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    Pacific Gas and Electric Endorses Federal Legislation on Climate Change

    October 13, 7:21 AM by Eric Kane in Corporate Responsibility

    At a recent lecture by Al Gore, an audience member, who happened to represent a major North American power company, asked the former Vice President the following question. 'How can electric companies be expected to address climate change when they

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    Bloomberg Talks Sustainability

    October 9, 11:02 AM by Eric Kane in Corporate Responsibility

    Every Sunday, New York City's Mayor, Mike Bloomberg, takes to the airwaves to discuss current policy issues ranging from poverty to education. Last week, he dedicated his weekly radio address to the issue of sustainability. The first portion of the

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    Hydropower-to-Hydrogen in New York

    October 6, 10:41 AM by Eric Kane in Renewable Energy

    Earlier this week, New York Governor George Pataki announced plans for a hydropower-to-hydrogen generation project. The $21 million dollar project will serve both hydrogen-fueled work and passenger vehicles and transit buses. The New York Power

  • uw%20green%20bay.gif

    Higher Education and Energy Independence

    October 5, 8:08 AM by Eric Kane in Corporate Responsibility

    As campus activism continues to heighten awareness of climate change, more universities are making efforts to reduce their environmental footprint. Recently, four schools in the University of Wisconsin System announced a plan to achieve energy

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    The 'Future of Green' at WIRED NextFest

    October 2, 10:04 AM by Eric Kane in Culture

    Yesterday marked the close of the third annual WIRED NextFest. This year's event, held at the Javits Center in New York City, showcased numerous green technologies. GE, the event's Presenting Sponsor exhibited several green products at its Imagination

  • safeway%20wind%202.gif

    Safeway to Reduce Emissions

    September 29, 8:24 AM by Eric Kane in Green Food

    Whether positive or negative, Whole Foods Market tends to attract a majority of the attention surrounding sustainability and food retailers. However, recent developments indicate that Safeway is looking to challenge Whole Foods’ position as industry

  • habitat.jpg

    North Carolina's First Zero Energy Home

    September 29, 8:10 AM by Eric Kane in Sustainable Product Design

    On October 6th, Frances Thompson will move into North Carolina’s first Zero Energy Home. Since its completion in Fall 2005, the house has served as a research center and as an office for the organization responsible for its construction, Habitat for

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    Spend A Day With CitySol

    September 22, 11:21 AM by Eric Kane in Culture

    CitySol returns for its final installment of the summer this Sunday. As usual, the free event will feature renewable energy powered live music, interactive exhibits, and a green lifestyle marketplace. CitySol will run from 2pm to 6pm at 23rd Street and

  • anti%20exxon.jpg

    The Royal Society Speaks Out Against ExxonMobil

    September 21, 7:35 AM by Eric Kane in Corporate Responsibility

    ExxonMobil's refusal to address climate change has long been a source of anger for those concerned about global warming. However, the company's effort to undermine scientific research and consensus on the issue should be an outrage for anyone who is

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    Concerns Over Nuclear Power Continue to Mount

    September 20, 12:08 PM by Eric Kane in Corporate Responsibility

    The debate over nuclear power continues to rage in environmental circles. Proponents of nuclear power argue that it presents a viable alternative to more carbon intensive methods of energy generation. While opponents suggest that the risk of a

  • ArizonaCactus_PaulLovenGetty_372.jpg

    Arizona to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    September 15, 11:52 AM by Eric Kane in Corporate Responsibility

    Arizona recently joined the list of states that are preempting federal regulations in an effort to address climate change. Last week, Arizona’s governor, Janet Napolitano signed an executive order that will require the state to reduce greenhouse gas

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    MTV Greens '$2 Bill Tour'

    September 14, 7:45 AM by Eric Kane in Cars

    During the last several months, we have witnessed a growing trend in the music industry toward sustainability. Thanks in part to the example set by Willie Nelson, there has been a particular movement to minimize the carbon impact of touring, through the

  • 20060908_teshekpuk.jpg

    A Reprieve for Teshekpuk Lake

    September 14, 7:14 AM by Eric Kane in Corporate Responsibility

    Last month, we reported on the Bush Administration's plan to open areas of the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska to oil drilling. As we noted, this decision threatened the environmentally sensitive area surrounding Teshekpuk Lake. This area is widely

  • new-york-jets.jpg

    New York Jets to Build 'Green' Facility

    September 8, 7:51 AM by Eric Kane in Corporate Responsibility

    Given last night’s kickoff to the 2006 NFL season, I thought it an opportune time to deliver some football related news. Unfortunately, the only green aspect of the sport tends to be the grass fields that remain at some of the league’s stadiums. Other

  • bluegill.gif

    Bluegill Fish Enlisted in the Fight Against Terror Attacks

    September 7, 7:01 AM by Eric Kane in Clean Technology

    Here at TreeHugger, we report on a variety of technologies that will aid in a transition toward a more sustainable future. Seldom do these advances overlap with those being made in the arena of terrorism prevention. However, the following development

  • whole%20foods%20logo.jpg

    Whole Foods Looks to the Sun

    September 6, 12:25 PM by Eric Kane in Corporate Responsibility

    Yesterday, Whole Foods unveiled Connecticut’s largest solar installation. The 121-kilowatt system was installed on the roof of the Whole Foods Market Distribution Center in Chesire, CT. The system, which was developed through a partnership between the

  • ecofestlogosmall.jpg

    ECOFEST 2006

    September 1, 2:00 PM by Eric Kane in Culture

    If you’re planning to be in or around New York City on Sunday, September 3rd, and you’re not deterred by rain, check out ECOFEST. The event which is billed as NYC’s largest environmental event will feature eco-exhibits, alternative health seminars, solar

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    A Potential Solution to Mercury Emissions

    August 31, 10:00 AM by Eric Kane in Corporate Responsibility

    The overwhelming need to reduce mercury pollution has been a focal point for environmental activists and government regulators alike. Even the Bush Administration has called for a gradual 70% nationwide reduction in mercury emissions. For the most part,


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