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  • bike_litroenergy.jpg

    New Light Glows For 12 Years

    December 10, 5:28 PM by Justin Thomas in Corporate Responsibility

    Litroenergy is a new type of material that emits light for 12 years without needing electricity or sun exposure. The self-luminous micro-particles are called Litrospheres and are said to be non-toxic and inexpensive. The light is said to be equivalent

  • allison_leaving_468px.jpg

    Allison Rogers On Taking A Train From DC To Rhode Island

    December 3, 12:58 PM by Justin Thomas in Culture

    Trains, subways and streetcars are the most optimal methods of mass transportation. Given adequate investment, rail-based travel could be a viable alternative to air travel (see Andrew Posner's recent post for more details). Recently, instead of flying

  • allison_optimal_green_girl_468px.jpg

    Optimally Green: Allison Rogers

    December 2, 3:14 AM by Justin Thomas in Culture

    Recently, I've become intrigued by people who are able to integrate truly green actions into their daily lives. Allison Rogers is certainly someone who does this with style. She first gained the attention of TreeHugger when she was competing in the

  • solar_led_highway.jpg

    Solar Powered LEDs Light Up Highways

    November 23, 10:29 AM by Justin Thomas in Solar Technology

    In England, they are testing out an new way to illuminate roads using solar power and LEDs. These active markers have an edge over passive reflectors because they store solar energy during the day, and then emit light at night to improve visibility

  • gm_volt_2.jpg

    Green Cars At The LA Car Show

    November 20, 7:44 PM by Justin Thomas in Cars

    Last week I attended the LA Car Show, which some may find strange, given the fact I believe cities should be essentially car-free. However, I do recognize that cars and trucks have a place in rural communities. And I

  • fresno_state_solar.jpg

    Fresno State Installs 1.1 Megawatts Of Solar

    November 13, 9:23 AM by Justin Thomas in Renewable Energy

    Fresno State University in California has installed a 1.1 megawatt solar power system that will supply the university with 20% of its annual power needs. The solar cells were installed over the university's park lots by Chevron Energy Solutions. The

  • ccfl2.jpg

    New "Cold Cathode" Fluorescents: 85% Less Mercury

    November 12, 9:49 AM by Justin Thomas in Interior Design

    It's a new fluorescent bulb that could have a bright future — the cold cathode fluorescent lamp (or CCFL). These bulbs contain half the mercury of conventional "hot cathode" fluorescents. They have a thinner tube diameter, which allows them to

  • green_hotel_congel.jpg

    $450 Million Hotel To Be Powered By Rainwater, Solar

    November 9, 2:38 PM by Justin Thomas in Sustainable Product Design

    Robert Congel, owner of the Pyramid Cos., says he will build a $450 million, 40-story green hotel as part of the Carousel Center mall. The unnamed hotel will be powered (in part) by electricity generated by its solar panel facade and by hydro-electric

  • ev-x8.jpg

    Intriguing Electric Bike: The EV-X7 Prototype

    November 8, 2:01 PM by Justin Thomas in Cars

    The intriguing electric bike seen in this video, the EV-X7, has a magnetic motor built into its rear wheel. The motor is a hybrid between a electromagnet and a permanent magnet. It was designed by the Axle Group in Japan. The bike has a range of about

  • cree_led_workplace.jpg

    Office Building Lit By 100% LED Light

    November 8, 10:37 AM by Justin Thomas in Interior Design

    Here's an example of an office building that has been converted to 100% LED light. The new bulbs consume 48% less energy than those they replaced (mostly fluorescents lights). The workplace in question is the headquarters of Cree, a company in North

  • cleanut_detergent.jpg

    Cleanut: A Detergent Made With Soapnuts

    November 6, 3:33 PM by Justin Thomas in Lawn & Garden

    Almawin Cleanut is a new laundry detergent from Germany whose main ingredient is soapnut extract. When I first heard about this product, I was immediately intrigued because soapnuts are a great natural detergent. They are one of the few botanicals that

  • dahon500_bike.jpg

    Smooth Hound: A Flat-Folding Bike From Dahon

    November 3, 11:27 AM by Justin Thomas in Bikes

    This compact bike, the Smooth Hound from Dahon seems quite well sorted. It weighs only 10.8kg, and it is said to pack flat easily. It costs $850, and can be found at places like Electric Cyclery.

  • catalog_choice.jpg

    Catalog Choice: Stop Those Endless Catalogs

    November 2, 1:55 PM by Justin Thomas in Culture

    Looking for an easy way to put a stop to those unwanted catalogs that fill up your mailbox? Catalog Choice is a free service that allows you to opt-out of catalogs easily. Via the web site, you can select the catalogs you no longer wish to receive

  • walmart_compact_fluorescent.jpg

    Wal-Mart Hits Goal Of Selling 100 Million Compact Fluorescent Bulbs Early

    October 23, 8:40 AM by Justin Thomas in Interior Design

    Last year, Wal-Mart announced an ambitious goal — they wanted to sell 100 million compact fluorescent light bulbs in one year. Wal-Mart's announcement generated a lot of discussion on TreeHugger. Now the company has announced that they've

  • hybrid_electric_truck_fedex.jpg

    Fedex To Unveil New Diesel Hybrid-Electric Vans

    October 22, 1:57 PM by Justin Thomas in Cars

    In a couple of days, Fedex will be unveiling its new diesel hybrid-electric van at the European Road Transport Show in Amsterdam. These vans will manufactured by the Italian company Iveco and based on Inveco's Daily Transport van. The company is aiming

  • biobike

    The 100MPG Biodiesel-Powered Motorcycle

    October 22, 11:54 AM by Justin Thomas in Bikes

    This is a biodiesel-powered motorcycle created by students in Adelaide, Australia. The "BioBike" gets around 100 mpg while burning biodiesel. It was built for the 2007 Panasonic World Solar Challenge, which got underway yesterday in Australia. In this

  • target_gift_card.jpg

    Targets Introduces "Mirel" Bioplastic Gift Cards

    October 22, 11:08 AM by Justin Thomas in Clean Technology

    Target has introduced a new version of their bioplastic gifts cards. The cards are made with a corn-based material called Mirel from Metabolix. This bioplastic is said to biodegrade more readily than rival materials and, unlike others, it can break

  • ohm_bikes.jpg

    Two Powerful Electric Bikes By OHM

    October 11, 3:55 PM by Justin Thomas in Bikes

    Straight out of British Columbia comes a couple of new electric bikes by OHM Cycles. The highlights of these bikes include 38V lithium-ion batteries, regenerative braking and powerful BionX motors. The company offers two styles of electric bike: one


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