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    Crespi 1797: Organic Italian Linen

    April 13, 9:51 AM by Erin Courtenay in Sustainable Fashion

    In summertime, linen is to Italian clothing as pasta is to Italian food - fundamental. This quickly makes sense in the intense heat of the Mezzogiorno – where the practical (brilliant wicking) nature of the fabric is nearly as valuable as its drape,

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    Rome's New Ecotaxi Fleet

    March 22, 9:00 AM by Erin Courtenay in Natural Sciences

    I just spotted this sweet fleet of pedal-powered Ecotaxis on my way through the Trastevere neighborhood of Rome. Motorized transport is something Rome could definitely use less of, and it looks like the Ecotaxi enterprise is boldly exploring

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    Lifegate: Eco-Living Italian Style

    February 6, 10:48 AM by Erin Courtenay in Style

    It is a bit ambitious to tackle a thorough explanation of the lofty Italian eco-enterprise Lifegate in just one post, but I'll do my best. Essentially, Lifegate unites Italian style and design with the environmental values of holistic healing to

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    Museum of Natural Colors - Oasi San Benedetto Italy

    December 15, 6:48 AM by Erin Courtenay in Sustainable Fashion

    Guests at Oasi San Benedetto are invited to participate in a number of activities, but the ecological guest ranch specializes in the history, production and use of natural dyes and offers a series of related courses. San Benedetto is home to the small

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    Organic B&B; in Rome

    December 9, 3:27 PM by Erin Courtenay in Travel

    "Bed and Breakfast Bio," Rome's first eco B&B; opened this spring after the building was renovated using "only natural paints," including a pretty yellow paint tinted with turmeric. Breakfasts are vegetarian, completely organic and provide dairy and

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    Giuditta Blandini Stile Biologico

    November 19, 4:36 AM by Erin Courtenay in Sustainable Fashion

    You can trust Italians to avoid the burlap sack curse that will sometimes beset even the most well-intentioned eco-textile designer. With an eye for design that enhances rather than obscures a woman's figure, Giuditta Blandini of Florence offers

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    Leonardo DiCaprio's New Green Reality Show

    October 19, 11:12 AM by Erin Courtenay in Culture

    Reality TV has taken viewers down some pretty low roads, but the genre may have a shot at redemption if Leonardo DiCaprio's new eco-program E-topia finds a home on network TV. The project, which will chronicle the green renovation of a small American

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    Venice Welcomes First Solar-Powered Vaporetto

    October 16, 2:56 PM by Erin Courtenay in Solar Technology

    Venice recently welcomed a new solar-powered vaporetto to the Grand Canal. Owned and operated by the Bauer Hotel Group, the B mare shuttle boat is powered by solar energy collected on the roof of the boat. The vaporetto is not only emission free, it is

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    etnies SEED Project: Eco-Action Sports Clothing

    September 21, 12:53 PM by Erin Courtenay in Sustainable Fashion

    Action sports clothing maker etnies recently announced plans for an eco-focused line of clothing under the etnies SEED Project label. The collection of skateboard, surf, snowboard, BMX, motocross and street wear will be crafted from organic fabrics and

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    California Closets Goes Green(ish)

    September 19, 4:26 PM by Erin Courtenay in Interior Design

    California Closets, the "leading designer of home storage solutions" (i.e. "really big fancy closets") is now offering products made with eco-friendly SkyBlend particleboard. SkyBlend is a Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) certified, 100%

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    Biodiesel Boat Tours In The San Juan Islands

    September 14, 1:10 PM by Erin Courtenay in Travel

    The same journey that had the new hubby and I cruising by the Andy Warhol exhibit in Jackson, WY took us up to the San Juan Islands of Washington state. While visiting the islands, we discovered the presence of several biodiesel-fueled charters and

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    Andy Warhol's Endangered Species and Vanishing Animals

    September 13, 1:54 PM by Erin Courtenay in Culture

    On a recent trip through the West, my new husband and I zoomed past The National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson, Wyoming. What, we wondered, would be the point of going indoors to look at paintings and bronze sculptures of wildlife when a veritable

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    Bob Seger Turns The Page To A Greener, Simpler Life

    September 12, 6:22 PM by Erin Courtenay in Culture

    Bob Seger, Motor City's (Detroit) native son and "Old Time Rock 'N Roll(er)" is dropping Chevy - like a rock. Mr. Seger, who recently released a critically praised album is sharing his distaste for the gas-guzzlers that he once celebrated in the road

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    Naked Chef Wants Naked Energy

    September 8, 10:55 AM by Erin Courtenay in Culture

    Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver will add another feather to Cornwall's eco-haven cap when he installs two new wind turbines on the roof of his restaurant. According to the Guardian: "He has applied to put two turbines on the roof of Fifteen in Watergate

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    Instant Survey: Frequency of Cycling

    September 7, 9:00 AM by Erin Courtenay in Culture

    Kyeann's been raising the roof on trend-setter cycle spotting, hoping to get the word out that biking is not the dork-fest Hollywood makes it out to be. So far so good, but we'll know we've had real success when we start seeing lots more folks pedaling

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    Instant Survey: Gung-Ho Greenies

    September 5, 9:12 AM by Erin Courtenay in Culture

    TreeHugger occasionally brings you stories about "Gung Ho Greenies," folks who go above and beyond to live a life of eco-conviction. Barbara Haddrill is on a land and water journey to experiment with limiting carbon emissions from crossing the globe;

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  • monterey book photo


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