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    Moira & Obbie - Clothes with a Longer Life

    October 5, 4:30 AM by Jenna Watson in Style

    Today we bring you some life cycle "extenders": Moira & Obbie. In what looks like Indiana, one designer is extending the life of old clothes by making them into new ones. The work that Vanessa creates is from 95% reclaimed fibers which she

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    Athena Hits the Mark with Green Building Tools

    September 21, 9:36 AM by Jenna Watson in Sustainable Product Design

    The construction industry has gained the Athena Assembly Evlauation tool for use (free!) with the Green Building Initiative'sâ„¢ (GBI) Green Globesâ„¢ environmental assessment and rating system for commercial buildings. The intent is to leverage life

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    Guide to Green Houses Down Under

    September 17, 7:29 AM by Jenna Watson in Sustainable Product Design

    We have given you a ton of info about building green, such as the Building Green Series from Ted Owens and How to Green Your Electricity. Today we just want to direct you to an outrageously informative initiative by the Australian Government and design

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    Going Dutch with Design Cards

    September 7, 1:58 PM by Jenna Watson in Sustainable Product Design

    World Changing has opened our life-cycle assessment hungry eyes with their inside scoop on this handy set of cards developed by Serge de Gheldere from Future Proof/ed, that help you use eco-indicators to analyze and compare the environmental impacts of

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    Some Sunday Afternoon Life Cycle Viewing Pleasure

    September 2, 8:07 AM by Jenna Watson in Clean Technology

    Here is a little Sunday afternoon geeky viewing for our life cycle assessment aficionados or not-so-aficionados. While looking for LCA news, we checked out YouTube to see if anybody had dared to publish a video about the cradle-to-cradle methodology.

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    Ford Europe Publishes Sustainability Index

    August 31, 7:55 AM by Jenna Watson in Cars

    Ford has published a Product Sustainability Index based on life cycle assessment studies carried out according to ISO 14040 Standards (life cycle assessment ). The report covers and compares the Ford Mondeo, Ford S-Max and Ford Galaxy. The company says

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    More Bang for Your Buck!

    August 17, 10:26 AM by Jenna Watson in Sustainable Product Design

    Pardon the pun, but Danish manufacturers of amplifiers, telephones, music systems and speakers, Bang & Olufsen, were apparently working with our beloved life cycle assessment for ten years before they decided to call it quits. Why? It seems the Danish

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    Milliken Magic (Greener) Carpet Ride

    August 10, 9:33 AM by Jenna Watson in Sustainable Product Design

    You've probably seen Milliken Carpet on the Cleaner and Greener certified list and their campaign to plant trees with a click for the Georgia Arbor Day festivities. Milliken continues with their sustainable practices by carrying out life cycle

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    Celebrate Good Times...with Organic Confetti!

    July 27, 10:40 AM by Jenna Watson in Green Food

    Shropshire Petals is an English, family-run business that started more than 20 years ago by Michael and Rosemary Bubb. Nowadays, son Jonathan is at the reigns of the arable side of the farm and the maintenance of the high standards laid out by his Dad

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    Nice Buns! LCA from "Farm to Fork"

    July 24, 8:00 AM by Jenna Watson in Green Food

    We've told you about the life cycle assessment of bread before. Now we've discovered that the hamburger buns at the Swedish company Cerelia undergo life cycle assessments too! Instead of the classic "cradle to grave" they look at the environmental

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    Rejuvenating Your Life Cycle at Scandic Hotels

    July 13, 1:05 PM by Jenna Watson in Sustainable Product Design

    A couple years back Sami took a trip to Finland and told us about his great green hotel experience. At the time, the Scandic chain of hotels, which operates all over Scandinavia and the Baltic States didn't have much to offer on their website about

  • rockwool%20pic.jpg

    Rockin' on with Rockwool!

    July 6, 12:27 PM by Jenna Watson in Sustainable Product Design

    Rockwool Ltd. is a Copenhagen-based insulation company that has been involved in life cycle assessment since 1990. They also make horticultural substrates for germinating plants and hydroponics. This company is doing what we Treehuggers wish all

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    Rapeseed Oil Can't Take the Heat or the Pressure

    June 29, 9:50 AM by Jenna Watson in Clean Technology

    Research undertaken at the University of Bath and published in the Journal of Industrial Ecology [2004 (7):3-4)]: considers the life cycle of mineral and rapeseed oil in mobile hydraulic systems, i.e. a forestry harvester and a road sweeper. The general

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    The Big, the Bad and the Biofuels

    June 26, 10:04 AM by Jenna Watson in Renewable Energy

    At the recent meeting of Friends of Trees held in Barcelona, Vandana Shiva made some interesting comments about biofuels, which lead us to wonder why we don't see more about it even here on Treehugger. She said that it takes more energy to produce 1

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    1500 Treehuggers Swarm Barcelona to See Albert Gore

    June 25, 9:48 AM by Jenna Watson in Culture

    Petz and Jenna finally got to see him — the infamous Al Gore — or Albert Gore as he was listed in the program of the First International Meeting for Friends of Trees this past Saturday in Barcelona. We represented Treehugger for this one-day e

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    The Ying-Yang of Ecological Consumerism

    June 8, 11:54 AM by Jenna Watson in Corporate Responsibility

    What do you get when you join a Swiss psychologist, a Dutch professor of social and environmental psychology and a Post-doc in psychology at Northwestern University? A study of 547 Swiss residents about how socioeconomic characteristics (education,

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    97.4% Net Energy Savings from Reusing Cotton Clothing: LCA & The Salvation Army

    June 5, 2:41 PM by Jenna Watson in Style

    We all know that second-hand clothing can be cool, stylish, fun and green. Some smart Brits took the time to evaluate the actual energy savings derived from clothing re-use, giving us numbers to justify our pledge for donating and recycling those

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    PENTAX *istDS has the ECO-LEAF Label

    May 25, 10:08 AM by Jenna Watson in Gadgets

    You wouldn't know it by looking at it or by snapping photos with it, but Pentax's *istDS digital SLR camera has the Japanese eco-label ECO-LEAF. Surprisingly when searching for consumer information about the camera there was no mention of the


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