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    Solar Spain

    November 16, 2:08 PM by in Solar Technology

    Spain, the new up-and-coming European country, has just passed a law requiring every new or newly renovated building to have solar power systems. For years, Spain has been an economic underdog in Europe, and hasn't had the economy or the regulatory

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    Europe May Tax Non-Kyoto Nations

    November 15, 6:07 PM by in Corporate Responsibility

    France is pushing a trade tax in the European Union that would affect only nations who have not signed the Kyoto Protocol or who have not met their Kyoto standards. Included would be America and Australia, who never signed on, and Canada, who is not

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    IBM Starting Green Research Unit

    November 15, 2:31 PM by in Corporate Responsibility

    IBM recently asked all of its employees to submit ideas for how to help the company grow. It called the process the Innovation Jam, which I'm sure had employees across the nation rolling their eyes at Big Blue. But one of the ten ideas that managed to

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    New Line of Highly Efficient Air Conditioners Know Where You Sleep

    November 14, 3:50 PM by in Gadgets

    Mitsubishi is releasing a new line of air conditioners called the ZW series. These new wall mounted AC units have a few innovations that could have them using up to 50% less power than today's average air conditioner. The first (and less interesting)

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    New House Leadership, Same Mileage Standards

    November 13, 2:11 PM by in Cars

    John Dingell, a Representative from Michigan, will, come January, be the Chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. His district is home to all three of America's top car manufacturers, and, for some reason, he's not in favor of increasing

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    Traffic Lights Replaced By...Courtesy?

    November 12, 6:16 AM by in Cars

    Drachten, a small Dutch city with around 50,000 residents has removed almost all of its traffic lights. Major intersections have been converted to roundabouts, smaller intersections just let drivers work make decisions on their own. Basically, it's

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    Blended Wing Concept 3000 Times Quieter, 35% More Efficient

    November 10, 8:13 AM by in Aviation

    The Brits and the Yanks have teamed up to tackle what seems like an untackleable problem. How do we turn aviation, the loudest form of transportation, into the quietest? The Silent Aircraft Initiative has combined old ideas with some brand new

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    Edinburgh Researcher Helping Ocean Desalinate Itself

    November 9, 3:01 PM by in Renewable Energy

    If we need power to turn the ocean into tap water, why not let the ocean provide the energy? Stephen Salter at Edinburgh University is working toward that possibility his Edinburgh Duck, a wave powered desalination plant. The device would work by using

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    Treehugger Welcomes Hank Green

    October 1, 11:02 AM by in About TreeHugger

    If you Google "Hank Green" you might discover that he was once a Mars afficionado, is currently a professional web developer, runs, has written for mental_floss magazine, is recently married, graduated with a degree in biochemistry in 2002,


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