Christine Lepisto

Christine Lepisto

Writer / Berlin, Germany

Christine Lepisto has had the good fortune of developing her childhood love of math and chemistry into a career revolving around corporate environmental responsibility coupled with realistic economic competitiveness, following her belief that change is best made from the inside. After over 20 years of industrial experience -- developing new materials recovery processes, implementing waste reduction projects, satisfying community concerns when seeking permits, and managing chemical stewardship globally -- she founded Chemical Safety Consulting in 2008 to continue to support clients committed to sustainability. She has been writing for TreeHugger since 2005.

Christine and her husband of over twenty-five years divide their time between a rehabilitated neighborhood in Berlin and an organic olive farm in Umbria (Italy). She is proud of their two charming daughters, and thanks all of the TreeHuggers committed to giving their generation and those that follow a better future.

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  • rollingtortilla.jpg

    UNESCO Masterpieces of Oral Heritage

    November 26, 12:11 AM by Christine Lepisto in Green Food

    With all the talk about consumption and the opportunity to meditate on the joys of a slow meal which Thanksgiving presents, we were hoping to report that UNESCO recognized food heritage for the first time in today's announcement of the third and

  • Aequa.jpg

    Aequa Eco Chic: Shock Campaign for Eco-fashion

    November 20, 11:54 AM by Christine Lepisto in Sustainable Fashion

    The ads appearing in Italian journals are impossible to overlook: a pair of bloodied feet, no shoes in sight; the logo "Fashion Senza Victims" (Fashion without victims). The campaign by Young & Rubicam introduces the "Aequa-eco chic" line of shoes.

  • poison_garden.jpg

    Poison Garden

    November 12, 12:39 AM by Christine Lepisto in Lawn & Garden

    Treehugger readers have asked for tips and sources of hints on gardening, but in this case, we must give a disclaimer and not encourage you to follow the lead of the Duchess of Northumberland. Certainly you have already identified from the picture

  • peaceart_furniture.jpg

    Peace Art Cambodia: Guns Into Sculpture

    November 6, 12:51 AM by Christine Lepisto in Sustainable Product Design

    Image for an editorial cartoon: the curb-side recycling program in post-war Cambodia, the blue hopper for paper, brown for bio, green for plastics and yellow for small guns and weapons. Were that it was so simple. Over 160,000 light weapons have

  • bios_urn.jpg

    Bios Urn: Reincarnate as a Tree

    November 5, 12:54 AM by Christine Lepisto in Sustainable Product Design

    It has been awhile since we last offered a Treehugger option for the close of your activist, purpose-driven life. Now please allow us to introduce the Bios Urn. We are not too excited about marking the end of our days with the chasing-arrows logo (and

  • simple_toilet.jpg

    Radically Simple Toilet

    October 30, 5:33 PM by Christine Lepisto in Culture

    If our review of Dan Price's Radical Simplicity sent your mouse flying to the nearest on-line bookstore, then this article is for you. You can learn how to make a simple toilet--for survival or eco-efficiency or because your hobbit hole needs some

  • APO_marine_sanctuary.jpg

    The Environmental Tipping Point

    October 29, 12:56 AM by Christine Lepisto in Culture

    Just another beach about to be flooded by glacier melt? Or possibly a clue to how small changes can make big improvements in complex adaptive systems?

  • Home Water Tanker.jpg

    Home Water Tanker Wins G-mark Award

    October 23, 12:52 AM by Christine Lepisto in Clean Water

    Here's an idea for the do-it-yourselfers. This design was a winner of the Good Design (G-mark)Ecology design prize recently announced. This system collects rainwater and stores it in 10 easily handled 10L containers. The water can be used for

  • sonar_fabric.jpg

    Sonic Fabric Recycles Phish

    October 22, 12:31 AM by Christine Lepisto in Sustainable Fashion

    Let's see, how to categorize this one? Recycling, Sustainability, Celebrities, Do-It-Yourself? How about, Wow, I wish I'd thought of that. Alyce Santoro's Sonic Fabric is all of that and more. The fabric is woven from pre-recorded, old narrow

  • hotspot_buckwheat.jpg

    Welcome Back: Two Species Thought Extinct

    October 16, 11:30 AM by Christine Lepisto in Lawn & Garden

    Botanists are celebrating the recent discovery of two species thought to be extinct in the California biodiversity hotspot. Unlike, the Wollemi pine, these plant species are still hanging on by a thread and probably won't be made available to grace

  • Hyfish_big.jpg

    HyFish: Fuel Cell Powered Flying ...Fish?

    October 15, 2:30 PM by Christine Lepisto in Renewable Energy

    Economy, Safety, Emotion. The design drivers touted by company Smartfish don't include treehugging, or eco- anything. String search "env" and you are more likely to find "envy" than "environment". Koni Schafroth (pictured) may or may not be trying to

  • Topeak_chainbots.jpg

    Topeak ChainBOT

    October 8, 3:06 AM by Christine Lepisto in Culture

    Okay, admit it. You love the wind wooshing past your ears and the balance for body, mind and soul that whisking off to work on your bicycle gives you. But when it comes to those dreaded maintenance tasks... well who doesn't have something better to

  • alphakat.jpg

    Garbage In, Diesel Out

    October 2, 3:11 AM by Christine Lepisto in Renewable Energy

    Sshhh! Come over here. I'll tell you a secret if you promise: a) not to run right out and buy a new SUV and/or b) to pony up 3.6 million euro ($4.3M) for my perpetual motion machine. Always optimistic, we treehuggers are often at risk of being

  • forestry_but_naturally.jpg

    Forestry--but Naturally

    October 1, 1:00 AM by Christine Lepisto in Renewable Energy

    What Berliner could walk past the Treehugger posters appearing throughout the city without a second glance? The clever design leaves the passer-by with the imprint of the source of more information, waldwirtschaft-aber naturlich! (Forestry – but

  • Glutos_kitchen_oven.jpg

    Glutos Low Emission Kitchen Wood Oven

    September 25, 11:44 AM by Christine Lepisto in Kitchen Design

    For many people on this earth, a renewable fuel is near to hand and may even currently be superfluous: according to the technical agency for renewable raw materials in Germany (FNR), one third of the annual wood growth in Germany goes unused. And as a

  • Segway_tour_paris.jpg

    Fat Tire Bike Tours--and Segway Tours

    September 24, 11:04 AM by Christine Lepisto in Travel

    Summer's winding down and you're looking back on fond memories of great vacation adventures. But you can't rest on your laurels. You've set a standard to be beaten in your next get-away, and admit it: you are a bit envious of that lot on their

  • salmon_leather.jpg

    Salmon Leather

    September 17, 3:50 PM by Christine Lepisto in Style

    John Fitzgerald went from catching fish to thinking of perhaps the ultimate waste reclamation project of our generation. With farmed salmon becoming ever more popular, did you ever ask yourself, "what happened to the skins of all this fabulous smoked

  • cayenne.jpg

    SUVs Sound a Little Flat in Paris

    September 17, 9:55 AM by Christine Lepisto in Corporate Responsibility

    You've heard about the proposals to ban SUVs in downtown London and downtown Paris. The shock at the gas pump even in the USA is so severe that buying or owning an SUV requires at least a double-think. Now there is another reason not to own one: the


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