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    GE's $100 Million LED Gamble

    March 20, 2:49 PM by in Clean Technology

    For those of us who don't know, LEDs (light emitting diodes) are a wonderful little way to convert electricity into photons. And while incandescents did it well for a hundred years, and compact fluorescents are doing it well now, LEDs might very well

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    Reverb: Greening the Music Industry

    March 15, 12:48 AM by in Culture

    Hot on the heels of Lloyd's post on the New York Times' recent addiction to good environmental features is this story on the environmental movement among musicians.

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    Google's Goals Include Carbon Neutrality

    January 18, 9:32 AM by in Corporate Responsibility

    An Google internal memo entitled "Big Goals and Directions," was recently leaked to the public. Amongst promises to expand advertising revenue another billion dollars, and to control spam in 20 different languages, Google also expounded on plans to

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    Phoenix Motorcars Sells Out!

    January 16, 10:21 PM by in Cars

    Before their first all-electric sport utility trucks even exist, Phoenix Motorcars has orders for their first run of 75 vehicles. The SUTs are using a new kind of lithium ion battery that, while less power-dense than current batteries is much safer and

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    A PC The Size of your Phone Jack?

    January 16, 12:56 AM by in Gadgets

    Well, maybe it's a bit bigger than a phone jack, but this "desktop computer" is built to be installed in a wall, with cords for the mouse, the keyboard, the speakers and the monitor running out of it. And at peak use, it only draws about five watts of

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    Chevy Volt: An All-Electric Gasoline Hybrid?

    January 8, 10:37 PM by in Cars

    There have been news leaks left and right, hints and suppositions and even some wildly incorrect theories, but GM has finally let the news out.

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    Greenest Route with SatNav

    January 5, 5:44 PM by in Cars

    Researchers at the Lund Institute of Technology are attempting to incorporate green driving options into satellite navigation systems. By including factors like road quality, driving speed and typical traffic flows, the researchers hope to decrease the

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    Schwazenegger Proposes $95 Million in Research Funding

    January 3, 1:38 PM by in Corporate Responsibility

    The governor of California is at it again, this time "reaffirming California's position as a world leader in advanced research and innovation that creates jobs while preserving the environment." The research package includes $30 m for a new facility

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    American Ethanol Production Up 25%

    January 1, 3:44 PM by in Cars

    The United States churned out 4.9 billion gallons of ethanol in 2006 due almost entirely to increased demand. As more states mandated some amount of ethanol in gasoline and more automakers created flex-fuel cars. About 25% of Iowa's overall corn

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    Wal-Mart's Solar Dream

    December 31, 1:14 PM by in Corporate Responsibility

    Wal-Mart has put out a request for proposals (RFP) to several large solar outfits. Apparently the request is fairly confidential, but Joel Makower seems to have seen the RFP and is making some comments about it over at his blog.

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    1500 Megawatt Wind Project Planned for California

    December 28, 12:42 AM by in Corporate Responsibility

    A while back we reported that Texas had surpassed California in total wind power. Each state is in the 2300 megawatt range, but Texas is currently reigning surpreme. California, however, wants its championship title back, and they're not going small.

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    Phoenix EV Truck Has a Lot to Offer

    December 26, 9:51 PM by in Cars

    Phoenix Motorcars has been making electric vehicle news for a while now. Their first vehicle was a reproduction of a 1930's Cabriolet, but they've moved on to more functional cars in the meantime.

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    Los Angeles on the Verge of Nation's Best Mass Transit?

    December 23, 5:06 PM by in Cars

    It doesn't matter where you live, you know about LA. Those two letters bring words like "smog," "sprawl," and "traffic," straight into any brain that hears them. LA is a marvelous place, as long as you don't have to drive anywhere. But, you may also

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    25 Gadgets that Will Save You Money

    December 19, 10:08 PM by in Gadgets

    Making the rounds of a true techno-meme right now is a very interesting list. The list is called "25 Gadgets that Actually Save Money," and it was created by the Simple Dollar (financial talk for the rest of us.) It is indeed a list of cool products

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    Hello Private Conservation Boom!

    December 18, 10:56 PM by in Corporate Responsibility

    Here in Montana we've had some amazing conservation successes. My little town is a popular place to live, and the population is growing accordingly. But the population is not, and never will, grow any further along the river-banks, up the mountains or

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    EarthWatts Power Supply: Save Money, Save Energy

    December 15, 6:00 PM by in Clean Technology

    One of the biggest problems with computer power use is that every component of a computer requires a different amount of power. So every computer has to have a 'power supply' that takes the power from the wall and slices it up for all the different

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    Italians Use Blueberries to Convert Light to Electricity

    December 15, 1:09 AM by in Clean Technology

    While I suppose it's unfortunate that they couldn't just use a cheap Chianti, some Italian researchers at the University of Tor Vergata have developed a new kind of solar panel that uses a pigment found in blueberries to convert light into

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    New LED Puts Incandescents, Fluorescents to Shame

    December 13, 9:10 PM by in Gadgets

    Seoul semiconductor has created a light emitting diode that emits roughly 240 lumens and claims the highest efficiency (amount of electricity to amount of light) of any light source. Fluorescents hit 70 lumens per watt, incandescents max out at 15, but


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