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    The TH Week :: Hemp's Not Hippy

    October 14, 12:00 PM by Dominic Muren in Culture

    This week in Treehugger, hemp was a major topic of conversation. We were pleased to see it shedding its patchouli-infused hippy aura, and bravely striking out into high fashion and local production.

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    Cribcandy: Add Some Rad to Your Pad

    October 11, 12:01 PM by Dominic Muren in Interior Design

    Our buddies at Cribcandy have gone live with their site. It's a great collection of all that is modern for your home, including some great green items like Recycled wine bottle vases, The Molo Softwall paper room divider, and these catchy bowls made

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    The TH Week :: Cool Fuel

    October 7, 8:15 AM by Dominic Muren in Culture

    We know you're all busy people, and that every once in a while, you might let a day go by without catching up on your favorite Treehugger news. So, with that in mind, we've created The TH Week, a new weekly wrap up every friday covering a dominant

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    Household Name: Helping Green Brands To The Top

    September 19, 8:40 AM by Dominic Muren in Corporate Responsibility

    Adrian Saker, a 15 year veteran of the advertising industry, is fed up with bad companies using flashy advertising to entice customers with falsely green messages. So, this year, he started Household Name, a new advertising company which fights for

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    Talking Green : Talking Architecture

    September 16, 8:35 AM by Dominic Muren in Culture

    City University New York is sponsoring a new lecture series this year called "Talking Green". In an effort to expose some of the great recent discussion on green design, architecture, sustainable living, and new green policy in government, these

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    Treehugger Survey #2: Get Hip & Zen

    July 18, 12:00 PM by Dominic Muren in Culture

    In our tireless efforts for a Treehugger that is exactly what our readers want it to be, we've put together the second Treehugger Survey. We've got questions! And only you noble Treehugger Reader, only you have the answers. So, in exchange for the

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    Prototype: Eggshell House Breathes

    July 13, 8:33 AM by Dominic Muren in Clean Technology

    Here's a problem you probably never thought about: 250,000 tons of eggshell waste is produced annually worldwide by the food processing industry. Eggshells, being calcium carbonate, are a nice little carbon sink that keeps CO2 out of the atmosphere,

  • TH_070705_fuelcell.jpg

    Prototype Cellphone Fuelcell Inches Closer To Production

    July 8, 11:30 AM by Dominic Muren in Clean Technology

    In the past few years, the cellphone has blossomed from being a phone/address book device to a full fledged video camera, audio player, cinema, notepad, and even television. Of course, with all this added kit comes a hefty electric bill, and Li-ion

  • TH_070705_greenwall.jpg

    Gardens Growing Up The Walls

    July 8, 8:31 AM by Dominic Muren in Sustainable Product Design

    If you've ever found yourself suffering from respiratory symptoms -- asthma, chest congestion, or infections -- in your workplace or home, you may have a building with "Sick Building Syndrome". Sick buildings are those that encourage respiratory

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    Nextfest Greenery: Earthbox Planter Boxes

    June 29, 8:36 AM by Dominic Muren in Natural Sciences

    I got to take a trip out to Wired's Nextfest this last weekend, and despite the overwhelming presence of military technologies, some great sustainable champions were strutting their stuff as well. One of these groups was The Growing Connection, a

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    Sunlight Direct: More Piped Sunshine

    June 28, 8:36 AM by Dominic Muren in Interior Design

    When Edison designed the cheap electric lightbulb, he opened up a whole Pandora's box of good and bad -- good, because people could now work without being slaves to the whims of the sun, but bad because years later, we have forgotten how wonderful

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    Treehugger's Latest Winning Tipster

    June 27, 8:36 AM by Dominic Muren in Culture

    The results are in for the April-June Tipline Contest. We ran all the tip contributors through and thought there were tons of amazing tips, there can only be one winner. That lucky Hugger is Denise for the great tip about the Bamboo bike

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    Vacuum Pots: Slowcooking Genius

    June 27, 8:10 AM by Dominic Muren in Green Food

    People argue that electric lighting, the Internet, cars, movable type, or innumerable other items are the greatest human invention. We think that cooking deserves a place on the list. Heck, we think it's pretty much the top. While sushi has its

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    Photocatalytic Tiles: Cleaner House Without The Chemicals

    June 24, 8:47 AM by Dominic Muren in Green Architecture

    Gambarelli, and Italian tile manufacturer, has created tiles coated with photoactive titanium dioxide ceramic particles. This coating, when struck by Ultra violet light from the sun, breaks atmospheric oxygen into free "active" oxygen radicals which

  • TH_062305_shoesmain.jpg

    Beyond Skin: Sustanable, Vegan Shoes With Style

    June 24, 8:27 AM by Dominic Muren in Sustainable Fashion

    If you're a dapper young dandy or damsel, and you want to outfit yourself in the finest finery, sometimes the shoes can be the most elusive part. Too often, designers rely on flashy chrome-tanned leathers, or PVC-based glues to make their stilettos

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    Sticks and Stones: Northeast Natural Building Colloquium

    June 23, 8:37 AM by Dominic Muren in Sustainable Product Design

    Those of you looking to build a house, shed, or addition, but who might have been discouraged from green approaches like straw-bale and rammed earth, may have wished that there was a "This Old House" for you. Well, if you live in the Bath, New York

  • TH_sunovenmain_062205.jpg

    Villager Sun Oven: Break Out The Big (Solar) Guns

    June 23, 8:30 AM by Dominic Muren in Solar Technology

    There are those of us who barbecue on Sundays, or bake bread for the week, or for a special occasion. And for most of us, our climate, and the extra hassle might make using a solar cooker just a little more of a project than we're prepared for. But,

  • TH_onederwear.jpg

    Onderwear: Soiled Even Before They're Used

    June 22, 8:39 AM by Dominic Muren in Culture

    As the Voice of Treehuggers everywhere, from time to time, we feel obligated to point out a product which has strayed from the path of the true hugger. It's a heavy responsibility, so we try to limit it only to those who are truly misguided. But


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