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    Climate Change Threatens Vineyards

    July 12, 7:43 AM by Eric Kane in Corporate Responsibility

    As the effects of climate change become more evident, the list of vulnerable industries continues to grow. According to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the U.S. premium wine industry is among those severely

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    Hawaii Moves Towards Energy Independence

    July 7, 7:27 AM by Eric Kane in Corporate Responsibility

    Located 2,575 miles from California’s coast, Hawaii depends on the twice weekly arrival of oil tankers for its fueling needs. In light of this fact, the Senate Energy Committee recently approved a $1 million ethanol demonstration project for the 50th

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    The Future of Champagne

    July 6, 8:15 AM by Eric Kane in Corporate Responsibility

    Greenpeace recently reported that the Champagne region in France is under threat of radioactive contamination. According to the rainbow warriors, a leak in a storage cell was reported at a nuclear waste dumpsite in Soulaine. Tests also revealed low

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    Greening The Bronx

    July 5, 7:13 AM by Eric Kane in Sustainable Product Design

    A 10,000 square foot green roof was recently installed on the Bronx County Building by J.P. Patti and Magco, Inc, divisions of Tecta America. The semi-extensive green roof, designed by Green Roof Service is the largest in the Bronx, and the first on a

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    On the Road to Global Warming

    June 30, 10:51 AM by Eric Kane in Corporate Responsibility

    In an effort to help persuade federal regulators to raise fuel efficiency standards for automobiles, Environmental Defense released a report entitled ' Global Warming on the Road'. Their findings suggest that cars driven in the U.S. are responsible for

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    U.S. Supreme Court to Weigh in on Global Warming

    June 29, 7:01 AM by Eric Kane in Corporate Responsibility

    Earlier this week, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to decide whether the EPA is required to regulate vehicle emissions of carbon dioxide under the Clean Air Act. The case in question, Massachusetts v. EPA centers on the issue of whether carbon dioxide and

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    UPS's New Hydraulic Hybrid Available For Test Ride In NYC

    June 27, 7:04 AM by Eric Kane in Cars

    It appears as if brown continues to look green. Last week UPS announced that its ‘green’ delivery fleet had logged over 100 million miles since 2000. This alternative fuel fleet currently consists of hydrogen fuel cell, liquefied natural gas, compressed

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    Green Building Competition for New York City - Winners Announced

    June 23, 2:07 PM by Eric Kane in Sustainable Product Design

    When the principles of green building are incorporated into industry standards, the architectural competitions that are created to promote energy efficient design and construction will become obsolete. However, until then events such as 'The Green

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    Bloomberg To Create NYC 'Office of Sustainability'

    June 22, 6:40 AM by Eric Kane in Corporate Responsibility

    As of June 15, NYC's mayor, Michael Bloomberg, was one of 248 mayors from 41 states to have signed the 'U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement'. Under the agreement, mayors "strive to meet or beat the Kyoto Protocol targets in their own

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    A Farm Grows In Brooklyn

    June 21, 11:25 AM by Eric Kane in Green Food

    In recent years, summer in New York City has begun to represent more than sweltering subway platforms and corporate softball leagues. Mister Softee’s favorite season also brings city dwellers the opportunity to purchase local produce and other goods at

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    Treehugger Welcomes: Eric Kane

    June 15, 6:11 PM by Eric Kane in About TreeHugger

    Born and raised in New York City, Eric spends his days fighting an internal battle between his love for the City and his passion for more natural environments. In his free time he contemplates issues of sustainability and attends graduate school. Along


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