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    The Dwell Harlem House

    May 31, 11:23 AM by Joey Roth in Sustainable Product Design

    Where others saw a blighted structure, Alysia Reiner and her husband David Alan Basche saw a blank canvas. With help and coverage from Dwell magazine, the couple converted the neglected building into a beautiful city home in the heart of Harlem. This

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    Reclaiming Design Panel at HauteGREEN

    May 23, 3:35 PM by Joey Roth in Culture

    The buckets-turned-seats filled up fast last Sunday as Inhabitat presented the Reclaiming Design panel at HauteGREEN. Jill Fehrenbacher and Emily Pilloton, along with Dwell editor-in-chief Sam Grawe, spoke with Carlos Salgado, Tejo Remy, and Matt

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    Derek Chen's Council at ICFF

    May 21, 4:09 PM by Joey Roth in Sustainable Product Design

    Derek Chen's new design group — Council — launched their first collection at ICFF this year. While Council's furniture could be a lot more sustainable -powdercoating steel makes it harder to recycle; wood veneer can be replaced by bamboo- the

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    Mixko at ICFF

    May 20, 5:26 PM by Joey Roth in Sustainable Product Design

    ICFF isn't just about furniture; some of my favorite (and most sustainable) products were far smaller than the typical chair. Nahoko of British design group Mixko showed me these "Heli" belts that she created from excess fabric used to make tatami

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    Reminder: Design Blogfest Tonight

    May 18, 3:34 PM by Joey Roth in Sustainable Product Design

    It's Blogfest time! Join us tonight from 6-9 at The Apartment on 101 Crosby St. for drinks, design talk, and the premier of Judy Hoysak's Indoor Vegetable Furniture, your pick from our recent window competition. Send last-minute RSVP's to

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    Design Blogfest Window Competition Finalists

    May 16, 12:55 PM by Joey Roth in Sustainable Product Design

    About a week ago, Treehugger and five other blogs invited designers to submit prototypes to be shown in The Apartment's SOHO-facing windows during our Blogfest. The deliberation was hard, but we've picked the finalists; now it's your turn to choose the

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    Electrolux Green Design Competition

    May 14, 11:45 PM by Joey Roth in Culture

    Appliance manufacturer Electrolux is focusing on sustainability for this year's installment of their annual design competition. Students are invited to design household products that go beyond efficient use of materials and resources- the objects

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    Zen Blaster

    May 10, 5:06 PM by Joey Roth in Sustainable Product Design

    Inspired by traditional bucket-and-bamboo water carriers, Designer Waikit Chung created this digital boombox for monks. While Wakit's design might be slow to market (the Zen Buddhist/ loud music crossover market is definitely niche) the blaster is a

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    Breathe Easy: The Filter Scarf

    May 10, 4:41 PM by Joey Roth in Style

    Here's a filter you might want to wear whether or not you're breathing urban air. Designed by Carl Hagerling, Claes Nellestam and Martin PrĂ¥me, this minimal gray scarf is lined with a flexible carbon filter that cleans all you inhale. It's also

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    ICFF Design Blogfest '07

    May 9, 10:00 AM by Joey Roth in Culture

    Mid-may is design season in New York, and we're kicking off ICFF/ Design Week with some of our favorite blogs next Friday, the 18th. Come party with our friends from MoCo Loco, Apartment Therapy, Cool Hunting, Notcot, Curbed, and Cribcandy from 6-9 PM

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    My Type of Appliance

    May 2, 12:31 PM by Joey Roth in Sustainable Product Design

    There's no need to spell out why this waffle iron rocks harder than most. Fleeing the cubicle for the kitchen, this iron lets you cook up a keyboard of tasty carbs every morning. Designed by Chris Dimino as part of a group exhibit for the School of

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    TreeHugger Welcomes writer Joey Roth

    April 1, 11:56 AM by Joey Roth in About TreeHugger

    Joey Roth is an industrial designer who uses stories as the initial sketches for his products. He thinks about scenes and conversations, then designs an object that will feed this narrative. Joey used to be a student of creative writing, and loved it


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