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    Road to Greensburg

    June 11, 5:51 PM by John Picard in Corporate Responsibility

    This Sunday July 15th, The Discovery Channel's new network - Planet Green, premieres the television docu-series 'Greensburg'.

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    Greensburg, Kansas: Extraordinary Transformation

    April 22, 2:55 PM by John Picard in Culture

    John Picard is a sustainability expert, TreeHugger guest contributor, and consultant for the City of Greensburg, Kansas. A 13-part series about Greensburg, which was leveled by a tornado and is being rebuilt green, produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, will

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    TreeHugger Welcomes John Picard!

    April 28, 5:04 PM by John Picard in Corporate Responsibility

    John Picard is one of the preeminent environmental consultants in North America. Since his start as a residential builder in the 1980s, John has pioneered a philosophy of natural systems and sustainable design in his work as a green building engineer,


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