Jeff Nield

Jeff Nield

Writer, Food & Agriculture / Nelson, British Columbia

Jeff writes mostly about food and agriculture for TreeHugger, but daily life provides too much inspiration to pigeon-hole. He has worked all along the food chain from farm to produce distributor to restaurant and spent many years with British Columbia's preeminent food security non-profit FarmFolkCityFolk. He recently won Gold at the Canadian Online Publishing Awards for a series he co-wrote in The Tyee.

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  • eating locally urban chicken coop photo.jpg

    Eating Locally: Backyard Chickens

    September 4, 12:57 PM by Jeff Nield in Green Food

    Raising chickens in the city makes sense. What even we dubbed as a weird eco habit back in '05 has turned into a movement across North America. Looking at how

  • Inuvik Greenhouse.jpg

    Growing Food in the Arctic Circle

    August 29, 5:17 PM by Jeff Nield in Green Food

    As we reported over a year ago global warming will cause agriculture to migrate towards the poles. While it remains to be seen how, and which, crops will survive and thrive as they creep north, residents of

  • Kettle Chip Box photo

    Natural Potato Chips Taste Test

    August 29, 1:06 PM by Jeff Nield in Green Food

    While we usually visit Grist to check in on the latest news on topics like GMOs or federal farm policy analysis we couldn't resist reading Tom Philpott's unscientific taste test of 10 "health-food-store" potato

  • Eat Well Guide Cultivating The Web book cover.jpg

    Eat Well Guide Shares High Tech Tools for the Sustainable Food Movement

    August 28, 3:05 PM by Jeff Nield in Green Food

    Our friends at Eat Well Guide have just published their first book, Cultivating the Web: High Tech Tools for the Sustainable Food Movement. Weighing in at an efficient 39 pages the book highlights the power of the internet to spread the word on food

  • monterey book photo

    TreeHugger Welcomes Jeff Nield!

    September 2, 12:07 PM by Jeff Nield in About TreeHugger

    Jeff Nield is a writer based in Vancouver, BC. His articles have appeared in Edible Vancouver, The Tyee, THIS Magazine, Green Living, various local publications and on the air at CBC Radio One. He's worked all along the food chain from farm to organic


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