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    The Ciclovía - Bogota's Weekly Street Party

    December 21, 3:15 PM by Jesse Fox in Cars

    A cross between a street party and a marathon, Bogota's Ciclovía manages to combine sport, recreation, health, commerce and culture in one free package. Every Sunday, some 70 miles of the city's roads are closed to vehicle traffic and turned over to

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    Giving Walking Some Good PR

    December 17, 1:48 PM by Jesse Fox in Cars

    A subway always comes with a colorful schematic map that shows people how different places connect to each other, and how long it takes to get from one place to another. Even Tel Aviv's subway and light rail system has an attractive and easily

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    Planning for Bikes Pays Off Big in Portland

    December 17, 1:26 PM by Jesse Fox in Cars

    "Many repair shops thus found it worthwhile to make replacement parts themselves - not difficult if a man specialized in one kind of part, as many repairmen did. In this way, groups of bicycle repair shops were almost doing the work of manufacturing

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    Rising Seas, Falling Villas

    December 11, 9:15 AM by Jesse Fox in Culture

    One unpleasant fact of climate change is that it is expected to harm the poorest countries first, as rising sea levels inundate low-lying cities. In Israel, however, the rich will apparently be among the first to

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    No Antennas in My Backyard!

    December 10, 12:07 PM by Jesse Fox in Clean Technology

    Whether real or perceived, radiation from cellular antennas has become a serious environmental issue in Israel. So serious, in fact, that residents of buildings near antennas have

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    Arab World Responds to Climate Change

    December 8, 12:17 PM by Jesse Fox in Corporate Responsibility

    Environmental officials from the 22 members of the Arab League met in Cairo this week to discuss the effects of climate change on the Middle East, and Arab countries' possible responses to it. The meeting signifies Arab countries' increasing awareness

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    Solar City to Rise in Arizona

    December 7, 8:14 AM by Jesse Fox in Sustainable Product Design

    Is the eco-city becoming the new standard in city building? These days, it seems, more and more cities are being built from the ground up for sustainability. China is building

  • Forum%20Yarok.jpg

    Tel Aviv Greens Talk Strategy

    December 4, 11:01 AM by Jesse Fox in Corporate Responsibility

    A Jewish sage once said: "Who is wise? One who learns from every man." Members of Tel Aviv's environmental movement took this advice to heart this week when they met with a business and policy

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    "White City" Saved!(?)

    December 2, 7:16 AM by Jesse Fox in Sustainable Product Design

    The city of Tel Aviv finally has a historic building preservation plan! After almost 20 years of planning, negotiations, arguments, you name it, national planning authorities gave the plan

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    Holy Land Goes Green - Someone Tell the Government!

    December 1, 7:32 AM by Jesse Fox in Corporate Responsibility

    Environmental awareness has finally moved into the mainstream in the Holy Land. The State of Israel, hitherto not generally known for its leadership in sustainability, has

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    Israeli Greens Halt Construction of Potentially Toxic Army Mega-Base

    November 28, 1:46 PM by Jesse Fox in Corporate Responsibility

    Construction was halted last week on a new military mega-base being built just 10 kilometers from one of Israel’s worst environmental hazards. Protesters from Green Course, an environmental student organization, met construction crews at the site, while

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    TreeHugger Welcomes Jesse Fox

    October 10, 1:52 PM by Jesse Fox in About TreeHugger

    Jesse Fox is a writer, urban planner and social entrepreneur. Originally from Raleigh, North Carolina, Jesse has lived in Tel Aviv, Israel for most of his adult life. A veteran backpacker, he has traveled extensively in Latin America, Southeast Asia and


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