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    Staples Will Recycle Anything (for $10)

    May 21, 1:10 PM by in Corporate Responsibility

    Today Staples launched its national "Computer and Office Technology Recycling Program." Thus becoming the first national store to offer everyday, in-store recycling of pretty much any sort of electronic equipment. Just bring in your computer, monitor,

  • renameglacier.jpg

    Help Re-Name Glacier National Park

    May 11, 3:20 PM by in Corporate Responsibility

    Today, Glacier National Park turns 97. Unfortunately, it's looking like this year might be one of the last years in which a birthday celebration at Glacier National Park actually has glaciers present. In 1850 there were over 150 glaciers in the park,

  • diysolarheater.jpg

    Soda Can Solar Panel

    April 30, 7:23 PM by in Solar Technology

    Passive solar is just so easy, it's a wonder we don't all do it. Right now, in my little basement office in Montana, I could use a little heating up. And, with a few 2x4s and a bunch of aluminum soda cans, it turns out I can have my own passive solar

  • notanalkaline.jpg

    USBCELL: I am not an Alkaline

    April 27, 10:48 PM by in Clean Technology

    The USBCELL, a AA battery that charges via USB port, has kinda taken the internet by storm, and for good reason. The batteries are sturdy, powerful, and take the annoying clutter of a charger completely out of the equation.

  • savedbythesun.jpg

    Go Watch TV: Saved by the Sun

    April 24, 7:32 PM by in Solar Technology

    Tonight (April 24th) at 8pm, Nova is airing a special solar power episode called "Saved by the Sun." So run to your TV, turn on PBS and find out if solar power is going to save the world or not.

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    Green Machine Guide

    April 20, 9:07 PM by in Clean Technology

    The article is

  • usdaorganiclabel.gif

    Chemical Test for Organic Standards

    April 17, 10:10 PM by in Green Food

    Well, generally some government employee goes to a farm every

  • morepowermeter.jpg

    Free Real-Time Energy Meters for the U.K.

    April 16, 6:30 PM by in Corporate Responsibility

    The government of the United Kingdom has decided that people should know how much energy they're using all the time, and which appliances are the biggest draws on their power. The U.K. will soon be giving a free real-time energy meter to any household

  • 3dsolarcellth.jpg

    3D Solar Cells Make Trackers Obsolete

    April 13, 5:20 PM by in Renewable Energy

    A basic problem with solar panels is that they are almost always flat. In order to maintain maximum efficiency they have to be directly perpendicular to the sun. So, either we deal with sub-par efficiency through 95% of the day, or we build expensive

  • secondlifeflood.jpg

    Cataclysmic Climate Change in Second Life

    April 10, 5:40 PM by in Corporate Responsibility

    In an extremely bizarre and ironic twist, fake cities in the popular massively multiplayer game Second Life were submerged by Adventure Ecology to remind folks that there's a real world outside their doors and if Second Life's server farms get flooded,

  • biofuelnox.jpg

    Which BioFuel Produces the Least NOx?

    April 9, 5:31 PM by in Cars

    There's more to environmental friendliness than carbon neutrality. And while biofuels certainly promise to reduce our world's carbon emissions, we've got to keep tabs on things like nitrous oxide emissions as well. This is exactly what folks at the

  • thkillacycle.jpg

    Electric Motorcycle Breaks Speed Record

    April 8, 11:28 PM by in Cars

    An Electric Motorbike powered entirely by lithium ion batteries has just broken the record for the electric motorbike quarter mile. The bike broke 155 mph and finished the quarter mile in less than nine seconds.

  • ecotouch.jpg

    Eco Touch: Waterless Carwash

    April 4, 12:13 AM by in Cars

    Eco Touch is providing an old product to a new market. While waterless car washing products have been available for over a decade, demand for them in America has been slight. While similar products have taken off in areas with strict water regulations

  • renewableisland.jpg

    Hierro: Spain's Completely Renewable Island

    March 30, 1:39 PM by in Renewable Energy

    Spain has declared that El Hierro, one of the smallest of Spain's Canary Islands, will soon be completely carbon neutral. The island, with a population of around 10,000, will be powered by a combination of wind and hydroelectric power.

  • motorolastar.gif

    Motorola 100% EnergyStar Certified

    March 28, 11:15 PM by in Corporate Responsibility

    Motorola has become the first cell phone company to make all of its cell phone chargers are Energy Star certified. At first it doesn't sound like too big a deal, but when the EPA added up the effects that a 40% increase in charger efficiency would

  • greengiants.jpg

    Fortune's Green Giants Aren't All Green

    March 27, 4:27 PM by in Corporate Responsibility

    Fortune Magazine is following what seems like every other magazine out there with its own "first-ever green edition." Among pages on Schwarzenegger's credentials and the new big business of clean technology, Fortune has put together a list of the top

  • lyonbikerental.jpg

    20,000 Rental Bikes to be Unleashed in Paris

    March 27, 12:35 AM by in Bikes

    This July, Parisians will have an exciting new way to travel around their city. About 1,500 stations stocked with specially designed, vandal-proof bikes will be scattered around the city. Once your membership is paid, and your credit card is on file,

  • appliedmaterialssolar.jpg

    Applied Materials Outdoing Google's Solar Project

    March 23, 5:03 PM by in Renewable Energy

    TreeHugger has reported several times on the Googleplex's alternative energy dreams. Those dreams have become a reality with a 1.6 megawatt solar installation that is larger than any other private solar installation in the world. Well, in true silicon


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