Kelly Rossiter

Kelly Rossiter

Writer, Food / Toronto, Canada

Kelly Rossiter has written over 1200 recipe posts for Discovery sites TreeHugger, Planet Green, and Parentables since 2005.

She lives in Toronto, Canada and is the mother of two adult children. Kelly's other "job" is studying classical piano. When not working or cooking, she can be found with her head in a book.

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    Recipe of the Week: Carrot and Coriander Soup

    June 8, 8:49 AM by Kelly Rossiter in Green Food

    More and more restaurants are adding vegetarian items to their menus these days. In Toronto, there also seems to be a steady growth of restaurants devoted entirely to vegetarian food. Ruth Tal owned juice bars called Juice for Life in three locations

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    Recipe of the Week: Fiddlehead Ramp Risotto

    June 1, 10:50 AM by Kelly Rossiter in Green Food

    The pickings at my local farmer's market were slim this week, but with Ontario asparagus, radishes, onions and fiddleheads for sale I know that from now until October each coming week will offer a new treat. I always buy fiddleheads when I see them

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    Recipe of the Week - Asparagus with Classic Vinaigrette

    May 25, 8:34 AM by Kelly Rossiter in Green Food

    Ontario Asparagus has made an appearance in supermarkets and outdoor markets in the past week. This is one of those vegetables that is so delicate and delicious that I like to keep the preparation as simple as possible and just enjoy the flavour of

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    Recipe of the Week: Radish Salad

    May 18, 9:37 AM by Kelly Rossiter in Green Food

    As you know, the big trend right now is to purchase local produce. Some people say if your grandparents didn't eat it, don't buy it. Living in Toronto that would mean no bananas or citrus fruits among many other things so I do occasionally break down.

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    Kelly's Recipes Return: Spring Pea and Asparagus Soup

    May 7, 8:38 AM by Kelly Rossiter in Green Food

    Well, I'm back; after a hiatus I am restarting the recipe of the week. As before, I'm am going to provide you with quick, simple recipes that you can make for your family using fresh ingredients. I don't slavishly practice the 100 Mile Diet but I

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    Recipe of the Week: Yellow Pea and Coconut Milk Soup

    May 27, 6:35 AM by Kelly Rossiter in Green Food

    It is asparagus season in Ontario and I was looking forward to sharing some fabulous light spring recipe with you this week. Then we had snow at the cottage. The whole week has been cold and grey. Suddenly a hearty soup seemed like a much better idea.

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    Recipe of the Week: Marinated Fiddlehead Salad

    May 19, 7:45 AM by Kelly Rossiter in Green Food

    This TreeHugger was thrilled to find fiddlehead ferns in the market this week. For me fiddleheads are the harbinger of spring eating, the signal that at last we can look forward to baby greens, asparagus, strawberries still warm from the sun, dining

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    Recipe of the Week: Thai Lemongrass Salad

    May 12, 8:12 AM by Kelly Rossiter in Green Food

    Our daughter has been scouring cookbooks this week making lists of recipes she would like me to try. This has proven to be a great help because deciding what to cook can sometimes be more time consuming than making the meal. Of course, the other

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    Recipe of the Week: Yuca Croquettes

    May 5, 10:17 AM by Kelly Rossiter in Green Food

    This TreeHugger is a big believer in buying local, seasonal produce to feed the family. But this week I tried something that is certainly not native to Ontario – yuca. While grocery shopping with my daughter we spied a display of the root. Having spent

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    Recipe of the Week: Very Spicy Asian Vegetable Salad

    April 28, 10:24 AM by Kelly Rossiter in Green Food

    When our son asked if he could bring a gang of friends to the cottage for the weekend, I started to search for menu items that would be satisfying for a large group but wouldn’t keep me in the kitchen for the whole day. This recipe works perfectly. You

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    Recipes of the Week: Appetizers

    April 21, 11:51 AM by Kelly Rossiter in Green Food

    It’s Friday and the weather is great in Toronto, so it’s time to have a few friends over for a drink and some nibbles. We have tons of recipes for hors d’oeuvres that we have used over the years. We would like to share two very fast and very simple

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    Recipe of the Week: Vegetarian Egg Drop Soup

    April 14, 11:02 AM by Kelly Rossiter in Green Food

    Now that Spring is here, we were casting about looking for something lighter to cook for lunch than the winter fare we've been having. We came across Nina Simond's discussion of the seasonal diet in her wonderful Asian cookbook A Spoonful of Ginger.

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    Recipe of the Week: Passover Walnut Tweed Torte

    April 7, 7:50 AM by Kelly Rossiter in Green Food

    This TreeHugger’s family celebrates both Jewish and Christian holidays so our thoughts turn to the coming week and the Passover seder. For the duration of Passover, Jews are forbidden to eat grains that have been fermented or leavened. This provides

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    Chick Pea Burgers: Recipe of the Week

    March 31, 8:22 AM by Kelly Rossiter in Green Food

    Today’s recipe comes from Anne Lindsay’s New Light Cooking, a cookbook that is in pretty heavy rotation in this TreeHugger’s kitchen. It is an every day cookbook with straightforward recipes using easy to find ingredients. Written in cooperation with

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    Red Lentil and Sweet Potato Curry: Recipe of the Week

    March 24, 9:00 AM by Kelly Rossiter in Green Food

    We have recently been enjoying cooking from :Fresh Food Fast by Peter Berley so we are going to offer up another recipe from that book this week. This is the perfect recipe for this TreeHugger. Start cooking at 11:30 am while listening to our

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    Recipe of the Week: White Bean Salad

    March 17, 7:14 AM by Kelly Rossiter in Green Food

    A few weeks ago we did a post on a recipe by Deborah Madison and tipster Agen kindly suggested other vegetarian cookbooks Treehuggers might enjoy. At his suggestion, we immediately went online to our favourite Product Service System, the magnificent

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    Recipe of the Week: Mushroom Ragout

    March 10, 8:15 AM by Kelly Rossiter in Green Food

    This Treehugger has a passion for mushrooms and we are always on the lookout for interesting recipes containing them. Last week we promised to try Nigella Lawson’s recipe for Mushroom Ragout and give Treehugger readers the recipe if it worked out. We

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    Recipe of the Week: Sweet Potato and Chickpea Curry

    March 3, 2:13 PM by Kelly Rossiter in Green Food

    Although we have been reading about Nigella Lawson for years, we have never had the occasion to try any of her recipes. While perusing the New York Times we came across an article by Lawson including two


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