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    Connecticut College Exploring an On-Campus Wind Turbine

    September 29, 7:07 AM by Jeff McIntire in Corporate Responsibility

    Last Spring, Connecticut College joined other US campuses that have committed to purchasing green power. After seven months of buying green power for 50% of its total usage, the campus is now considering the next logical step: joining those schools that

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    S4: Substance, Sexiness, Style, Sustainability

    September 27, 11:11 PM by Jeff McIntire in Style

    Model, entrepreneur and eco-Renaissance woman Summer Rayne Oakes adds another line to her already impressive resume' with the publication of S4, a magazine-style industry newsletter that gives readers a comprehensive look at sustainability and social

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    greendimes: More Trees, Less Junk Mail

    September 27, 7:28 AM by Jeff McIntire in Culture

    Junk mail isn't just annoying; it's also an environmental scourge. While the numbers vary from source to source, millions of trees are cut down each year to produce the ads and non-profit solicitations that likely end up in the recycle bin, or, more

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    Recycling Cardboard through Adaptive Design

    September 26, 7:34 AM by Jeff McIntire in Green Architecture

    Adaptive design involves rethinking and redesigning everyday objects -- furniture, bookshelves, toys -- for use by people with special needs. Often, these products cost a fortune, but the people behind New York's Adaptive Design Association have

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    Worm Women Promote Vermicomposting in Hawaii

    September 25, 7:47 AM by Jeff McIntire in Corporate Responsibility

    Composting with worms is becoming de rigueur in Hawaii thanks to the work of former state representative Mindy Jaffe. Jaffe founded her company Waikiki Worm Co. a year ago, and has trained over 2,000 people on how to dispose of their organic wastes

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    Twenty Free Ways to Save Energy

    September 25, 7:02 AM by Jeff McIntire in Culture

    Last month, we noted that Consumer Reports presented readers with "50 Ways to Save Water." This month, the magazine's web site gives readers a sneak peak of its forthcoming book The Complete Guide to Reducing Energy Costs by presenting "20 Free Ways to

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    Green Bike Tour Kicks Off in Waterloo, Iowa

    September 22, 7:20 AM by Jeff McIntire in Culture

    At 10:30 yesterday morning, a group of cyclists gathered in Waterloo, Iowa's Washington Park to begin a week-long tour of the upper Midwest in support of renewable energy. Over the week, the Green Bike Tour will makes stops in five states at

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    Recap: Second Annual St. Louis Green Car Show

    September 21, 7:21 AM by Jeff McIntire in Culture

    Last month, we brought you news of the first Chicago Eco-Transportation show hosted by the Foresight Design Initiative in conjunction with Green Drinks Chicago. This week, we got to gawk at green cars over beer a bit closer to home at St. Louis' Second

  • algorenyu.jpg

    Gore Presents Bold Strategy for Fighting Climate Change

    September 20, 7:16 AM by Jeff McIntire in Corporate Responsibility

    Commenting on politics and politicians is a tough game, as you're almost always going to draw fire from others about your motivations. In the case of Al Gore's speech on Monday at New York University's School of Law, we're happy to take that risk. After

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    The $350 DIY Solar Heater

    September 19, 7:18 AM by Jeff McIntire in Culture

    Solar power seems to be the energy source of choice for the do-it-yourselfer, and today we came across another project that allows you to cut your utility bills and produce green heat for a relatively small investment: the $350 solar heater. Gary Reysa

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    Bello Mundo: For Travellers, Not Tourists

    September 18, 7:50 AM by Jeff McIntire in Travel

    As big fans of eco-travel, we're always on the lookout for new sources of information on this quickly growing alternative to traditional tourism. So we were happy to hear from Joe Hayhow, the Co-founder/Director/Art Editor of Bello Mundo, a new online

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    Peter Senge and the Nike Sustainability Team: In Conversation

    September 18, 7:08 AM by Jeff McIntire in Culture

    On July 27th, the Sustainability Consortium of the Society for Organizational Learning hosted its third "Leadership and Learning for Sustainability: Conversations on the Art and Practice of Sustainable Enterprise" audioconference. Host Peter Senge sat

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    The Guardian Profiles Ray Anderson

    September 17, 7:44 AM by Jeff McIntire in Corporate Responsibility

    When Alex asked readers to name "...some big companies that truly deserve the 'green' title," Interface was first on the list. For regular readers of Treehugger, that should come as no surprise: founder Ray Anderson's green epiphany late in his career

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    From Farm Wastes to Fabrics

    September 15, 7:06 AM by Jeff McIntire in Green Architecture

    It turns out that chicken feathers aren't just a good material for circuit boards; they may also turn up on the runways in Milan and New York in a few years. Scientists Yiqi Yang and Narendra Reddy of the University of Nebraska presented their research

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    Recycling Tube Cars into Work Spaces

    September 14, 7:35 AM by Jeff McIntire in Sustainable Product Design

    With nearly 140 years of providing safe, reliable and affordable public transportation, London's famed "Tube" metropolitan railway system has likely kept a lot of cars off of the city's streets, and prevented many tons of emissions from polluting its

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    Pennsylvania Backs Cleantech with New Investment Strategy

    September 13, 7:24 AM by Jeff McIntire in Corporate Responsibility

    Talk about putting your money where your mouth is! Pennsylvania State Treasurer Robert P. Casey, Jr. announced yesterday that the state will be adopting a new approach to investing public funds with its Keystone Green Investment Strategy. Pennsylvania

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    Evangelical Minister Proclaims "Let's Tend the Garden"

    September 12, 7:39 AM by Jeff McIntire in Corporate Responsibility

    On Friday, Environmental News Network published an AP story about the growing evangelical embrace of "creation care" (they don't care for "environmentalism"), and some of the political turmoil that's arisen because of differing positions among Christians

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    E Magazine September/October Issue

    September 11, 7:31 AM by Jeff McIntire in Corporate Responsibility

    It's tempting to make a crack about the new issue of E/The Environmental Magazine being "as dull as dirt," but writer Tamsyn Jones' cover story on soil presents a fascinating overview of soil science and the damage a range of human activities have done


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