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    Wearable Collections NYC Clothing Recycling Project

    October 24, 9:18 AM by Celine Ruben in Sustainable Fashion

    Hauling clothing to a collection site is can be a drag when you're on a time budget, but that's no excuse to dump unwanted duds in the garbage! New Yorkers, if you missed Swap-O-Rama-Rama this year, yet still have good quality clothing that you

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    SELF — Powering a Brighter 21st Century

    October 23, 12:57 PM by Celine Ruben in Solar Technology

    It’s hard to imagine a day without the internet, let alone without electricity. While we happily check up on favorite blogs, email our friends and work through our virtual companies about two billion people don’t even have access to electricity. In

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    Call to Action: Green Evangelicals Could Tip Election

    October 20, 4:50 PM by Celine Ruben in Culture

    Here in the United States, white, Christian Evangelicals make up almost a quarter of the electorate. Concerned with moral issues such as abortion, gay marriage and school prayer the Evangelicals tend to align themselves with conservative politics and

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    Renewable Energy Art Contest for Kids

    October 18, 10:44 AM by Celine Ruben in Culture

    Here’s one for the kids. The Eleventh National Renewable Energy Marketing Conference provides an excellent opportunity to get the next generation excited about renewable energy, in the form of an art content. Open to students K-8th grades across the

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    Ekoladan in Stockholm: Organic Greens To Your Door

    October 16, 1:15 PM by Celine Ruben in Green Food

    Tech-savvy Stockholm residents can streamline their weekly shopping routine and save time by subscribing to their organic fruits and veggies online. The company Ekoladan (The Organic Box) provides this subscription service. Set up your account online to

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    Ear to the Earth: A Festival of Sound, Music and Ecology

    October 13, 9:30 AM by Celine Ruben in Culture

    If you are in the New York City area and don't have plans for the weekend yet you can catch the tail end of Ear to the Earth, a festival of sound, music and ecology. Experience the sounds of extinct, threatened and endangered species, including birds

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    LifeStraw: Thirsty? Suck it up.

    October 12, 7:53 AM by Celine Ruben in Clean Water

    Think your tap water is icky? Think again. If you've got drinkable running water at home you're better off than billions of other people — and we do mean that literally. In many parts of the world the daily routine of the "lucky" involves

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    Treehugger Welcomes Writer Celine Ruben-Salama

    October 1, 1:15 PM by Celine Ruben in About TreeHugger

    A child of early environmentalist urban/regional planners, Celine Ruben-Salama grew up with geothermal heaters, recycling and composts in Nairobi Kenya, Stockholm Sweden, and New York. She is a Sustainability Champion, Social Entrepreneur, Blogger, Green


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