John Laumer

John Laumer

Writer / Philadelphia

John Laumer is an independent consultant with recent service with a multinational chemical firm included environmental management systems development, training in product stewardship, product introduction management, scenario planning, and risk assessment.

Before coming to the Philadelphia area from Chicago, John was senior staff member of a regional planning agency, consultant to an EPA Regional Administrator, field biologist, videographer, and many other near-forgotten things.

As a young man, John studied environmental science and engineering at the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

John’s loves to cook/read/hunt/fish/build/think/talk, just like his ancestors did.

John’s last name is embedded in the Catholic tradition going back as far as the year 590, although he, early on, found himself alienated from its dominionist traditions, excommunicating himself near the end of his 6th grade year.

No blood relationship to Keith John Laumer, the well known SciFi writer.

John stopped writing for TreeHugger in spring 2012.

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