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    The TH Interview: Matt Costa

    December 11, 8:55 AM by Eric Kane in Culture

    Actors and musicians often act as if they have all the answers to the world’s problems. Not Matt Costa. The talented singer/songwriter from Southern California has a genuine concern for the environment, but he doesn’t pretend to be an expert. The


    Japan to Raise Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Standards

    December 8, 7:54 AM by Eric Kane in Cars

    Government officials in Japan announced that the country is considering new rules that would require automakers to improve average vehicle fuel efficiency by 20% from 2004 levels by 2015. The new legislation, which is expected to be formalized early

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    'Help is On the Way'

    December 7, 8:34 AM by Eric Kane in Corporate Responsibility

    For most environmentalists, last month's election results brought hope of better things to come. The priorities of the green movement were generally believed to be more in line with the incoming government than with many of the outgoing senators and

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    'The Darkening Sea'

    December 4, 8:23 AM by Eric Kane in Natural Sciences

    When considering the effects of climate change on the Earth’s oceans, most attention is given to rising sea levels and temperatures. However, a recent article in The New Yorker, ‘The Darkening Sea’, provides a fascinating and thoughtful explanation of

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    NYC to Require Rechargeable Battery Recycling

    November 30, 8:32 AM by Eric Kane in Gadgets

    In October, we wrote about the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation’s (RBRC) Call2Recycle program. At the time, the program appeared to be an innovative, but still voluntary approach to address the growing concern over e-waste. However, as of

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    Who Revived the Electric Car?

    November 27, 7:52 AM by Eric Kane in Cars

    Although Nissan was not featured in ‘Who Killed the Electric Car’, its previous entrants into the electric vehicle market suffered a similar fate to that of the car chronicled in the film, the GM EV1. Nissan developed an electric car in 1947, and again

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    Reduce Packaging, Win a Prize

    November 20, 7:42 AM by Eric Kane in Culture

    For anyone who’s walked the streets of New York City in recent years, a parked Fresh Direct truck has become a familiar site. Unfortunately this scene has become synonymous with what is best described as extreme over packaging. In an effort to protect

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    Two Maine Ski Areas Announce Wind Purchases

    November 17, 7:37 AM by Eric Kane in Renewable Energy

    Earlier this week, Sugarloaf/USA and Sunday River joined the list of ski areas that have decided to offset their electricity usage with wind power. The resorts will purchase a total of 30 million kilowatt hours of energy credits from Constellation

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    The Dirty Truth About Hydropower

    November 16, 8:35 AM by Eric Kane in Renewable Energy

    Although large-scale hydroelectric facilities fail to qualify under most definitions of renewable energy, hydropower is generally agreed to be a relatively low carbon intensity form of electricity generation. However, a recent report by the

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    Kimberly-Clark Continues to Flush Ancient Forests Down the Toilet

    November 13, 8:06 AM by Eric Kane in Corporate Responsibility

    In July, we covered a Greenpeace report that was written to expose Kimberly-Clark for using wood fiber from British Columbia's coastal temperate rainforests and from US federal forest lands. In August, we wrote about several businesses that had

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    CO2 Pipelines in Illinois?

    November 9, 8:36 AM by Eric Kane in Clean Technology

    In an effort to combat climate change, Illinois’ governor, Rod Blagojevich, is examining the potential of building a pipeline system that would transport carbon dioxide for sequestration. The proposed system would connect 10 planned coal gasification

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    Wal-Mart Introduces Packaging Scorecard

    November 7, 8:27 AM by Eric Kane in Green Architecture

    As part of Wal-Mart’s continuing efforts to address its environmental footprint, the company established a goal to reduce packaging used by suppliers by 5% by 2013. In an effort to achieve this target, the retail behemoth has announced an innovative

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    New Innovations In Tidal Energy

    November 2, 7:19 AM by Eric Kane in Renewable Energy

    Although it gets considerably less mainstream media attention than solar and wind energy, tidal power could play an integral role in reducing our reliance on fossil generated power. As has been mentioned in these pages, New York City is currently

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    NYC Announces Five Bus Rapid Transit Routes

    October 30, 7:05 AM by Eric Kane in Cars

    When Michael Bloomberg first ran for mayor of New York City in 2001, he promised to bring an express bus system to Manhattan’s east side. Five years later, fans of bus rapid transit (BRT) are poised to rejoice. The City’s Department of Transportation

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    What's Happening In Your Neck of the Woods?

    October 26, 7:37 AM by Eric Kane in About TreeHugger

    Here at TreeHugger, we try to cover a range of environmental happenings on the local, state, national, and global levels. However, we can’t get to everything. Subsequently, I wanted to ask our readers to share some of the exciting developments in your

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    BP to Expand Solar Production in China

    October 23, 7:58 AM by Eric Kane in Renewable Energy

    In response to growing demand for renewable energy in China, BP has announced plans to quadruple the current production capacity of its Xi’an based BP Sunoasis. The company, which has a current capacity of 25 MW, is a joint venture between BP and

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    How Green is Google?

    October 19, 8:01 AM by Eric Kane in Culture

    A quick look through TreeHugger’s archives will yield numerous stories about Google’s efforts to address sustainability. The company's impressive array of environmental initiatives, including a recent plan for a massive solar installation at is

  • enviro%20religion.jpg

    Religion and the Environment

    October 16, 7:25 AM by Eric Kane in Corporate Responsibility

    In the past, TreeHugger has covered the developing relationship between religion and environmental conservation. However, this subject has gained an increasing amount of attention during the last week. The second part


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