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    Holiday Gift Guide: For the Health Nut

    November 18, 11:40 PM by Erin Courtenay in Green Home

    Photo via Jude @ flickr Finding the right gift for your favorite health-nut can be a daunting prospect - particularly with the inherent un-healthiness of the holiday season ready to trip you up. But take heart: we've been working diligently to bring you

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    evanhealy Natural Skin Care: The Skin Breathes

    August 28, 12:00 PM by Erin Courtenay in Style

    Think of skin as your body's atmosphere, a protective layer that helps regulate your internal environment, and like Earth's atmosphere, is vulnerable to pollutants. According to Evan Healy, aesthetician and creator of the evanhealy skin care line,

  • natural home care products

    J.R. Watkins Natural Home and Body Care

    June 6, 10:49 AM by Erin Courtenay in Green Food

    J.R. Watkins' new line of natural home care products brings the fresh-scented carefully crafted quality of their natural body care line to your spring cleaning routine. You might be wondering: "A body-care line that also makes natural home

  • organic baby clothing

    Cultivate Kids Organic Infant and Toddler Tees

    June 2, 1:14 PM by Erin Courtenay in Culture

    Cultivate Kids organic kids Tees remind us that growing organic isn't just about reducing pesticides and preventing the spread of GMOs — it is about cultivating a healthy future for our earth and for our children. When we give our kids toxic

  • organic dog treats photo

    Bark for Peace! Organic Treats for Your Dog

    May 19, 4:57 PM by Erin Courtenay in Green Food

    Bark for Peace! dog treats are more than wholesome, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, corn-free snacks packaged in natural, biodegradable cellophane with labels printed on 100% PCW paper that are carbon-neutral shipped and delivered — they embody a

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    Not In My Back Forty: Tom Ford Thwarts Oil Plans

    October 30, 6:45 AM by Erin Courtenay in Culture

    In a textbook case of NIMBYism, the fashion icon Tom Ford has launched a private campaign to prevent oil exploration near his New Mexico ranch. When Tecton Energy announced plans to drill exploratory wells near Ford's Gallisteo property, the

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    New Mexico's Green Filmmaking Program

    September 28, 10:18 AM by Erin Courtenay in Culture

    New Mexico, the state already known for its green chile is now getting kudos for its green filmmaking. The new Green Filmmaking Program was developed this year to encourage film crews to help reduce the environmental footprint of the

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    Domenica Ecologica: Eco-Sunday in Rome

    September 24, 9:51 AM by Erin Courtenay in Cars

    It's obvious to anyone (which in this case means everyone) who has had a near miss with a car or motorino, that Rome's historic center isn't meant for cars. That fact was made blissfully evident yesterday during "Domenica Ecologica"

  • triko%202.jpg

    Triko: Streetwear With A Soul

    September 14, 8:22 AM by Erin Courtenay in Style

    Streetwear designer Hector Estrada’s fashion line Triko not only gives good style, it gives back to the Earth. Organic cotton textiles and coconut shell and tagua hardware help Estrada craft his vision of fashion with a purpose. Says Estrada, "A lot

  • celebs.jpg

    Celebrity Eco-Hypocritique

    September 9, 2:38 PM by Erin Courtenay in Culture

    Back to back articles covering celebrity "eco-hypocrites" appeared recently in the L.A. Times and Daily Mail. Both articles made a fuss about various green celebrity transgressions, the majority of which involve air travel (both private and

  • adrian%20and%20paris.jpg

    Is Adrian Grenier playing Professor Higgins to Paris Hilton's Eco-Eliza?

    September 1, 10:22 AM by Erin Courtenay in Culture

    We certainly hope so. These pals have about as much in common as Al Gore and Donald Trump, though lately they've been spotted spending a good deal of time together. The green celeb-blog Ecorazzi is tracking the pair's activities and has spotted

  • beeline.jpg

    Beeline Beauty Boasts Better Bees

    August 24, 9:37 AM by Erin Courtenay in Style

    Never mind not-so-natural nostrums made with weirdly wonton wonders that benefit already bountiful bosses. Beeline honey-based beauty products are made with lots of luscious golden honey untampered by preservatives like paraben and formaldehyde.

  • duchovny.jpg

    David Duchovny Sets Green Example

    August 21, 12:15 PM by Erin Courtenay in Culture

    Star of the new sex-tacular Showtime series Californication, David Duchovny is not just your run of the mill dreamy green celeb (i.e. check mark next to "hybrid"). Nope — this man is the real deal — the once and future Agent Mulder powers his

  • colbert.jpg

    Comedy Central wants you to "Address the Mess"

    August 10, 12:04 PM by Erin Courtenay in Culture

    "Kooky," "silly," "wacky" and "fun" are words that rarely find their way into the 'environmental discourse' (snore ) but Comedy Central is banking on changing that with their newly launched "Address the Mess" campaign. The

  • george%20clooney%20lake%20como.jpg

    Clooney's Italian Lake has the Eco-Blues

    August 1, 9:20 AM by Erin Courtenay in Culture

    A recent report released by the Italian enviro-org. Legambiente describes a beach on Lake Como near George Clooney's villa as "one of the worst polluted beaches in the country." Although the famously beautiful lake is a clear azure blue and does

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    Italy Dresses Down to Fight Global Warming

    July 21, 9:28 AM by Erin Courtenay in Style

    The Italian government has made an official request that businesses loosen up on the dress code during hot summer months. A statement from the ministry claims that, "Taking your tie off immediately lowers the body temperature by 2 to 3 degrees Celsius.

  • vatican.jpg

    Vatican Does Planetary Penance

    July 18, 8:13 AM by Erin Courtenay in Culture

    Vatican City recently announced plans to offset the tiny nation's carbon emissions to zero for (the Year of Our Lord) 2007. Partnering with the American firm Planktos and Hungarian company KlimFa, the Vatican will sponsor the planting of hundreds of

  • stinging%20nettles.jpg

    From Stinging Nettles to Soothing Style

    April 23, 7:44 AM by Erin Courtenay in Sustainable Fashion

    Italian researchers are looking to the past to protect the planet's future in a program designed to update traditional natural fiber textiles such as those made from stinging nettle, broom, hemp, flax and wool from native sheep. The program taking


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