John Patrick, Guest Writer

Hudson River Valley, New York

John Patrick has always believed that a small step is only the start of a great leap. In 2002, 20 years after launching his career in fashion, Patrick moved from Seventh Avenue to an abandoned warehouse in upstate New York, and began to research organic materials. Four years later, Patrick unveiled ORGANIC, his path-breaking line of cool, contemporary, conscious apparel.

With ORGANIC, John Patrick set out to create a brand that would speak to the coming generation of consumers--women whose relationship to luxury encompasses not only the timeless attributes of forward-thinking style, detail-driven craftsmanship and first-rate fit, but also a new and demanding curiosity about the ethics of their clothes. ORGANIC struck a nerve immediately: The label landed on the racks of top stores across America, showed up in the pages of countless magazines, found A-list celebrity fans, and in 2008, ORGANIC was named a finalist for the prestigious CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund award.

Right from the start, John Patrick has used ORGANIC to advance the frontiers of conscious fashion. He was one of the first designers to develop a direct relationship with organic farm collectives in Peru. He has helped to innovate the use of botanical dyes, digital print techniques, recycled fabrics and organic wool yarns, and resurrected traditional practices such as hand-weaving. Though he is committed to local production and local sourcing, Patrick has also pushed for best practices abroad, serving the fashion community as a whole by working with his vendors to create next-generation sustainable textiles and helping his factories to adopt more environmentally sound manufacturing methods. He's currently helping to develop a 100 percent sustainable shipping container, another innovation that will ramify across the industry.

This year, with the debut of The John Patrick Show on Planet Green, John Patrick brings his message of mindful cool to a worldwide audience. The future is coming, and John Patrick is racing to meet it--one small step at a time.

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