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    Wind Tunnel Footbridge

    March 20, 9:18 AM by Justin Thomas in Renewable Energy

    From the man who brought you the Wind Shaped Pavilion and the Transformation House, comes the Wind Tunnel Footbridge. It's a design proposal by Michael Jantzen for a new kind of wind activated footbridge made of steel and aluminum. As the wind blows,

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    Video Explains How A Solar Tower Works

    March 19, 12:03 PM by Justin Thomas in Solar Technology

    Here's an interesting 5-minute video about the solar tower prototype in Spain. The video was produced by SolarMission, the company that is building a large solar tower in Australia. The power plant consists of a very large glazed solar collector with a

  • wind_turbines_mini.jpg

    Tiny, Plastic Wind Turbines Suitable for City Dwellers

    March 19, 11:50 AM by Justin Thomas in Renewable Energy

    Like many places in the world, Hong Kong does not have strong wind speeds, so wind turbines have not been widely installed there. But now engineers at the University of Hong Kong and a private renewable energy company have developed a new micro wind

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    Tesla Motors To Open Five Dealer Outlets

    March 16, 11:07 AM by Justin Thomas in Cars

    Tesla Motors will open up five customer service centers in conjunction with the public launch later this year of the Tesla Roadster, an all-electric sports car. The service centers will be located in Chicago, Northern California, Southern California,

  • windmax.gif

    Efficient Wind Tunnels: Could Be Big?

    March 16, 10:53 AM by Justin Thomas in Renewable Energy

    A company called Green Energy Technologies, has developed a efficient wind tunnel product. According to Jetson Green, "The WindCube is the urban-friendly rooftop application and the WindMAX is the tower application for high power users. The turbine is

  • nevada_one_aerial.jpg

    64MW Solar Installation About To Be Switched On!

    March 16, 10:36 AM by Justin Thomas in Solar Technology

    One of the world's largest solar installation is about to be switched on. The project is called Nevada Solar One, and it is projected to generate 64 megawatts, when it is operational. It covers 300 acres and contain 760 mirror arrays, each measuring

  • 030107_lockport.jpg

    Crate and Barrel's Green Sofa

    March 15, 3:58 PM by Justin Thomas in Interior Design

    Crate and Barrel has released a green sofa called the Lockaport, and a matching chair. "For upholstery, this is our first venture into" sustainability, says Heather Turner, product manager assistant with Crate and Barrel in Northbrook, noting that the

  • 783hzhouse.jpg

    The 7.83 Hz House: Green, Prefab, Reconfigurable

    March 13, 6:21 PM by Justin Thomas in Modular Design

    Featured in the latest issue of Dwell, the "7.83 Hz" house was created by Simon Beames and Simon Dickens of the fledging London-based design house YOUMEHESHE. The firm was set-up to develop an innovative, potentially revolutionary design, which would

  • toyota.hybridx.f34.blog.jpg

    Toyota's Hybrid X Could Be The New Prius

    March 6, 5:28 PM by Justin Thomas in Clean Technology

    Today, at the Geneva Motor Show, Toyota unveiled the Hybrid-X concept, which is supposed to give the world a hint at the new design language for future Toyota hybrid vehicles. The concept car has 20-inch alloy wheels, features LED headlights and

  • goudenkust.jpg

    Floating Eco-Homes In The Netherlands

    March 6, 3:54 PM by Justin Thomas in Sustainable Product Design

    Small and densely populated, the Netherlands is one of the countries most at risk from climate change and rising sea levels. One Dutch construction company, Dura Vermeer, has developed homes that can float with rising waters. Thirty-seven of these

  • basf_finished_1.jpg

    BASF Goes Platinum With "Near-Zero Energy Home"

    March 2, 11:48 AM by Justin Thomas in Sustainable Product Design

    BASF unveiled this impressive "Near-Zero Energy Home" recently. The home has three systems (solar, air conditioning, building envelope) integrated together to make it 80% more efficient than a typical home. It was selected by the U.S. Green Building

  • zink.jpg

    ZINK: Printing Without Ink

    February 28, 10:56 AM by Justin Thomas in Gadgets

    A company called ZINK recently demonstrated a new way of printing that does not require ink (see video). Unlike the existing technologies that use thermal printheads to transfer color to paper, the new media has the color embedded in it, in the form

  • Grupeexterior.jpg

    Homebuilder Goes 100% Solar in California

    February 28, 8:27 AM by Justin Thomas in Solar Technology

    One of the nation's biggest home builders, Lennar Homes, has announced it will be installing solar power systems in all of its new homes in the San Francisco Bay Area. The "standard" solar package makes use of PowerLight "Sun Tiles" by SunPower. These

  • hybridtaxiford.jpg

    Hybrid Taxis Would Slash Smog, Save Billions In Fuel

    February 25, 2:55 PM by Justin Thomas in Cars

    Cleantech Venture Network recently announced it is working to convert taxis to hybrids, in a move that it says could save $50 billion in fuel costs over a decade and slash smog in cities. North America has 196,000 taxis, which drive an average of 10

  • bush_car2.jpg

    Bush Showcases Plug-In Electric Cars

    February 24, 9:49 AM by Justin Thomas in Cars

    Yesterday, President George Bush peered under the hood of two electric cars parked on the White House lawn (see video here). The two cars were a modified Toyota Prius, and an electric pickup built by Phoenix Motorcars. Bush made a short speech to

  • longo_main_485.jpg

    Zapping Trash With Plasma Produces Clean Energy and Fuel

    February 23, 12:25 PM by Justin Thomas in Renewable Energy

    Popular Science reports that companies like Startech are blasting trash with plasma and producing clean fuels like hydrogen as a byproduct. Basically, you put tons of trash in one end of a plasma converter, and a superheated plasma arc obliterates the

  • led_bulb.jpg

    Innovative Pharox LED Lamp Uses 3.4W: Replaces 40W Incandescent

    February 22, 10:15 AM by Justin Thomas in Interior Design

    An innovative LED lamp named Pharox has been launched in the Netherlands. Apparently, this 3.4 watt bulb is a serious replacement for a 40 watt incandescent bulb. It is rated at 60 lumens per watt. It is also more eco-effective when compared to other LED

  • freeloader.jpg

    Tough Solar Charger: The Freeloader

    February 21, 10:29 AM by Justin Thomas in Gadgets

    The Freeloader is a new solar charger from the U.K. that sports a tough aluminum body. It's not exactly pocket-sized but it will fit nicely in a backpack or purse. It features fold-out panels for solar charging, or it can be charged conventionally


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