Christine Lepisto

Christine Lepisto

Writer / Berlin, Germany

Christine Lepisto has had the good fortune of developing her childhood love of math and chemistry into a career revolving around corporate environmental responsibility coupled with realistic economic competitiveness, following her belief that change is best made from the inside. After over 20 years of industrial experience -- developing new materials recovery processes, implementing waste reduction projects, satisfying community concerns when seeking permits, and managing chemical stewardship globally -- she founded Chemical Safety Consulting in 2008 to continue to support clients committed to sustainability. She has been writing for TreeHugger since 2005.

Christine and her husband of over twenty-five years divide their time between a rehabilitated neighborhood in Berlin and an organic olive farm in Umbria (Italy). She is proud of their two charming daughters, and thanks all of the TreeHuggers committed to giving their generation and those that follow a better future.

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  • wwf_paper.jpg

    Vision for Transforming Europe's Paper Industry

    January 29, 3:17 PM by Christine Lepisto in Corporate Responsibility

    This picture from WWF Deutschland is good for a laugh, but is seriously good news. At "Paper World", The industry's convention taking place in Frankfurt, Germany 25-29 January 2006, a coalition of 21 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) announced a

  • christian_hahn.jpg

    Art and the Environment: Christian Hahn

    January 28, 10:50 AM by Christine Lepisto in Culture

    Davos, 28 January -- World Leaders Announce Concrete Plan to Eliminate Dependence on Petroleum Fuel by 2010. Following the excellent leadership set by Sweden, the Davos work group issued this statement: "We are letting a valuable resource go up in

  • treehouses.jpg

    Living Treehouse

    January 22, 5:12 AM by Christine Lepisto in Sustainable Product Design

    Here's one to watch: the MIT Media Lab's Smart Cities Group is behind an idea to design houses from living ecosystems. The key names behind the project are leader Mitchell Joachim, ecological engineer Lara Greden and architect Javier Arbona.

  • micro-compact_home_munich.jpg

    After Two Months in the Micro-Compact Home

    January 21, 4:15 AM by Christine Lepisto in Sustainable Product Design

    Germany's science and party-trivia show, Galileo, this week reported on the experience of the few Munich students lucky enough to have gotten a place in the micro-compact home village experiment. Seven micro-compact homes were set up to test one

  • iogen.jpg

    Will Iogen Expand Biofuel Production in the Home of Volkswagen?

    January 15, 1:47 AM by Christine Lepisto in Renewable Energy

    With Volkswagen throwing its clout into a strategic partnership with Shell and biotech start-up Iogen, a 300 million euro facility for producing fuel out of waste straw and stalks could land in Germany. After a search which included locations in Canada

  • trigema.jpg

    Trigema Develops Biodegradable T-shirt

    January 14, 1:11 AM by Christine Lepisto in Sustainable Fashion

    In Germany, if you see the company name Trigema or a reference to the always impeccably tailored CEO Wolfgang Grupp, it will certainly be closely linked to the company’s commitment to textile production in Germany—as advertised by chimpanzee. Grupp’s

  • BORLOTTI.jpg

    Organic Beans and the Roots of All Wisdom

    January 8, 10:11 AM by Christine Lepisto in Green Food

    The challenge was a simple one. Friends visiting us on holidays didn't believe they could taste a difference between organic and non-organic produce. Is it only about saving the world, assuaging a guilty conscience, appearing "chic" with the newest

  • wax_nostalgic_home_cleaners.gif

    Wax Nostalgic: Vodka Cleantini, Shaken Not Stirred

    January 7, 12:09 PM by Christine Lepisto in Bathroom Design

    Reaction to Treehugger postings on "how to" have been exceedingly positive, but some of us can't find the time to go back to basics on every household need. If making your own soaps from all natural ingredients slipped off your "to do" list this week:

  • Arrandir_microcruiser.jpg

    World Cruising with a Small Footprint

    January 1, 11:09 AM by Christine Lepisto in Travel

    If you are in the luxury yacht business, I suggest you move on immediately to the next article. For the rest of you who made your normal unrealistic New Year's resolutions, I’ve got some good news. It looks like you might just sail around the world

  • sofarsonear.jpg

    Sofarsonear: Fair Trade Reality?

    December 31, 12:15 AM by Christine Lepisto in Interior Design

    "100% human design" is the subtitle of the enterprise "sofarsonear". What we find really interesting about this company is the approach: it is almost like the thesis project of someone defending the proposal that you can remain committed to ethical

  • tree_cycle.gif

    Recycle your Christmas Tree

    December 25, 12:51 AM by Christine Lepisto in Sustainable Product Design

    Merry Christmas to all Treehuggers celebrating today, and best wishes to all as the year comes to an end. Although our Treehugger poll suggests many treehuggers do without a tree or prefer a reusable (artificial or rooted), there are many who have

  • wood_sled.jpg

    Wooden Sled for Winter Fun

    December 18, 3:23 PM by Christine Lepisto in Natural Sciences

    Christmas and the coming of a new year is a season of traditions as old as time. In Germany many a Christmas market features organic and environmentally friendly products, or even simply traditional crafted goods which by their very august history

  • vw_ecoracer_test.jpg

    VW Ecoracer Press Road Test

    December 17, 11:38 AM by Christine Lepisto in Cars

    The Volkswagen Ecoracer represents what green design is about: demonstrating that eco-efficiency doesn't mean lowering the standard on fun, style or excellence. It also suffers from a common woe: it may never make it to the market, or if it does, it

  • mooshoes_kristie.jpg

    Novacas Boots from Mooshoes

    December 11, 2:43 PM by Christine Lepisto in Sustainable Fashion

    If the Aequa shoe-chic shock campaign reported at Treehugger got you thinking about alternatives to those patent leathers, here's an on-line shopping option that will bring the best of the "first cruelty free store of its kind" in New York direct to your

  • MIEV_mitsubishi.jpg

    MIEV: Mitsubishi Electric 4-wheel Drive Concept Car

    December 10, 4:55 PM by Christine Lepisto in Cars

    With the Detroit Motor Show just a calendar page away, what alternative transportation concepts will join the Toyota Camry in the race for a new future? One hopeful contender from Mitsubishi will make its world premiere in Detroit: the Mitsubishi

  • ecomobile.jpg

    Ecomobile: Green with Lead in its Blood

    December 4, 12:20 AM by Christine Lepisto in Cars

    Okay, here's the deal. I've been holding out on you. If you're like me, you don't have 80+ G's to drop on a fun ride. Especially if the kids and the dog don't even fit in it (kind of rules out the whole "you can live in your car, but you can't

  • clever_crash.jpg

    CLEVER Car Milestone: Crash Test

    December 3, 12:04 AM by Christine Lepisto in Cars

    In Europe, where automobile producers have committed to reduce the CO2 emissions of their fleets from today's average of 200 grams/km to 140, this EU-wide project has been on the radar since the CLEVER press release in April 2004. Now, CLEVER--for

  • treegaming.jpg

    Lumberjacked: More to Trees than just Huggin'

    November 27, 1:50 PM by Christine Lepisto in Clean Technology

    Artist Dan Young offers a thought-provoking opportunity to test your wits against Mother Nature. He has developed video games, "Lumberjacked" and "Lumberjacked II", which allow a tree to be outfitted with digital sensors feeding to software which


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