time of cocooning and quiet. For this Treehugger it is the beginning of the family birthday cycle. Mother, daughter, myself, son and grandmother (who will be 102) all celebrate birthdays within the next few weeks. That

  • madisonkitchen.jpg

    Recipe of the Week: Braised Mixed Greens

    February 17, 8:16 AM by Kelly Rossiter in Green Food

    We love this recipe because it is so flexible. You can use any greens you have on hand, or any type that appeals to you. You can also vary the type of beans you want to use to change the character of the dish. You can have a more delicate dinner with

  • cake1.jpg

    Recipe of the Week: Chocolate Fallen Souffle Cake

    February 10, 6:51 AM by Kelly Rossiter in Green Food

    How can we resist a chocolate recipe just before Valentine’s Day? It may be a cliché, but we don’t care. This is not a difficult recipe and it looks quite beautiful. Just think of how impressed the object of your desire will be with your effort. The

  • lentils.jpg

    Recipe of the Week: Wine Braised Lentils

    February 3, 6:35 AM by Kelly Rossiter in Green Food

    We love lentils. Lentils appear on our dinner table so often that our family occasionally rebels. Not tonight. We made Wine Braised Lentils from Vegetarian Suppers from Deborah Madison’s Kitchen and it was unanimous – it’s a keeper. The recipe calls

  • ginger cookie.jpg

    Recipe of the Week: Ginger Cookies

    January 27, 6:47 AM by Kelly Rossiter in Green Food

    Our mother is an extraordinarily talented baker. We learned the art of cookie making and cake baking at her elbow and have passed that love of baking on to our own children. We don’t know the provenance for this recipe which our mom handed down to us.

  • tofu.jpg

    Recipe of the Week: Coconut Red Curry Soup

    January 20, 7:44 AM by Kelly Rossiter in Green Food

    We pretty much always have a pot of soup on the stove and it is our favourite thing for lunch. We are always on the look out for soups that are a complete meal. We tried this soup last week and were pretty happy with the results. It is good the next

  • hotandspicy.jpg

    Recipe of the Week: Ginger Garlic Comfort Food

    January 13, 6:03 AM by Kelly Rossiter in Green Food

    This is our favourite tofu recipe and we have been making it for over 20 years now. It was the recipe that convinced our children that tofu was edible. We have made it for family dinners, elegant dinner parties and pot luck suppers. We have served it

  • classic indian cooking.jpg

    Recipe of the Week: Chick Peas in Ginger Sauce

    January 6, 4:41 PM by Kelly Rossiter in Green Food

    According to the Treehugger New Year’s Resolution questionnaire, 30% of you are planning to become vegetarian in 2006. We have noticed how much easier it is to be vegetarian or vegan these days Restaurants now routinely have vegetarian menu options,

  • chinese pharmacy.jpg

    Recipe of the Week: Hangover Helper

    December 30, 6:09 AM by Kelly Rossiter in Green Food

    For all you people planning to overindulge on New Year's Eve get yourself to a Chinese herbalist and stock up on the ingredients for these curative teas and tonics. It's a healthy alternative to greasy bacon and eggs. These are courtesy of Nina

  • monterey book photo

    Kelly Rossiter

    December 29, 11:07 AM by Kelly Rossiter in About TreeHugger

    Kelly writes

  • a spoonful of Ginger.jpg

    A Spoonful of Ginger: Recipe of the Week

    December 16, 7:50 AM by Kelly Rossiter in Green Food

    We introduce a series of recipes on a Treehugger theme, selected by Kelly Rossiter of Toronto. These simple recipes are designed to get you cooking yourself rather than stopping at the local deli counter or phoning for pizza and then dealing with all the


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