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    France: Chirac Plans His Last International Event

    December 13, 2:36 PM by Erwan Pianezza in Corporate Responsibility

    Next year, France will be going through the last months of Chirac's presidency: next May, after the second row (6th), a new president will be in charge of international affairs. Treehugger, with ecoloPop (based in France), has already covered the unusual

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    French Presidential : Nicolas Hulot, A New Game

    November 30, 9:35 AM by Erwan Pianezza in Culture

    Remember April 2002 in France? Did you enjoy extreme right's Le Pen running fast against Chirac? Looking for more action as the 2007 presidential election race is getting warm in France? This year you might well enjoy a furious ecological row as

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    TH Web Roll : French Eco - Enthusiasm

    May 8, 6:23 AM by Erwan Pianezza in Corporate Responsibility

    Remember the early days of Treehugger, when interviews were performed via email, when video was only an idea, and Vanity Fair had not joined the recent magazine earth issue fashion? Well a few years have turned a lot of minds to a better understanding

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    Carbofil : a solution for the famous 12 million pound of ...

    October 29, 9:53 AM by Erwan Pianezza in Sustainable Product Design

    Do you remember the 12 million pounds of excrement, flowing from agrobusiness industries, polluting small community surroundings, as described in the Meatrix ? Based on a world wide patent, a new biological treatment, for fats, manure or sewage is

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    AMD's energy goes renewable

    October 26, 5:05 AM by Erwan Pianezza in Renewable Energy

    We know that making a computer is one of the most polluting industrial operations : lead, phosphor, barium, and a basketfull of crap float around your favorite desktop. Well if all chip makers start behaving like AMD, the industry could get cleaner.Big

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    Solid Wood's reclaimed Douglas products

    October 15, 8:03 AM by Erwan Pianezza in Eco-Friendly Furniture

    Bio-carpenters know about Douglas Fir species for building : highly durable, requiring very little, if none, artificial preservation treatment. At TreeHugger we were wondering "what are the furniture makers doing with Douglas Fir" ? Inexpensive,

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    Ethical Fashion Show 2005

    October 9, 4:04 AM by Erwan Pianezza in Sustainable Product Design

    We missed it in 2004, today we report from Paris where the most avant-garde world textile designers gather for the weekend. Located in the heart of trendy "temple" quarter of Paris, the event promotes the work of designers that take their inspiration,

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    Arbor Vetum reclaimed teak sofas

    October 8, 3:54 AM by Erwan Pianezza in Sustainable Product Design

    Based in Gloucestershire, UK, Arbor Vetum makes furniture within a strong commitment to save tropical forests that once produce the reclaimed teak they use : Arbor Vetum guarantees that each of their products is 100% made from carefully salvaged and

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    Drink and Drive : the new ethanol paradigm.

    October 6, 9:58 AM by Erwan Pianezza in Renewable Energy

    Don't get us wrong : We're not advocates of drunk driving. But one article in the October 6, 2005 edition of the New York Times definitely caught our attention : did you know that french wine sales had dropped dramatically, and that as a consequence

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    MAGMO Recycle Dolls

    September 3, 4:11 AM by Erwan Pianezza in Culture

    Their bright colors bring a deliciously frightening feeling when they are exhibited in waste and garbage background ! In fact, the constrat is even stronger when you think that these dolls are actually full of the stuff : felt fabric remains, plastic

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    Dalum Papir, one print ahead

    August 27, 9:05 AM by Erwan Pianezza in Interior Design

    North Europe countries are known to be among the most advanced in terms of environmental practise. It should not be a surprise that Natural Home & Garden Magazine chose to print their magazine on Cyclus paper from Odense-based Dalum Papir company

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    World Challenge, by Newsweek, BBC News, and...

    August 21, 1:52 PM by Erwan Pianezza in Culture

    And it seems that oil companies are trying to embrace the treehugger way : BP goes solar with is new slogan 'Beyond Petroleum', and Shell sponsors the World Challenge, a competition with now 12 finalists that will promote the best entrepreneurs working

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    Boku's paperback journals

    August 20, 9:51 AM by Erwan Pianezza in Style

    Not ready yet to go E-Paper ? No worry, you can save your conscience while keeping your beloved pen and paper habits : BokuBooks, based in Oakland, holds more than just aesthetics and quality commitments. Inspired by museum and galleries printbooks,

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    David Colwell's Trannon TS series table

    August 14, 9:26 AM by Erwan Pianezza in Eco-Friendly Furniture

    We've already reported David Colwell's chairs. Today we'd like to focus on David's three legged tables that we classify as masterpiece. As any piece of furniture designed by David, sustainability is on the agenda, not only within the use of materials

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    Does wine taste better in a recycled glass ?

    August 9, 2:09 PM by Erwan Pianezza in Kitchen Design

    The Metro Wine Glasses, designed and distributed by the "By Nature" London e-shop, enjoy a blending design using 100% recycled glass. If you were wondering where your bottles and various broken pieces go after you've dropped them in the specialized

  • ifgreen-slingback.jpg

    IfGreen : can sustainable be stylish ?

    August 5, 4:25 AM by Erwan Pianezza in Interior Design

    More than IfGreen's slogan, we like the meaning behind the IF : Integrity Furniture. With a catalog of chairs, beds, built from reclaimed or FSC wood, IfGreen guarantees that every piece of furniture, made in the Portland/Oregon Workshop, is formaldehyde

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    The year of Brazil at La Villette (Paris)

    August 1, 9:39 AM by Erwan Pianezza in Culture

    If you happen to stay a while in Paris, we strongly recommend a visit to the Cite des Sciences et de l'Industrie in La Villette, one of the world's largest and most visited science museums, in the northeast of the city. Treehuggers were delighted to

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    Ministry's blog

    July 28, 5:00 PM by Erwan Pianezza in Corporate Responsibility

    No this is not a hoax. yes we'd been complaining about French governement beeing kind of backwards on environmental issues. Well the newly nominated Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development's has decided to move on with a new blog featuring


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