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  • solar-roof-at-al-gore-home.jpg

    Al Gore Gets A Solar Roof

    June 12, 1:43 AM by Justin Thomas in Renewable Energy

    Al Gore's home, which has been undergoing renovations for months, now boasts a solar roof. When his neighborhood in Tennessee changed zoning laws earlier this year, Gore was able to go ahead with the solar panel installation. You can read about the

  • sigma_low_carbon_house.jpg

    "Low Carbon" House Ready For Mass Production

    June 12, 12:40 AM by Justin Thomas in Sustainable Product Design

    Yesterday, we featured a "zero carbon" house that was unveiled at the Offsite 2007 Exhibition in the UK. There was another efficient green home at the exhibition called the Sigma. The design of this home is a little less ambitious — it received a

  • nevada_solar_one.jpg

    Switched On: 15,000 Homes Powered By Nevada Solar One

    June 9, 12:24 PM by Justin Thomas in Renewable Energy

    We gave you a heads up that it was about to be switched on! Nevada Solar One, the largest solar thermal power plant built in 16 years, has gone online, and is now providing power to Nevada's electrical grid. Built by Acciona Solar Power, the 64MW power

  • sakura_green_building.jpg

    Shizen Condo: 100% Solar and Biodiesel Power

    June 7, 11:39 AM by Justin Thomas in Renewable Energy

    Wow, impressive. This condominium complex, called Shizen (Japanese for nature) is under construction in Portland. It will make use of solar cells and a biodiesel generator, to provide all the electricity, heat and hot water for the building.

  • lithium_lightning.jpg

    Lightning Lithium Superbike: No Emissions

    June 1, 10:59 AM by Justin Thomas in Cars

    Remember the electric Killacycle? Lightning Motors' electric motorcycle is similar, but it's made for the street instead of the racetrack. It goes 0-60 in around 3 seconds, hits close to 100 mph at top speed, and has about a 100-mile range at cruise.

  • Solar-Prius.jpg

    Using Solar Roofs To Power Hybrids

    May 31, 11:43 AM by Justin Thomas in Cars

    A company called Solar Electrical Vehicles is specializing in adding a convex solar roof to hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius, Highlander Hybrid and the Ford Escape Hybrid. The solar modules are rated at 200-300 watts, and this power is utilized to

  • lighthouse2.jpg

    The Lighthouse: An Innovative Green Skyscraper

    May 15, 9:18 AM by Justin Thomas in Renewable Energy

    The Lighthouse is another innovative green skyscraper to be constructed in Dubai. For energy generation, it will have three enormous 225 kilowatt wind turbines (29 meters in diameter), and 4000 photovoltaic panels on the south facing fa├žade. To optimize

  • sake_powered_vehicle.jpg

    Sake to Power Japanese Cars in the Future

    May 14, 9:03 PM by Justin Thomas in Cars

    Japanese motorists may one day pump their cars full of sake, the fermented rice wine that is Japan's national drink, if a pilot project to create sake fuel is a hit with locals in this mountain resort. The town of Shinanomachi will produce a cheap

  • monterey book photo

    Fox News Corporation To Go Green

    May 14, 12:57 PM by Justin Thomas in Corporate Responsibility

    In a move that has surprised many people, Rupert Murdoch, owner of News Corporation, has announced that he is becoming a green campaigner. He is making the whole of his worldwide operations carbon neutral and setting out to "educate and engage" his

  • delaware_wind2.jpg

    Delaware Debates Huge Offshore Wind Park

    May 7, 1:33 PM by Justin Thomas in Renewable Energy

    The front page of today's Washington Post has an article about a proposed offshore wind park in Delaware. A company called Bluewater Wind, hopes to construct the 600-megawatt wind park in the waters just off Delaware's coast, near Rehoboth Beach. The

  • 0303apple_greener.jpg

    An Even Greener Apple: Innovate!

    May 3, 11:39 AM by Justin Thomas in Gadgets

    I wanted to give you my take on the Greening of Apple. (Our last take on the news about Apple seemed to concentrate on Steve Job's zen-like writing style). Here's the thing: Apple has an image as an innovative company. It's also a very high-profile

  • E112_wind_turbine.jpg

    Powering 4000 Homes: One Wind Turbine

    April 29, 8:46 PM by Justin Thomas in Renewable Energy

    Enercon, Germany's largest wind turbine manufacturer, now makes the most powerful wind turbine in the world, the E112. This giant turbine was upgraded, so that instead of generating 4.5 megawatts, it now produces 6 megawatts — that's enough to

  • solar_kohls.jpg

    Kohl's Converting Californian Stores To Solar Power

    April 27, 11:25 AM by Justin Thomas in Solar Technology

    Yesterday, Kohl's announced plans to convert more than 75 percent of its department stores in California to solar power beginning in May. The first stores involved in the project will be in Laguna Niguel and Visalia. Twenty-four of Kohl's 80

  • suitcase_bike.jpg

    The Suitcase Bike: It's Real!

    April 26, 11:11 AM by Justin Thomas in Bikes

    From China comes this bike that can transform itself into a suitcase. There was some doubt whether this bike would actually be produced, but now we've heard that it's in production (see photos below) and will be available sometime later this year. A

  • Coca-ColaHQ.jpg

    Coca-Cola To Spend $3 Million For Green Upgrades

    April 25, 12:19 PM by Justin Thomas in Sustainable Product Design

    Recently Coca-Cola announced that it will spend $3 million to perform green upgrades to its headquarters in Atlanta. Coke intends to cut energy use in the building by 23%, and cut water consumption by 15%. To achieve this goal the company will install

  • opener.jpg

    Under $3000: The Race To Build Really Cheap Cars

    April 24, 8:54 AM by Justin Thomas in Cars

    Renault-Nissan is planning on building a car for under $3000. The price could be as low as $2500, which is 40% less than the least expensive sub-compact car available today. The Chief Executive of the company, Carlos Ghosn, made this announcement at a

  • Motosolar.jpg

    Solar Power Through Your Phone's LCD Screen

    April 23, 10:17 AM by Justin Thomas in Gadgets

    Motorola recently received an interesting patent for the idea of combining an LCD screen and a solar cell on phone (or other wireless devices). Cellphones don't have a lot of space for capturing sunlight, so this dual-purposing of the screen makes a

  • lithium-ion-batteries.jpg

    Nissan and NEC To Make Lithium-Ion Batteries For Hybrids

    April 13, 11:37 AM by Justin Thomas in Gadgets

    Nissan and NEC announced today that they will form a joint venture to produce lithium-ion batteries to be used in hybrid and other electric cars. Lithium-ion batteries were once considered too unsafe for use in cars, but are now viewed as a key


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