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  • TH_garbage_burn_electric.jpg

    Earthtalk :: Waste To Energy

    November 2, 7:34 AM by Dominic Muren in Renewable Energy

    From the Editors of E/The Environmental Magazine Dear EarthTalk: What do you think of those "waste to energy" plants used by cities to generate power? -- Christine Ramadhin, Queens, NY

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    Earthtalk: Why Eat Locally?

    October 4, 3:20 AM by Dominic Muren in Green Food

    Dear EarthTalk: Why do environmentalists advocate that people "eat locally?" I don't understand the connection between patronizing local food producers and environmental quality. -- Timothy

  • uoi_wearable_runner-up.jpg

    UIO Runners Up: Wearables

    October 2, 1:43 PM by Dominic Muren in Style

    Those of you who saw our last batch of runners up must have known that they weren't the whole story. So, in order flaunt a few more of our killer entrants, we decided to show off the best wearable designs. These umbrellas have left behind their sticky

  • uoi_PSS_runner-up.jpg

    UIO Runners Up: Product Service Systems

    September 26, 1:38 PM by Dominic Muren in Clean Technology

    Judging a contest is always hard, especially when there are so many strong designs that you want to trumpet around. That's why, over the next week, we'll be showing off some of the amazing runners up in our Umbrella Inside Out Contest. Today we wanted

  • TH_week_people_1.jpg

    The TH Week :: Huggers, We Salute You

    September 9, 2:59 AM by Dominic Muren in Culture

    We love green materials, furniture, accessories -- you name it, we've written about it. But the real power in TreeHugging is in the people. After all, even though it may have arms, a chair can't hug a tree. This week, our team of reporters put together

  • TH_Dorm_greening.jpg

    How To Green Your Dorm Room

    September 2, 3:29 AM by Dominic Muren in Culture

    Every year, intrepid young men and women set out for college. Even more exciting than this, is that for many of them, it's their first chance to live away from home. But, with the excitement and fun of furnishing a new dorm room comes a price. Every

  • TH_Week_housepaint1.jpg

    The TH Week :: Materials that Matter

    September 1, 3:04 AM by Dominic Muren in Culture

    This week, our intrepid reporters rounded up some super-materials that are also super-eco. For those of you in the "making stuff" business, might we suggest that you try making it with these great options.

  • TH_Week_liz_hurl.jpg

    The TH Week : (Green) Change is Good

    August 25, 2:11 PM by Dominic Muren in Culture

    This week, among all the great stories our writers cranked out, we had quite a few about other Greenies taking up the TreeHugger cause. We just wanted to take a second to give them a little extra love for their efforts.

  • TH_pump_self1.jpg

    TH Week: Empower Yourself

    August 18, 3:40 PM by Dominic Muren in Culture

    This week has been an eco-call to action from us at TreeHugger to you. We'ver got the options, how-to-dos, and solutions to make you into just the eco-chic genious that you always wanted to be.

  • TH_week_architecture_1.jpg

    The TH Week : If You Build It...

    August 11, 6:36 AM by Dominic Muren in Culture

    Architecture can be intimidating, but it needn't be so. This week, we found a number of great tips for eco-houses using the latest technology and styles.

  • th_week_garage_1.jpg

    The TH Week : The Green Garage

    August 4, 3:07 AM by Dominic Muren in Culture

    With so much hubbub about green living rooms, sheets, gardens, and roofs, the humble garage can get left behind. So this week, out intrepid scroungers cam up with some great tips for greening that often-underused space:

  • TH_Week_lemonfood.jpg

    TH Week: For the Eco-Foodie

    June 2, 5:48 PM by Dominic Muren in Culture

    This week in the Tree-huggosphere, our writers pulled together quite a few great posts on foods, food shopping, and novel uses for common foods. All Eco, and all rounded up for your Friday viewing pleasure.

  • TH_week_solar_2b.jpg

    TH Week: Solar High Rollers

    April 14, 10:38 AM by Dominic Muren in Culture

    If you see summer finally out on the horizon (and believe us, we do) you may be thinking that this is a great time to schedule in some solar around the house projects. This last week on TreeHugger, our writers dug up some great new products to help you

  • TH_week_greenhouse1.jpg

    TH Week: Our Kind of Green House

    March 17, 1:03 AM by Dominic Muren in Culture

    No, it's not full of hydroponic tomatoes and cucumbers, although a few might not be out of line. This week, a number of stories that scratched our itch for springtime real estate tours found their way onto our pages. If you're in the market for a

  • TH_weekfoody.jpg

    TH Week: Foodie Fantasy

    March 11, 2:30 PM by Dominic Muren in Culture

    This week, maybe it was the long dark shadow of winter lifting a little, or maybe it's the winter curse of local eating here in the northern hemisphere (root vegetables and hydroponic tomatoes just aren't enough sometimes), but there was food in the

  • TH_luxe2.jpg

    TH Week :: The Lush Life

    March 3, 1:51 AM by Dominic Muren in Culture

    It's practically a mantra for us; Green is keen. Or rather, eco-friendly living should be less about burlap clothing and sacrifice and more about great looking, great feeling, and just all around greatness. This last week was a great roundup of kit

  • TH_Cottage_1.jpg

    TH Week : Livin It Up

    February 24, 11:22 AM by Dominic Muren in Culture

    This week in Treehugger, a lot of great press went to covering those coverings we all take for granted: Our Homes. Check out these green (or any color you want) homes and offices that have graced our pages in the last 7 days.

  • TH_Week_our_word.jpg

    The TH Week : Don't Take Our Word For It

    February 10, 11:13 AM by Dominic Muren in Culture

    This week in Treehugger, we had a number of stories showing that it's not just us who are all hyped up about green living. There are plenty of celebrities, politicians, and educators doing their part to get the word out about the green.


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