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    December 12, 4:38 PM by in Cars

    Most cars contain 30 to 40 pounds of foam rubber. And while I like to have a nice amount of cooshiness in my car seats, that foam is heavy and made mostly of petroleum. The question to ask, of course, is whether there are alternatives, and the answer,

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    Lithium Polymer Batteries: A Review

    December 11, 6:41 PM by in Gadgets

    It's an information age we're living in, and thus, portable electronic devices are a luxury most of us either choose to live with, or have a hard time living without. Thus, we have become a race of people that have large amounts of energy stored in our

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    Why Wait for an EV

    December 9, 7:27 PM by in Cars

    There's a lot of excitement surrounding the high-end electric vehicle market, and the possibility that long-range electric vehicles will soon be available. But why would you want to buy a new, expensive EV in three years, if you can buy a used one for

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    Tesla Ticketed

    December 9, 4:35 PM by in Cars

    We can't say we're surprised, any car that can go 0-60 in 4 seconds is bound to get it's owner in some trouble. But the Tesla Roadster has managed to get a speeding ticket before ever even going on sale. Looks like someone from Tesla was taking the

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    Recharging Duracells

    December 6, 5:25 PM by in Gadgets

    That being said, Afroman has definitely put together a system that will

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    Xerox's Reusable Paper

    December 4, 3:54 PM by in Clean Technology

    Almost half of the paper used in American offices is for daily use. It is for display, not storage and, at the end of the day, it's in the trash can. All of the energy that was put into harvesting, processing, and shipping that paper was, in the end, for

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    Global Warming Blurb From 1932

    December 3, 11:13 PM by in Culture

    I just had my mind blown over at Modern Mechanix, a site that shows old clippings from science magazines from decades passed. "Tomorrow's Future Today" is the tagline of the site, and it is certainly a fun read. From flying tanks to cows wearing pants,

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    LA Auto Show: Toyota Camry Hybrid is Green Car of the Year

    November 30, 9:59 PM by in Cars

    The Toyota Camry has been the top-selling vehicle in America for eight of the last nine years. This year, the 2007 version was unveiled with a hybrid option. The hybrid system bumps mileage from 24/34 mpg to 40/38 mpg but the price stays reasonable at

  • davidhermance.jpg

    Toyota's Lead American Environmental Engineer Killed in Plane Crash

    November 27, 2:38 PM by in Corporate Responsibility

    David Hermance, Toyota's lead American environmental engineer, died in an airplane accident this weekend. Not only did David bring the Prius to America, he was also a champion for efficiency and clean cars as an engineer and as an advocate. He pushed for

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    If You Don't Turn Your Computer Off, Who Will?

    November 26, 1:51 PM by in Culture

    The answer, of course, is the penguins. This is part of an excellent advertising campaign by √Člectricit√© de France (EDF,) which also provides a lot of power to the UK. The ads show various animals assisting us in being more energy efficient and read

  • gaspump200.jpg

    Large Majority of Americans Support 40 mpg

    November 25, 5:50 PM by in Cars

    The Opinion Research Corporation just polled a bunch of Americans concerning automobile efficiency and the results are very encouraging. Seventy-eight percent of people say that they would like the government to impose a 40 mpg fuel efficiency standard

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    Tracking food with your Cell Phone

    November 24, 5:14 PM by in Gadgets

    Food is a complex issue, and, frankly, food packaging is getting crowded. We need to tell where it came from, what it contains, the labor conditions of it's harvest, how it's going to taste, if it's good for us, and whether we're getting a good deal.

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    Piping Light

    November 23, 1:38 PM by in Interior Design

    The most efficient use of solar power is lighting. Sunlight is already light, no energy is lost in conversion to or from electricity. Thus the success of windows and the more moderate success of skylights. But What if you need the light to get

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    WiiConnect24: Ensuring Vampirism

    November 23, 12:19 PM by in Gadgets

    One of Nintendo's biggest accomplishments with the new Nintendo Wii is its extremely low power consumption. During gameplay, the device uses only 17 watts, less electricity than a compact fluorescent light bulb (not including the display.) The Wii uses

  • windowsnuclear.jpg

    How Windows XP Wasted $25 Billion of Energy

    November 21, 3:36 PM by in Gadgets

    Microsoft has been touting Vista's new power saving features, saying that upgrading to Vista could easily save consumers and corporations $50 to $75 per computer per year in energy costs. The question, though, is what marvelous new code makes this

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    25% of America's Energy Could Come From 100 Million Acres of Land

    November 20, 7:14 AM by in Corporate Responsibility

    This headline, as you may have noticed, is not really good news. Sure, we at Treehugger like the idea of ethanol and bio diesel, but 100 million acres is an awful lot of land and I'm not sure that we have that much to spare. Nonetheless, this

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    Concept E-Book Has Pages

    November 19, 12:33 PM by in Gadgets

    Criticisms of electronic books abound. Everything from their weight to their smell has been derided by lovers of traditional books. These days, however, it doesn't take long for a new innovation to arrive in response to these criticisms.

  • microchp.jpg

    Home Energy and Heat Generators Coming to America

    November 17, 3:59 PM by in Renewable Energy

    Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generators in America have so far been used only for large-scale projects. They can heat and power entire neighborhoods or office complexes. And, in doing it, they are about three times more efficient that centralized fossil


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