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    TH Reader Proposes "Tax the Bulb"

    November 22, 7:15 AM by Jeff McIntire in Culture

    Treehugger reader Francis Irving pointed us to a cool new feature at the British Prime Minister's web site: citizens can create e-petitions, collect signatures, and then send them directly to Downing Street. Francis himself has already used the system to

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    DOE Presents Scenarios for Widespread Hydrogen Vehicle Use

    November 21, 7:51 AM by Jeff McIntire in Cars

    We've looked at a number of hydrogen fuel cell concept cars in the past, and noted that GM plans to put some vehicles on the road for testing in the near future. We're still a long ways from highways packed with vehicles that emit only water, though.

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    Evolve or Die: Mother Jones, November-December

    November 20, 7:47 AM by Jeff McIntire in Corporate Responsibility

    The bold exclamation on the cover of the latest issue of Mother Jones may sound a bumper-sticker slogan, but Julia Whitty's cover story offers a unique and complex look at the twelve tipping points that could trigger massive climate destabilization, and

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    Ecoist and Luna Bar Team Up

    November 20, 7:16 AM by Jeff McIntire in Style

    We've given nods to Ecoist, the accessories design label that finds innovative and stylish uses for excess packaging destined for the landfill, numerous times over the past year. Ecoist has teamed up with another TH favorite brand, Luna Bar (a product of

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    Oprah Wants to Know about Your Global Warming Concerns

    November 17, 2:44 PM by Jeff McIntire in Culture

    It's been just over a year since Oprah Winfrey had Leonardo DiCaprio and Dr. Michael Oppenheimer on her show to discuss climate change. Apparently, Oprah and co. aren't finished with this important topic, as the "Be On the Show" section of

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    WorldCoolers: Social Networking for Climate Change Action

    November 17, 7:23 AM by Jeff McIntire in Clean Technology

    Social networking has brought the power of the rapid response network to the masses. Once the tool of political and business operatives looking for a leg up in the PR wars, the power of rapid response is now available to everyone from activists wanting

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    Martha and Simran: Together Again

    November 16, 12:14 PM by Jeff McIntire in About TreeHugger

    We were mighty proud of our own Simran Sethi's appearance on The Martha Stewart Show last month -- she represented us, and green living, very well! On Monday, November 20, Simran will be talking to Martha again, this time on the "Martha Stewart Living

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    Now Big Stupid Cars May Get Charged in London

    November 16, 7:06 AM by Jeff McIntire in Cars

    In March, we noted that London mayor Ken Livingstone had labeled drivers of Urban 4x4s as "complete idiots." We learned yesterday that Livingstone plans to do more than just call "Chelsea tractor" drivers names; he wants to make them pay more for the

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    Birth Dearths and Organic Wine: E Magazine's November-December Issue

    November 15, 7:43 AM by Jeff McIntire in Corporate Responsibility

    E/The Environmental Magazine's latest issue is out, and the pairing of the two feature stories -- one on claims of a global "birth dearth," the other on issues surrounding certification of organic wines -- is not meant to imply that the latter helps

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    The Daily Reel Loves THTV

    November 14, 3:07 PM by Jeff McIntire in About TreeHugger

    Yesterday, online video maven site The Daily Reel turned its critical eye on Treehugger TV. The verdict: they like it, they really like it! DR gave THTV a grade of A, and a 9.5 out of 10 on production value. Reviewer Steve Friess noted he'd learned a

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    Who Should Own Solar Renewable Energy Credits in California?

    November 14, 7:36 AM by Jeff McIntire in Solar Technology

    A week and half ago, we discussed the brouhaha that erupted over Whole Foods' and Renewable Choice Energy's new wind power cards. It turns out that battles over renewable energy credits aren't limited to the consumer market: according to Renewable Energy

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    Citizenrē's REnU: A Solar Service System for Homeowners

    November 13, 7:39 AM by Jeff McIntire in Clean Technology

    A few weeks ago, we took notice of General Motors' solar panels: GM doesn't own them, but provides roof space to the company that does, and then buys cheaper solar electricity through a "solar service system" model. Now, that opportunity is available to

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    Can Sustainable Agriculture Prevent Suicide?

    November 13, 7:27 AM by Jeff McIntire in Culture

    That's what YUVA, a Nagpur, India-based NGO claims. Times are tough for farmers in India's Vidarbha region, and despite a recent aid package offered by the government, the Times of India reports that suicide rates "...[continue] to rise alarmingly." In

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    The Climate's a Changin': The Week in Review

    November 10, 7:14 AM by Jeff McIntire in Corporate Responsibility

    Did you know that November 6-10 had been designated as Shout Out for the Climate Week? Probably not unless you're a British teacher using Friends of the Earth UK's curriculum "for key stage 3 pupils who want to become active on environmental issues,"

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    How Green is a Green Computer?

    November 9, 7:40 AM by Jeff McIntire in Gadgets

    Consumers around the globe are demanding greener computers, and a number of companies are rushing to supply them. While the the EU has established regulations for less toxic, more efficient, and ultimately recyclable machines, and the US has a voluntary

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    Green Bloggers: Interested in a Conference?

    November 8, 7:58 AM by Jeff McIntire in Culture

    While the first meeting of the Super Cool Eco-Entrepreneurs Club was a relatively low-key affair, the tight-knit group of green bloggers and business people that gathered is making big plans (disclaimer: I'm part of that tight-knit group). The topic of

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    Sierra Magazine, November-December Issue

    November 7, 7:09 AM by Jeff McIntire in Corporate Responsibility

    With the holidays just around the corner, eating well is on everyone's minds (including ours). So Sierra, the magazine of the Sierra Club, has devoted a sizable portion of its latest issue to Green Cuisine. Readers will discover how the state of Alabama

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    Las Vegas' New 'Green' Central Park

    November 6, 7:34 AM by Jeff McIntire in Corporate Responsibility

    Development in Las Vegas has often been modeled on the Strip hotel-casino, or the all-you-can-eat buffet: more and bigger are always better. Despite an orgy of growth in the nineties, though, even Sin City is starting to look at its resource use and


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