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Instant Survey: Halloween

With Halloween quickly approaching, our minds are turning to the inevitable Trick or Treaters that will be knocking on our doors. has featured several articles on organic and fair trade alternatives to traditional candies we give out to
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Instant Survey: Trends

Some would consider sustainability and environmentalism nothing more then a trend that will subside given enough time. Just take a look at the article Fads are so Yesterday, comparing sustainability to the blog and iPod phenomenons. We'd like to know our
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Instant Survey: Pets

In the last survey, posted on Wednesday, we asked our readers their opinions on keeping animals in zoos. Several Treehuggers use the opportunity to express their opinions about on keeping animals as pets. These comments got us wondering what our readers
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Instant Survey: Zoos

Treehuggers everywhere seem to differ in their opinions when it comes to zoos. Those who support them argue that they're a valuable source for teaching the public about endangered species and their habitats while also offering those species protection
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Instant Survey: Technology

One of the great environmental debates revolves around the effectiveness of the "technological fix" vs. the "social fix." Proponents of the former believe that technological ingenuity will not only help us recover from current environmental damage, but
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