Jacob Gordon

Jacob Gordon

Writer, host of TreeHugger Radio / Brooklyn, New York

Jacob Gordon started writing for TreeHugger in 2005 and is currently the host and creator of TreeHugger Radio. He’s gone to Japan, Sweden, Brazil and beyond writing about cars for MSN Autos, and has contributed to Dwell, GOOD, and other publications made out of paper. Before winding up in journalism, Jacob worked for American Apparel, modeling, copywriting, and eventually managing environmental programs for the largest garment factory in the US. Jacob was born in Boston, studied at Bard College, and has lived in Los Angeles, Nashville, and now Brooklyn. He’s a lazy cook, a flexitarian (mostly veggies but he’ll gladly finish that Reuben for you), a steel guitar player, and occasional tai chi teacher. Jacob is also the founder of Nemonics Media, an Internet startup dedicated to making reading more social.

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