Christine Lepisto

Christine Lepisto

Writer / Berlin, Germany

Christine Lepisto has had the good fortune of developing her childhood love of math and chemistry into a career revolving around corporate environmental responsibility coupled with realistic economic competitiveness, following her belief that change is best made from the inside. After over 20 years of industrial experience -- developing new materials recovery processes, implementing waste reduction projects, satisfying community concerns when seeking permits, and managing chemical stewardship globally -- she founded Chemical Safety Consulting in 2008 to continue to support clients committed to sustainability. She has been writing for TreeHugger since 2005.

Christine and her husband of over twenty-five years divide their time between a rehabilitated neighborhood in Berlin and an organic olive farm in Umbria (Italy). She is proud of their two charming daughters, and thanks all of the TreeHuggers committed to giving their generation and those that follow a better future.

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  • berlin_live8_poster.jpg

    Live8 Berlin was Rocking--was it Helping?

    July 3, 3:06 AM by Christine Lepisto in Culture

    If you don't live within a stone's throw of one of the cities hosting the Live8 today, you may be succoring yourself with the philosophy of David Stubbs (of Wired Magazine). To paraphrase, and probably invite a lawsuit: Musicians today are merely

  • compact-fluo-01.jpg

    User Tips for Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs

    June 19, 3:40 AM by Christine Lepisto in Interior Design

    Alert Treehugger reader "Jordan" poses such a good question in comment to Friday's article on the benefits of compact fluorescent bulbs, that Treehugger is happy to answer here to help new and old users get the most out of their lighting. Thanks for

  • airbus380.jpg

    Live from Paris: Airbus A380 in Flight

    June 18, 12:27 AM by Christine Lepisto in Corporate Responsibility

    If you travel, it may be with anxiety that you ponder the future of flight whenever talk turns to the new Airbus A380. But if courtesy and mutual respect among fellow travellers facilitates boarding and the state of safety engineering science prevents

  • nuclear.jpg

    Germany to Review Nuclear Options

    June 12, 9:26 AM by Christine Lepisto in Corporate Responsibility

    In Germany, the changing political winds are carrying the whisper of yet another angle on using nuclear power as a political tool in the fight to keep positive ratings in the "peak oil" era. Gerhard Schroeder has reacted to a poor showing by his

  • leadfree_by_design.jpg

    Lead-free Electronics Led by the EU

    June 11, 9:29 AM by Christine Lepisto in Corporate Responsibility

    It has been a few years since the USEPA ground up a standard personal computer and ran it through their descriptively named Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP): the test designed to determine if a waste will result in hazardous chemicals

  • ecomile_1.jpg

    Live from the Eco-mile in Berlin

    June 5, 6:11 PM by Christine Lepisto in Culture

    Berliners today could live out the fantasy of a fossil-fuel free lifestyle. Sponsored by the German Bicycle Club (ADFC), the streets and highways of Berlin were closed to cars so that bicycles could converge along 17 paths from the suburbs to the

  • worldshake.jpg

    Worldshake Fair Trade Juices

    June 4, 9:05 AM by Christine Lepisto in Green Food

    Contributing further to the public confusion about the threat of "global warming", spring has seemed late in coming to northern Europe this year. Last week the temperatures finally shot into the range which send one desperately seeking a tasty

  • glassgarden.jpg

    Chihuly Glass and the Nature of Art

    May 29, 9:15 AM by Christine Lepisto in Culture

    In a recent article, we suggested you look into a visit to the local botanical gardens in search of the Wollemi Pine, which has recently emerged from the anonymity of declared extinction into the limelight of living dinosaurhood. And such is what one

  • Pino collage.jpg

    Hase Pino: a Tandem with a View

    May 28, 9:31 AM by Christine Lepisto in Cars

    She sits there, patiently waiting to go, tempting you. Taunting you. Her designers devised a 12,000km (7400 miles) trek across Canada under 240 kg (530 pound) loads to test her. Where will she take you? London to Gibralter? Paris to Peking? New

  • pedal people.jpg

    Pedal People: the Bicycle Delivery Service

    May 22, 7:05 AM by Christine Lepisto in Clean Technology

    Thanks to Treehugger David Lively who alerted us to Pedal People after he heard their story on his local National Public Radio (NPR) station. Serving a town with no municipal trash or recycling pick-up, Pedal People has stepped in to provide a

  • TN_PACT90klein.jpg

    Eco-efficient Air Conditioning: DeLonghi Pinguino

    May 21, 12:00 PM by Christine Lepisto in Gadgets

    Air conditioning is a head-on confrontation for anyone seeking a green lifestyle. Obviously, adjusting yourself to the local climate and not relying on an electrically-powered device is the greenest choice. On the other hand, air conditioning is one

  • wollemi collage.jpg

    Wollemi Pines--the Dinosaur Tree--for Sale Soon

    May 14, 3:27 AM by Christine Lepisto in Lawn & Garden

    It is no reason to stop living a green lifestyle, but have you noticed that extinct species seem to be popping up everywhere? Recently, the existence of the ivory-billed woodpecker, thought extinct

  • catwoman

    Is It Recycling or Is It Art?

    May 8, 9:00 AM by Christine Lepisto in Sustainable Product Design

    Paul Reimert is making a statement. Put off by the proliferation of mass-produced kitsch which, after being declared "sweet" or "cute" serves as gift or decor, Paul Reimert is fighting back. He uses the broken or cast-off ceramic figurines to create

  • mai sofalab.jpg

    Live from DesignMai3 in Berlin

    May 7, 8:53 AM by Christine Lepisto in Culture

    For the third year, the thought-provoking ideas of contemporary designers are enlivening the Berlin scene at the "DesignMai 3" events occuring from 5 to 16 May. The theme this year is "Brave New Worlds?" and the organizers say the question mark is

  • William Rathje

    The Garbage Project

    April 24, 4:03 AM by Christine Lepisto in Corporate Responsibility

    The science of Garbology was first formalized shortly after the original Earth Day, 35 years ago, when a team of archeologists at the University of Arizona decided to turn the tools of their trade to the study of the refuse of modern humanity. I would

  • ecosaveneu.jpg

    Ecosave Stops Standby Energy Leakage

    April 23, 12:39 PM by Christine Lepisto in Gadgets

    Calling all electrical engineers: the challenge for the day is to explain in lay-man's terms how the Vigor Ecosave® works. This clever device was brought to the market in Germany by then 20 and 18 year old Fabienne Fischer and Marcel Fischer, after

  • The Green EDITT Tower small.jpg

    The EDITT Tower by Dr. Ken Yeang

    April 17, 2:32 PM by Christine Lepisto in Sustainable Product Design

    If you have ever visited Singapore, you know that it is a unique experiment in the natural projection of one possible global development: with little land and lots of people, it is the epitome of the urban migration scenario. The importance of

  • conference bike collage.jpg

    Conference Bike

    April 16, 9:34 AM by Christine Lepisto in Bikes

    What happens if you cross slow living with the fitness craze? the executive meeting room with a ride in the park? the eco-mobility movement with Eric Staller? You get the "Conference Bike". Conceived more as a form of installation art than a


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