Bonnie Alter

Bonnie Alter

Writer / London, England

Bonnie Alter is a Canadian living in London. In Toronto she had several different careers--as a city planner, a trade union advisor, and an arts administrator.

Since moving to London she has been enjoying all the pleasures of the city, including becoming an avid country walker, a culture vulture and garden lover. As a result of her endless wanderings she has developed an extensive knowledge of the London bus system.

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More Debate: Is It O.K. to Fly?

Travel is one of life's pleasures Begins yet another discussion (Treehugger) on whether we can continue to fly in the face of all the evidence on how bad it is for the environment. The Guardian's travel writer, Leo Hickman, attended a recent

Recycle: The Essential Guide

Recycle The Essential Guide is a comprehensive introduction to the whole area of recycling. Clearly and succinctly written, it will appeal to the beginner who may not be quite sure what the subject includes but it has enough detail that even the most

Tesco Goes Green

Tesco is the largest U.K. supermarket chain and has become one of the most reviled. Across the country they have bought up small, local chains and replaced them with Tesco Express stores which have put neighbourhood shops out of business, clog the

Chic Organics for Sloane Rangers

In the heart of London's chic Sloane Square lies the ultimate organic experience. The Daylesford Organic Cafe, set up by SIr Anthony Bamford and Lady Carole, is a sophisticated bottled watering hole (22 different kinds) serving light lunches made with

Driving Greener Every Day

Eco-driving is the new driving—it's all about making small changes to your driving style to save fuel and cut emissions. The Dutch have been doing it for years because of the government's goal of reducing emissions by 2010. They have a national

The Princess of Bicycles

The Princess is the royalty of Pashley Cycles. Hand built since 1926 by a small English company, these bicycles are true classics. With just 28 employees and no assembly lines or conveyor belts, there is a pride of product reflected in the strength of
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