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    The TH Interview: Nikhil Roychowdhury, Tea Merchant Gone Green

    November 15, 1:07 PM by Joey Roth in Culture

    When he started The Simple Leaf, Nikhil Roychowdhury wanted to sell tea, not save the planet. A few months into business though, and he saw just how aligned these two goals were. Four months ago, he partnered with to offset all parts of

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    Make Time for a Green Cause: Design Event this Friday

    November 13, 11:31 AM by Joey Roth in Culture

    Join us this Friday, November 16th, as Spring and Thwart Design host a design competition like no other (and I have seen a lot of design competitions). Make Time for a Green Cause invited designers to conceive and prototype sustainable clock designs,

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    The Seed Project

    November 8, 9:44 AM by Joey Roth in Culture

    For some it's knitting, for others discussing books or building bikes- there's nothing like a shared task to make new ideas sprout from groups of people. That's one of the goals behind the Seed Project: an art instillation that can exist anywhere in

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    If You Were to Rebuild Your City From Scratch...

    October 30, 12:50 PM by Joey Roth in Culture

    Likemind is an early-morning gathering of people who enjoy good conversation and free coffee. The monthly meetups have traditionally stayed away from structure and themes, allowing the participants to define the feel of each event through their informal

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    The TH Interview: A Quick Chat with Steven Heller

    October 29, 12:12 PM by Joey Roth in Sustainable Product Design

    Steven Heller is a critic, author, and design thinker. He's worked as an art director for the New York Times for over 30 years, and also writes book reviews and obituaries. Last week, a retrospective exhibition of his work opened at the Visual Arts

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    Interview: Oulu's Designer, Evangeline Dennie

    September 24, 1:41 PM by Joey Roth in Sustainable Product Design

    Named for the cultural epicenter of northern Finland, Oulu adds a shock of green to Williamsburg's bricks and asphalt. Unlike the other bars in the torrent that's hit the neighborhood, Oulu features a living facade and a thoroughly green design. I

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    Match Tree

    September 13, 8:05 AM by Joey Roth in Sustainable Product Design

    The Match Tree's function is a beautiful metaphor that illustrates a less-than-beautiful mode of consumption. As users break "branches" off of the geometric tree to use as matches, the tree looks smaller and more broken, until nothing is left but a

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    Urban Studio Brooklyn

    August 5, 10:32 PM by Joey Roth in Sustainable Product Design

    New York is a challenging environment for green architects, but its history and construction-happy culture affords some opportunities that exist nowhere else. Urban Studio Brooklyn (USBK) was founded to make the work of students and recent grads a

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    The next Martha Stewart of the Green Movement...

    July 26, 2:25 PM by Joey Roth in Culture

    Is Martha herself. According to The Eightfold, "Martha should pull an Al Gore to become the icon for "creative conservation". She could be a platform for all the geek chic energy out there to use art and design to encourage sustainability and could

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    July 21, 4:17 PM by Joey Roth in Sustainable Product Design

    Cards can be a beautiful way to commemorate everything from a birthday to a book deal, but they're as transient as gifts come; unless its hand-painted, a card rarely sees more than a month on display before it hits the trash. These Bloom and Grow cards

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    Wood Under Pressure

    July 18, 4:53 PM by Joey Roth in Sustainable Product Design

    The shady Japanese Cedar, or Sugi, has long been a symbol of that island's cultural and religious connection to nature. Japan's national tree, avenues of these giants can often be found leading to temples and forming entire forests in the mountains.

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    (Green) House in the Hamptons

    July 4, 2:16 PM by Joey Roth in Sustainable Product Design

    Project Greenhouse, which we covered at Sundance a few month ago, has opened up shop in the Hamptons, New York's home for vacation homes. Designed by architect Edvin Karl Stromsten to accent a secluded stretch of forest he already owned, the house was

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    Friends of the Highline Summer Benefit

    June 23, 3:28 PM by Joey Roth in Culture

    Last Wednesday, Friends of the High Line threw their 7th annual summer benefit, and were able to celebrate actual construction for the first time. The project basically involves turning 1.5 miles of abandoned elevated railway on Manhattan's West Side

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    David Gibbs' Water Tower Furniture

    June 19, 11:20 AM by Joey Roth in Sustainable Product Design

    I had the pleasure of meeting David Gibbs at the Harlem House about a month ago. Collective 4, a design group that he founded with other friends from Pratt, was tapped to design the house's office space. What really caught my attention was David's

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    TransNeomatic Bowl

    June 14, 9:32 PM by Joey Roth in Sustainable Product Design

    Inspired by the scooters that zip through Vietnam's streets at all hours but distressed by the mountains of used tires that end up in the country's landfills, designers Fernando and Humberto Campana created the TransNeomatic bowl. Made from a used

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    From Cuchillas to Cardigans

    June 11, 4:06 PM by Joey Roth in Style

    During their quest for the perfect sweater, fashion designers Tina Lutz and Marcia Patmos realized that they had a chance to lessen the environmental impact of their knitwear. For their 2007 Eco collection, they sourced Merino wool from sheep in

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    New Collection by Plusminuszero

    June 7, 12:12 PM by Joey Roth in Sustainable Product Design

    Naoto Fuksawa's company Plusminuszero released its new collection of everyday objects yesterday. The pieces, which include a coffee maker, a space heater, and old-school digital calculators, have a distinctly 80's feel that refrains from overshadowing

  • ting-sling.jpg

    Ting Sling

    June 4, 12:29 PM by Joey Roth in Sustainable Product Design

    British designer Inghua Ting weaves end-of-line seatbelt fabric into this playful "Ting Sling". Though it would brighten any interior, the hammock, made from life-saving textile, is more than durable enough for outdoor use. Following her graduation


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