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    bambu Introduces Organic and Reusable Bamboo 'Snapstix'

    August 30, 7:12 AM by Eric Kane in Interior Design

    For most, chopsticks are nothing more than a tool that allows food to be moved from plate to mouth in a clean and efficient manner. For others, the utensil, which was originally developed in China, represents a rich history that is estimated to go back

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    What's In Your Rice Bowl?

    August 25, 9:47 AM by Eric Kane in Green Food

    Yesterday, TreeHugger asked the question: what’s on your plate? Today, we ask: what’s in your rice bowl? Unfortunately, the answer could be: more than you think. Commercial long grain rice grown in the United States has been found to include untested

  • Teshekpuk%20Lake.jpg

    Bush to Allow More Drilling on Alaska's North Slope

    August 24, 7:34 AM by Eric Kane in Corporate Responsibility

    When news of BP’s massive oil spill on Alaska’s North Slope and its more recent pipeline shutdown in Prudhoe Bay broke, one could foresee a majority of the responses from concerned parties. Environmentalists were outraged; BP went into defense mode; and

  • kimberly-clark.jpg

    Businesses Unite Against Kimberly-Clark

    August 23, 9:15 AM by Eric Kane in Culture

    Last month, we wrote about a report that Greenpeace published in an effort to expose Kimberly-Clark for using wood fiber from British Columbia’s coastal temperate rainforests and US federal forest lands in its products. Since then, both Greenpeace and

  • OmnivoresDilemma_med.jpg

    Michael Pollan and The Omnivore's Dilemma Live

    August 11, 7:43 AM by Eric Kane in Culture

    In May, TreeHugger reviewed Michael Pollan’s latest book, The Omnivore’s Dilemma. Since then, he’s appeared in numerous other publications including the New York Times and TIME Magazine. In short, there’s been a significant amount of (much-deserved)

  • angry%20pataki.jpg

    NY's Governor Pataki Seeks to Reduce Oil Dependence

    August 10, 8:38 AM by Eric Kane in Corporate Responsibility

    Throughout his tenure as New York's Governor, George Pataki has had a surprisingly positive record on environmental issues. The soon to be former Governor was instrumental in the development of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. Furthermore, he

  • bp-logo2.gif

    Lessons to Learn From BP's Latest Misstep

    August 9, 8:15 AM by Eric Kane in Corporate Responsibility

    In environmental circles, BP is commonly regarded as the oil company that has demonstrated the most seemingly authentic interest in developing alternative and renewable energy sources. This is best evidenced by the oil giant’s pledge to spend upwards of

  • Mount%20Nelson%20Hotel.jpg

    Fighting Climate Change One Worm at a Time

    August 4, 7:52 AM by Eric Kane in Green Food

    When discussing strategies to mitigate the effects of climate change, most people focus on the need to develop and implement technologies that will reduce the consumption of fossil fuels. Although advancements such as hydrogen cars, wind turbines,

  • vail%20skier.jpg

    Vail Resorts: Skiing in the Wind

    August 3, 10:45 AM by Eric Kane in Corporate Responsibility

    A mention of Vail Resorts, in particular Vail Mountain, can conjure up a variety of associations. From its legendary back bowls to its fur-coat-wearing clientele, Vail has all the positives and negatives of a world-class ski resort. However, few, if any

  • deep%20ecology.jpg

    Which Books Have Inspired You?

    August 2, 7:30 AM by Eric Kane in Culture

    In a recent Ecologist article, Doug Tompkins, the founder of North Face and Esprit, credits Deep Ecology: Living as if the Earth Mattered as the book that led to his ‘green’ epiphany. Since reading the seminal text in the mid-80s, Tompkins has

  • Sharp%20Solar%20Panels.jpg

    Sharp's New Solar Energy System

    July 28, 7:54 AM by Eric Kane in Solar Technology

    As concern over climate change continues to grow, there has been a noticeable rise in the number of companies that seek to profit through the development of sustainable technologies. This trend is perhaps most evident in the solar cell industry.

  • Jeffords.jpg

    'Global Warming Pollution Reduction Act' Introduced

    July 27, 7:54 AM by Eric Kane in Corporate Responsibility

    In a rather unrealistic attempt to address climate change on the federal level, Sen. James Jeffords (I-VT) introduced the ‘Global Warming Pollution Reduction Act’. If passed, the bill would require the United States to reduce carbon dioxide and other

  • nyc%20trash.jpg

    NYC to Increase Recycling

    July 26, 7:53 AM by Eric Kane in Corporate Responsibility

    The New York City Council recently approved Mayor Bloomberg’s new (some might say overdue) Solid Waste Management Plan. Under the new plan, the city will aim to recycle about a quarter of the 12,000 tons of solid waste collected from homes, schools, and

  • Beijing%2008.jpg

    China to Track Vegetables During 2008 Olympics

    July 21, 7:52 AM by Eric Kane in Green Food

    It seems as if everyday brings another story about what China is doing to promote sustainability and to address its environmental problems. Why should today be any different? According to a report in the Beijing News, China will begin tracking its

  • Gaiam%20Toilet%20Sink.jpg

    Wash Your Hands With Toilet Water

    July 20, 7:42 AM by Eric Kane in Bathroom Design

    In the past, TreeHugger has written about numerous alternatives to the standard toilet. From composting to dual-flush, we thought perhaps we had seen it all. Luckily, the folks at Gaiam are offering the Toilet Lid Sink, yet another take on the porcelain

  • o2nyclogo.gif

    Sample Organic Wines With o2NYC

    July 19, 7:30 AM by Eric Kane in Culture

    o2NYC will be hosting an organic wine tasting this evening next Wednesday at Bitforms Gallery (529 West 20th Street, between 10th and 11th Avenue). Scott Pactor, owner of Appellation Wine Company, will be on hand to guide attendees through a selection

  • Ohio%20Coal%20Fired%20Power%20Plant.jpg

    Powering Our Way to Global Warming

    July 14, 7:46 AM by Eric Kane in Corporate Responsibility

    Despite growing demand for renewable energy, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) announced that U.S. carbon dioxide emissions from energy increased in 2005. According to the agency’s report, ‘U.S. Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Energy Sources:

  • Meadowlands.jpg

    North Jersey Fights Climate Change

    July 13, 7:52 AM by Eric Kane in Corporate Responsibility

    New Jersey’s Meadowlands area is probably best known for its sports complex and history of environmental abuse. However, earlier this week, the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission took action to change the region’s reputation. The agency, which oversees


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