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  • Treasure%20Island%20Heyday%20Old%20Map.jpg

    This Way to Treasure Island, Ecocity

    February 1, 5:50 PM by Jesse Fox in Sustainable Product Design

    Most of our readers are probably familiar by now with the latest worldwide trend in city building - the ecocity. Lately it almost seems as

  • tayelet%20old%20and%20new.jpg

    Under the Boardwalk, Where the Beach Used to Be

    January 27, 9:00 AM by Jesse Fox in Sustainable Product Design

    Everyone loves the beach, and everyone loves walking on the boardwalk next to the sea. So what happens when the city comes up with plans to expand the boardwalk - at the

  • solar%2Bpanel%2Bgadgets.jpg

    Solarized in Israel's South

    January 26, 7:15 AM by Jesse Fox in Clean Technology

    The south of Israel has long been famous for the world-class research institutes and companies it has produced in the solar energy field. Now it looks like the region will put its money where its mouth is, and set up its own renewable energy

  • chicane2.jpg

    The (Traffic) Calming Chicane

    January 25, 12:00 PM by Jesse Fox in Cars

    Derived from the German word for harassment, the "chicane" does not exactly harass traffic, but it definitely provides a calmer environment for pedestrians. This short clay animation piece by Elizabeth Press of StreetFilms simply and brilliantly

  • rail.jpg

    The TH Interview: Andy Kunz, New Urbanist

    January 24, 1:40 PM by Jesse Fox in Cars

    We are really at an incredibly important fork in the road: either we continue spending on roads and runways, and see our mobility decrease and get more expensive, or we could refocus our priorities on sustainability, mobility, prosperity and national

  • Bush%20Mom%20and%20Son.jpg

    Trees for Bush

    January 20, 4:51 PM by Jesse Fox in Corporate Responsibility

    It turns out George W Bush left more than just traffic jams in the wake of his visit to Israel this month. Thirty-six new trees will adorn the

  • LRT%20vs%20BRT.jpg

    Light Rail or BRT?

    January 20, 4:48 PM by Jesse Fox in Cars

    LRT (Light Rail Transit) or BRT (Bus Rapid Transit)? That was the issue on the agenda Thursday night at a meeting of city planners, traffic engineers and activists in Tel Aviv. The question is

  • k%20shmona.jpg

    New Urbanists Green Israel's Periphery

    January 20, 4:42 PM by Jesse Fox in Sustainable Product Design

    Kiryat Shmona, a small and war-weary town of about 20,000 people along Israel’s northern border, is planning to transform its city hall into a green building. With natural lighting through sun-filtering

  • cable%20car%20portugal.jpg

    Taking the Cable Car to Work

    January 14, 12:54 PM by Jesse Fox in Cars

    What's the best way to equip a city built on a mountain with decent public transport when the roads start getting clogged up? Try cable cars. Though normally used to provide access to high-altitude tourist attractions and ski

  • billboards3.jpg

    Highway Billboards = Visual & Spiritual Pollution?

    January 11, 11:50 AM by Jesse Fox in Corporate Responsibility

    A strange sight was broadcast live on the news in Israel on New Years’ Eve. Billboards along Tel Aviv’s central "Ayalon" highway were being covered with

  • trailsign_ecoequity.jpg

    Federal Funding for "Green Pathways Out of Poverty"

    January 8, 12:15 PM by Jesse Fox in Corporate Responsibility

    Though stripped of much of its content by the time it passed through Congress and was signed into law by President Bush last month, the 2007 Energy Bill did contain one surprise piece of legislation that just might have a huge impact on the growth of the

  • miniCAT.jpg

    The Compressed Air Car is Here

    January 8, 12:04 PM by Jesse Fox in Cars

    Anyone interested in a car that costs $3 to fill up, goes 125 miles between fill-ups and does not emit any pollution? Oh yeah, and it only costs about $7000. Any takers? The BBC reported this weekend that French company MDI has signed an agreement

  • dead%20sea.jpg

    TH Update: Dead-Red Canal

    January 4, 11:57 AM by Jesse Fox in Clean Technology

    Not since Moses parted the Red Sea has such an ambitious water engineering project been seen in Israel's parched Negev desert. The "Peace Canal" is a $5 billion project to rehabilitate the Dead Sea

  • neveh%20zin.jpg

    Israel to Encourage Green Building

    December 30, 7:21 AM by Jesse Fox in Sustainable Product Design

    Ha'aretz newspaper reported last week that Israel's parliament, the Knesset, plans to promote financial incentives for green construction. Israel already has a progressive taxation

  • yossi%20sarid.jpg

    A Green Mayor for Tel Aviv?

    December 29, 8:24 AM by Jesse Fox in Corporate Responsibility

    Tel Aviv is not London. While London mayor Ken Livingstone has adopted and energetically pursued a green agenda in his city, Tel Aviv has yet to experience an environmentally progressive administration. However, rumor has it that one such ticket is in

  • a1.jpg

    Israel Invests in Mass Transit

    December 28, 10:05 PM by Jesse Fox in Cars

    In line with a worldwide trend, Israel's three major cities - Haifa, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv - are currently in the process of building mass transit systems. Israel's transportation has traditionally been based on buses and

  • Tiger%20Mosquito.jpg

    Dengue in Northern Italy?

    December 28, 2:08 PM by Jesse Fox in Green Food

    A strange epidemic hit the tiny village of Castiglione di Cervia in northern Italy last summer. Some 100 villagers (out of a population of 2,000) had fallen ill with malaria-like symptoms by the middle of August. The villagers


    Christmas Charity: SPNI

    December 28, 2:02 PM by Jesse Fox in Culture

    Merry Christmas from Israel! Here, of course, there is no snow, the sun is shining, and Hannuka has already come and


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