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    The TH Week :: Super-Sunday = Food Food Food!

    February 3, 1:08 PM by Dominic Muren in Green Food

    This week, while there were all kinds of interesting developments in everything from greener car culture to greener governments (hopefully), there was one underlying theme that drew my attention. This week had some great tips on food and cooking that

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    The TH Week :: Primped and Pampered

    January 27, 12:57 AM by Dominic Muren in Culture

    It's time you admitted it: Treehugging can sometimes be harder than you'd like. So, it's important to take some time now and again to unwind, and treat yourself to a little something. Of course, if your not careful, that unwinding can cut down all the

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    TH Week :: Eco-makeovers for Everyone

    December 30, 1:38 AM by Dominic Muren in Culture

    A new year is just around the corner, and there's never been a better one to make the leap to a more earth-loving lifestyle. In the past week, a few stories jumped out as perfect opportunities to make yourself over in the new year.

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    The TH Week: Eco-Bookworming

    December 23, 10:38 AM by Dominic Muren in Culture

    This week was a boon for book loving treehuggers everywhere. Remember, when you pick up these beauties, try to buy used or second hand for an extra green boost. So grab up some of this reading list and make sure your bookworm is green.

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    TH Week: Power Powerups

    December 16, 10:14 AM by Dominic Muren in Culture

    With the winter starting to turn on strong for us Northern Hemisphereites (and increased AC use in summer for you southerners), these alternative energy tidbits should be of interest.

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    The Next Green TV Host Could Be... You!

    December 12, 3:31 PM by Dominic Muren in About TreeHugger

    If you're a Canadian citizen with an eye for design and a passion for planning urban green spaces, you could be headed for prime time. A new HGTV show is looking for an energetic host who is preferably an expert in Horticulture, Landscape

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    The TH Week: Made Of The Good Stuff

    December 2, 7:40 PM by Dominic Muren in Culture

    This week in Treehugger, our writers dug up some great new products that shine with an especially green light because of the unique materials they are made of. Whether it's high tech, or historic, the material makes the difference here:

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    TH Week: Treehugger Transport

    November 18, 12:35 PM by Dominic Muren in Culture

    This week, a theme that stood out was a number of green personal transportation options. Whether you're using the wind, water, or your feet, these are some unique ways to get around more smoothly -- time, and energy wise.

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    Ecometropolis Conference

    November 12, 12:36 AM by Dominic Muren in Corporate Responsibility

    This year's Eco-Metropolis Conference, going on today (November 12th) in NYC brings together many of the cream of Greater New York's grassroots environmental justice, neighborhood, water, air, food and transportation activists; "green" architects and

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    TH Week: Generation Sensation

    November 11, 10:22 AM by Dominic Muren in Culture

    This week in Treehugger, it was out with the old, and in with the new. New alternatives for power generation that is. From pedal pushing to wind whirling, our team of writers was ecstatic about energy sources:

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    The TH Week :: Building Bonanza

    November 4, 8:25 AM by Dominic Muren in Culture

    For those of you looking to build a new home, or maybe just add a bathroom or deck, this last week was a barn burner. Check out our latest tips on building materials, techniques, and resources:

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    The TH Week :: Wrap Up in Winter Woolens

    October 28, 10:45 AM by Dominic Muren in Culture

    Those of you in the Southern hemisphere, like Warren, may be dusting off your gardening supplies and beach outfits, getting ready for spring and summer. But here in the northern half of the globe, winter is advancing in icy ranks. To combat this

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    Help, It's Broken :: Fix Your Life

    October 24, 8:45 AM by Dominic Muren in Culture

    Every once in a while, dispite our commitment to providing the best, hippest, and greenest design, we feel like we might be giving consumption too much play. So we were delighted to hear last week from Arianne Cohen, Author of "Help, It's Broken"

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    Open House at The Green Guide

    October 22, 8:53 AM by Dominic Muren in Culture

    When savvy parents, homeowners, cooks, and travelers want the latest information on new environmental regulations, locations, and building materials, they hop over to The Green Guide Magazine's website. The archives there have hundreds of articles on

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    The TH Week :: Tastebuds of a Treehugger

    October 21, 2:04 AM by Dominic Muren in Culture

    Maybe it was Halloween approaching, or maybe we've just got a craving going on, but this week was food food food. Belly up to the bar for some of these morsels:

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    Get Eco-Sexy with Summer Rayne Oakes

    October 17, 1:26 PM by Dominic Muren in Culture

    An UPBEAT, INTIMATE, and INTERACTIVE presenation on sustainability and fashion, stuck somewhere between PG-13 and Rated R. "Eco-fashion" is becoming a hot topic on the fashion scene. Model, social entrepreneur and founder of SRO, Summer Rayne Oakes,

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    Cameron Sinclair Wins Worldchanging Wish

    October 15, 10:37 AM by Dominic Muren in Corporate Responsibility

    Architecture for Humanity founder Cameron Sinclair is one of three recipients of this year's TED prize for exceptional service toward humanity. As a reward, Mr. Sinclair, along with physician Larry Brilliant, documentary filmmaker Jehane Noujaim, will

  • TH_recycled_plates_machine.jpg

    Tired of Dishwashing? Recycle Those Plates

    October 14, 12:25 PM by Dominic Muren in Clean Technology

    Your home dish washing may seem annoying. But for a restaurant or cafeteria, it can be a nightmare. Huge inputs of water and energy are needed to maintain the hundreds or thousands of dishes these businesses need every day. And the storage space


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