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    Bank of America Commits to Sustainability

    March 9, 7:06 AM by Eric Kane in Corporate Responsibility

    Bank of America has introduced a $20 billion, 10-year initiative that will encourage the development of environmentally sustainable business practices. The bank will push the green agenda through lending, investing, philanthropy, and the creation of new

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    Bloomberg's Vice: Miami

    March 8, 8:15 AM by Eric Kane in Economics

    As part of an ongoing effort to gather information, New York City’s Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, will take a sustainability tour of Miami this afternoon. Bloomberg continues to seek ideas as he prepares to unveil his Plan NYC 2030, a blue print for

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    Theodore Roosevelt IV to Head Lehman Brothers' 'Global Council on Climate Change'

    March 2, 8:06 AM by Eric Kane in Corporate Responsibility

    During the last week, we reported on efforts to address climate change in the electric utility and film industries. On Wednesday, the financial sector entered the fray with an announcement by Lehman Brothers. The investment bank appointed Theodore

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    Environmental Defense and DuPont Partner to Address Nanotech Risks

    March 1, 7:58 AM by Eric Kane in Clean Technology

    Earlier this week, Environmental Defense and DuPont released a draft strategy that will enable firms that manufacture or use nanomaterials to evaluate and manage environmental risks. The six-step strategy is the product of a partnership that began in

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    Minnesota Sets Pace for Renewable Energy

    February 23, 8:12 AM by Eric Kane in Renewable Energy

    On Thursday, Minnesota quietly assumed a leadership role in the battle against climate change with the creation of what is arguably the nation’s most aggressive renewable energy standard. The legislation, signed by Gov. Tim Pawlenty, requires that 25

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    Update: Possible Environmental Disaster in Antarctica

    February 22, 8:16 AM by Eric Kane in Corporate Responsibility

    Last week, we took the uncharacteristic step of reporting on a potentially grave situation in Antarctica. Much to our relief, the crippled Japanese whaling vessel is undergoing repairs that will hopefully prevent any chemical or oil releases into the

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    What's In That Ring Pop?

    February 16, 8:28 AM by Eric Kane in Green Food

    Years of being bombarded by advertisements make even the most trusting of people somewhat skeptical when it comes to consumer products. However, hardened shoppers will often take a leap of faith when purchasing food and other consumer goods. For

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    US Leads in New Wind Energy Developments

    February 15, 8:17 AM by Eric Kane in Renewable Energy

    According to the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), 2006 was another banner year for new wind energy developments. In a recent report, the GWEC announced that the total amount of installed wind energy capacity increased from 59,901 megawatts (MW) in

  • solar-trough.jpg

    250-MW Solar Power Plant Planned for Southwest

    February 12, 8:12 AM by Eric Kane in Solar Technology

    A coalition of seven utilities in the Southwest is currently exploring the possibility of constructing a 250-megawatt solar power plant in Arizona or Nevada. If built, the plant could produce enough energy to power 160,000 to 200,000 homes. The proposed

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    Chirac Renews Call for Carbon Tax on US

    February 5, 9:29 AM by Eric Kane in Corporate Responsibility

    In November, TreeHugger covered France's proposed plan to impose a carbon tax on non-Kyoto countries. Last week, President Jacques Chirac demanded that the United States sign both the Kyoto Protocol and a future agreement that will take effect once

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    Rhode Island to Join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

    February 2, 9:30 AM by Eric Kane in Corporate Responsibility

    In his recent state of the state address, Rhode Island Gov. Donald Carcieri announced that his state would be the latest to join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). This news comes a mere two weeks after Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick (D)

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    California Bans Dirty Power Purchasing

    February 1, 7:54 AM by Eric Kane in Corporate Responsibility

    In a rule that is expected to go into effect today, the California Public Utilities Commission has decided to ban power companies from buying electricity from high-polluting sources. More specifically, the new standard would prohibit utilities and other

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    Super Bowl XLI to Go Carbon Neutral

    January 29, 9:19 AM by Eric Kane in Corporate Responsibility

    Few things represent the American experience more than the Super Bowl. The annual event marks the end of a six-month period in which football dominates much of the nation’s collective attention. However, the big game has transcended the world of

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    Electric Utilities Unite in Favor of Climate Change Bill

    January 19, 8:23 AM by Eric Kane in Corporate Responsibility

    On Wednesday, Democratic Senators Feinstein and Carper received an unexpected endorsement for their recently introduced climate change bill. Representatives from six of the nation’s largest electric utilities gathered in Washington D.C. to announce

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    What Can Be Learned From a Bowl of Chowder?

    January 18, 8:19 AM by Eric Kane in Green Food

    Scientists, activists, and regulators have developed an extensive list of indicators that are used to measure the health and well-being of the nation’s fisheries. However, in the case of Maine’s depleted fishery, one needs to look no further than a bowl

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    Educating Environmental Leaders

    January 15, 2:33 PM by Eric Kane in Economics

    As American colleges and universities prepare to start the Spring Semester, it is an opportune time to discuss the growing list of academic opportunities that are developing around issues of environmental sustainability. The catalog of available courses

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    Alaska's Prince William Sound or Brooklyn's Newtown Creek?

    January 5, 7:43 AM by Eric Kane in Corporate Responsibility

    The Exxon Valdez incident will always be etched in the collective memory as one of the most horrendous environmental disasters of the last half century. At the very least, the 1989 oil spill into Alaska's Prince William Sound was a vivid example of one

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    Universities Unite Against Kimberly Clark

    December 15, 7:33 AM by Eric Kane in Culture

    In August, we wrote about 650 businesses that announced a collective refusal to use Kimberly Clark products. This action was an attempt to force the manufacturer of Kleenex and other paper products to stop using trees clearcut from Canada’s Boreal


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